2018.02.11 - 09:12PM
21: Chapter 21: Domesday

It makes all the difference in the world that the beginning of this chapter is from Rose’s POV. I dig the fact that Rose is caught by Ten. I wish he would stop getting dreamy anytime Reinette’s name is mentioned though. Idiot! That bint caused enough trouble for the Doctor and Rose as it is! Why would Rose want to hang out with a dork who goes around saying holettes? No way Nine is going to let Ten keep HIS Rose. I dig how Rose figured it out about Mickey’s gran. Smart girl that Rose. How did you ever come up with the fact that a hole into Rose’s reality was where she tripped and fell? I’m going to cry now: ‘Five and a half...’ he started, then trailed off. ‘Forever,’ he said. ‘It felt like forever.’
I hope the TARDIS is okay with what the Doctor is doing now. The conversation at the bottom of the stairs is incredible too. Rose overlaying her own Emergency Programme One dialog is aces! Oh my now you’ve gone and done it! I had to get another box of tissues after reading this:‘It means I won’t move on and I won’t leave you behind. It means that if you jump through that gap and you don’t end up in my arms I’ll come looking for you. I’ll look for you for the rest of my life, and that’s going to be a really long time. But if you jump through that gap and you do end up in my arms then I’ll never let you out of them again. You’ll need another few boxes of tissues, at the very least. Are you ready? You need to jump.’ Beautiful ending! I am so glad you have gotten this particular monkey off your back! Thank you for coming back and re-energizing this story! I also want to thank you for all the superb DW stories you have shared with us :)

PS: Let us know when you publish another novel :)

2018.02.10 - 02:23PM
21: Chapter 21: Domesday

I have to admit, Ten was infuriating and deserved those slaps and being left on his own to find his own Rose who might or might not forgive him...I also like hope and am going to believe that Rose jumped right into Nine's arms and they had their forever...thanks for finishing this epic story...I had followed this from its first posting and grateful for the closure...will be looking into your other writing.

2018.02.06 - 09:32PM
20: Chapter 20: Army of Arms

Rose has rediscovered what the Doctor already learned and that is they are perfect for each other in all ways that matter. This is classic:

‘I love you,’ she said.

‘I remember,’ he murmured.

It sounds like goodbye to me :( Time is catching up with them and there is not much they can do about it. The Doctor has run out of options. My heart is breaking for them. I hope the TARDIS is not suffering. Always time for a bite to eat. Nice Douglas Adams shout out! Not here! Anywhere but here! I cannot rewatch that episode…ever. How can the Doctor be so absorbed that he is letting Rose get close to the Void? NOOOOOOOOOOO! Now my heart is broken as to what may happen next. What an amazing change of events in this rewrite of yours. This is Epic! This Doctor will now rip apart every reality to get back to his Rose. Thank you so much for posting this incredible chapter!

2018.02.05 - 10:56AM
20: Chapter 20: Army of Arms

Oh how that last scene tore out my heart! Guessing the shadow Rose saw was Ten...the TARDIS brought them where they needed to be, not where they wanted to be...anxious to see what's next!

2018.02.03 - 04:28PM
16: Chapter 16: Satan's Pit

‘It was save the world or lose you. Again.’

‘And you chose to save me and destroy the world?’

‘Wrong decision. The TARDIS has pointed that out already.’ ...

‘I don’t remembetr why I needed saving.’

‘Just forget it. It isn’t important anymore. Pretend it never happened.’

Lots of writers in fanfiction and the BBC have done horrible things to the Doctor. Knowing all we know has happened, I think this may be the worst. What Rose forgot and the Doctor never will, what he probably hates himself for saying (because of course it’s a lie) yet knows that as a time lord he should have believed it before he made his choice; both eating away at him... I can’t remember anything sadder. The way you wrote it - Rose’s plaintive attempt at understanding and his offhand throwaway response. Sparse dialog, simple, concise. And those last three sentences.

Heartbreaking to the n-th power.

2018.02.02 - 10:11PM
19: Chapter 19: Home

The Doctor has his memories to guide him, whereas this is Rose's first time since she can't remember. The Doctor only wants Rose to feel cherished and loved. He also wants her to feel comfortable with him. I loved this line ‘I’ve missed you,’ he said, and there was a welter of emotion behind the simple words. Rose teasing the Doctor for being quick on the trigger was too funny, and just a bit sad too. Impatient much Rose? Promises, promises Doctor. Thank you for a homecoming of monumental proportions!

2018.01.27 - 12:57PM
19: Chapter 19: Home

That was yummy but beautiful as well...I really loved the romantic bits as described by the Doctor.

2018.01.24 - 10:26PM
18: Chapter 18: Her fear

It is so sad to see Rose and the Doctor so uneasy around each other. Leave it to the Doctor to step right in and take charge of the situation. Chloe has had a tough life for one so young. Rose’s comment about love doing damage has hit the mark. Oh how I would have loved to have seen this scene filmed just as you wrote it. This line is amazing! A sigh escaped his chest, and his blue eyes were a violet bruise. ‘Because you fell in love with me,’ he said, and then he was gone, striding past her. Rose is wise beyond her years. One of them had to stand up say what they want out of their relationship and the Doctor never would. Hope is a wonderful thing! Time for a snogfest of monumental proportions. The sonic can do everything. Hahaha! How many times is the Do actor going to use the line that ‘they already have done it there’? Thank you for an amazing update! They aren’t out of the woods yet, but at least they are a team now.

Author's Response: Thank you for commenting so much, I really appreciate it. All of this is new text now, so hopefully it's a bit more worth the read for you.

2018.01.24 - 02:37PM
1: Chapter 1: The Girl in the TARDIS

A long long time ago I used to write stories here and about the time you were struggling with this story, I stopped writing. Once every few months I pop in and see if I see any old faces from that time. And here you are! Hello you! This was one of those stories that really lingered with me. I knew from reading that early version and your frankly wonderful writing from earlier, that it wasn't perhaps sitting right with you. I'm so very pleased that you've come back - genuinely so delighted. I love this new version, that twist at the interlude and how you've returned to Nine and got his tone and voice so spot on but unique you, after all these years is wonderful. Well done, you've made me create an account to just say how much I love this and your care in revisiting it. I hope it has laid ghosts to rest. Much hugs and huge Nine hugs with a swing off the ground for the publication of your two books :)

Author's Response: Hello, I'm touched that you created a new account for me - what name did you used to write under before? This story was like a festering sore that wouldn't heal and I had to come back to it in the end. I've often thought that the first part of it was the best thing I ever wrote, and I was always ashamed that the second part was such a let down. One of my books, The Postman's Daughter was an attempt to have another go at the same idea but in the end I decided I just had to come back and fix the original. I'm now writing fanfiction as easily as it came to me before, so unblocking this seems to have helped. Thanks so much for taking the time to review.

2018.01.19 - 08:24PM
18: Chapter 18: Her fear

Good for Rose confronting the Doctor, asking for the truth and ensuring he knows she's by his side until the end...oh what a promise of things to come, if of course the universe doesn't end before then.

Author's Response: No, this is the smut part. Then the universe ends.

2018.01.17 - 11:23PM
17: Chapter 17: Impossible

I do like the way you write Rose’s thoughts and how she never stops thinking about what could have happened in her past that she has forgotten. Although she is frustrated by these thoughts she isn’t put off by them as she keeps on trudging forward. Rose is awesome that way. Good on Rose for putting the Doctor on notice that she is getting closer to the truth and he is not going to be able to avoid it forever. He may not have the guts to tell her, but they both know she is going to remember sooner rather than later. Time is running out…for both of them. The Doctor asked for Rose’s ring back? That is a low blow! He knows it is part of what is drawing Rose’s memories out. Asking the TARDIS is inspired. Ahhh! The TARDIS kicks ass and now Rose is going to kick the Doctor’s ass! The Doctor is so in love with Rose he can’t even tell her in a video let alone in person. The Doctor better hope he is wearing kevlar pants because Rose is going to give him a lecture he is never going to forget. He does love her though, so very, very much. I think the TARDIS may kick the Doctor out and take Rose on adventures without him. Thank you for updating this tremendous chapter!

Author's Response: Thanks very much for taking the time to read that chapter. I'm winding up for the climax now.....

2018.01.12 - 07:35PM
17: Chapter 17: Impossible

OMG, so its finally laid out for her to see and hear it all...I'm thinking the TARDIS allowed her to see emergency programme 2 in the hopes for another way out or at the very least to give them a bit of time to say a proper goodbye...brilliant update.

Author's Response: Yes, that's what I thought. I like the thinking feeling TARDIS, but she can't talk to Rose directly anymore so she has to find another way.

2018.01.12 - 07:18PM
16: Chapter 16: Satan's Pit

It's so heartbreaking to see the Doctor falling apart but attempting to put up a front and Rose knowing deep down something is off but can't seem to even grasp why she worries her ring finger...oh my what an update.

Author's Response: Thanks very much!

2018.01.09 - 10:27PM
16: Chapter 16: Satan's Pit

Rose can see the Doctor is unraveling and yet she seems detached from it. Gone is the trust that used to flow so easily between them :( I love how the Doctor puts others off simply by looking at them. I wish I had that super power sometimes! Cybermen head tankards? They come with their own handles so it is a natural usage for them ;) The TARDIS has a right to be upset with the Doctor, but Rose too? Did you hear that Rose? Forever he says! Rose’s ring finger is calling out for her to remember. The Doctor just erased the evidence but didn’t put the ring back on it. The Doctor is going to actually tell Rose what happened? The Doctor’s hearts are broken and Rose still cannot remember. This is slowly breaking my heart too. He meant well, but when doesn’t he and things usually go pear-shaped. Even the drunks can see how things stand between the Doctor and Rose. Talk about terrifying! Argh! The timing of the baddies is terrible! Talk about an insane ending to the chapter! Thank you for posting this intense chapter!

Author's Response: It will all come right in the end, trust me. I quite fancy a Cyberman head tankard actually.

2017.12.11 - 12:38PM
15: Chapter 15: New York

The way you portray Rose’s set of mind is nothing short of brilliant. It is a wonder she doesn’t go screaming into the night with the way her memories are resurfacing. The Doctor is being his less than helpful self…as usual. Nice visual of a Cyberman helmet on a drum kit during the Ed Sullivan Show. What a brutal conversation they are having while Elvis is doing his thing. How can they even concentrate with his show going on? The TARDIS is more than angry Doctor. Too funny how they were having a conversation but not really while Elvis was bringing the house down. What a mess the Doctor has wrought and it is only going to get worse. The Doctor doesn’t even notice the changes in Rose’s abilities. No way the TARDIS is going to clue him in. Thanks for posting another great update!

Author's Response: Her body remembers even if her head doesn't. I kind of think that's possible, that way sometimes where if you've been close to someone you relax around them.