2021.10.23 - 03:31AM
9: Chapter 9

what an amazing story. i could actually see that kind of alien plot on the show lol. you had the characters of the Doctor and Rose on point, it was nice to read. and that sex scene was hot! good job

2018.04.13 - 07:43PM
9: Chapter 9

Just wanted to let you know I loved this. Perfect Doctor/Rose.

Author's Response: Why thank you! Sorry I took so long to respond. I hadn't realised anyone was still reading these! Thank you for taking the time to let me know. It is genuinely appreciated!

2013.06.04 - 04:15PM
1: Chapter 1

Great story! You're on to something with your alien bureaucrats, think the US was invaded long ago ...

Author's Response: The entire WORLD was invaded a long time ago. When the axe will finally fall has yet to be determined, but I think we can expect the alien invasion within the next 20 years. There\'s a reason I gave up working for other people and started working for myself! Thanks for taking the time to review. It is ALWAYS appreciated.

2013.02.06 - 01:19AM
1: Chapter 1

I love this story! Invasion of the beaurocrats. Brilliant. (It makes me wonder if health and safety inspectors aren't aliens)
Going back and using the Torchwood rift as a swing door was a touch of brilliance. I wish I'd have thought of that.
Well done. Off to read another one now.

Author's Response: Thank you. It\'s a wonder the show itself hasn\'t gone for the \'alien bureaucrats\' option given Moffat\'s love of taking the commonplace and making it dangerous. Hope you enjoy my other offerings!

2012.05.04 - 03:40PM
1: Chapter 1

I first read this years ago, and loved it, but re-reading this recently made me more aware of just how amazing this fic is. As someone who suffers from depression, Rose's behaviour and attitude really moved me, and her and the Doctor's reunion was just PERFECT. This is wonderful stuff.

(I also wish Martha had acted more like your Martha in Series 3, but we can't have everything, I guess.)

Author's Response: as someone who also suffered from depression (I put it in the past tense as I am slowly shifting it), I wrote this when it was really bad and drew from personal experience. Rose goes through what I went through at my workplace (except I didn\'t throw the computer out the window!) and the drive happened, except I stopped at a friend\'s house en route and they helped me. And yeah, I know what you mean about Martha. She\'s grown on me, though. Thanks for reviewing. REALLY appreciated!

2011.11.17 - 02:47PM
9: Chapter 9

This is excellent! I would love to see a sequel!

Author's Response: Really glad you enjoyed it. I can\'t imagine a sequel at the moment, I\'m afraid, but it\'s good to know it\'s still being read. Thanks for taking the time to let me know. It means more than I can say.

2010.10.11 - 03:07PM
1: Chapter 1

Now I know why my last job was so awful! Seriously though, I came here after seeing this recced over at the dw_ficsearch at livejournal and I'm amazed I missed it before.

Having suffered depression for some years now this definitely struck a cord. I thought the way you described the issues Rose was struggling with was brilliantly done and I will be suggesting this to others to read.

Excellent stuff, keep it up. Dev

Author's Response: Nice to hear it\'s still being recommended! I, too, suffer from depression and what I had Rose go through was pretty much the state I was in when I completely snapped the first time (having unknowingly been fighting depression for many years previous to that event) -- in fact writing this was part of my personal therapy. Not recommended by anyone, just seemed a good idea to me! So if it\'s accurate, that would be why.
Many thanks for taking the time to let me know. Much appreciated.

2010.08.12 - 12:52AM
9: Chapter 9

Ack! All your reviews are imposingly long. I want to say as much as any of them, but I think I've been intimidated out of my wits! They've probably already lauded you beyond anything I can say!

:) Brilliant. Completely plausible alien invasion, too. This is one of the many reasons I would go mad if I ever had to work in a bureaucratic office of any sort for an extended period of time. Small doses, I can do, but... /shudders/

On the upside, I can always blame alien invasions and get myself fired if I should find myself stuck in that position. Happily, I find myself safe and secure in a mostly tolerable job.

I'm rambling. Sorry. :D Just... Brilliant. Love the reunion, love the fix-up of the alien invasion... It's just so HAPPY, all of it, and yet... I don't even know. Perhaps if we were lucky it would have ended like this. (Or if we had S. Moffat or somebody of equal brilliance, such as yourself, in charge. You both appear to believe in happy endings, unlike our favorite sap-story writer RTD... Love the guy, don't get me wrong, but he simply doesn't do happy endings and I LIKE happy endings, now and then.) STILL RAMBLING SORRY!


Author's Response: Wow! Thank you. As for happy endings, you have to believe in them because real life seems to be determined to prove otherwise! At least in our fiction we can delight in a world where real justice actually happens. MANY thanks for taking the time to write. Helps MY Happy endings.

2010.07.19 - 06:06AM
1: Chapter 1

I've only just started reading this but it's definitely one of the best stories (emotion-wise) I've ever come across. To tell the truth, earlier this year I nearly suffered a nervous break-down due to working issues myself, so I'm feeling with Rose. Sometimes everything can be a bit much. Fortunately I never was as bad off as Rose was and I got over it with talking to my best friend at work, finding the courage to confront the person who was the trigger for it (the phone call at least spared me the embarrassment of him seeing the tears in my eyes) and - surprisingly - writing Doctor Who. So thank you very much for sharing. Oh, and I hope you're better now.

Author's Response: There\'s something to be said for writing about what you know. I didn\'t actually throw the computer out the window, but when I snapped it happened as I described it happening to Rose including the being called in by the boss after being ordered to remove my photos, a lot of that conversation, the drive into nowhere and the bursting into tears and Rose\'s words. Sadly, there was no Doctor to rescue me *sigh* but a lot of friends who\'ve been amazing and have stuck by me through thick and thin. I\'m slowly getting better but I had a second breakdown because things didn\'t improve so it\'s going to take a while yet. My company has changed and the new ones have been a huge improvement; really doing their best to work with me to get me better and make the most of what I have to offer, so that makes a big difference. I think attitudes towards mental health issues are slowly improving as well, though not as fast as I would like!

Glad you managed to sort yours out. I can also recommend shift.org and particularly their section \'shift for line managers\' that explains through video and downloads the rights of employees and employers in the UK. I\'m sure there\'s a US equivalent as the US tends to be a bit quicker with this stuff. It really makes a difference knowing what you can do, what you\'re entitled to and, above all, knowing you\'re not alone.

2009.12.21 - 08:28PM
4: Chapter 4

I've read this so many times before and favoured it but have I commented? Oh woe is me! I love this story and felt the urge in this chapter to communicate that! For a start I'm going to recommend this reading to my friends who think depression is a state of mind and not a physical fact! And then I love how you describe all the relationships - Martha and the doctor - a strong friend, who can hold her own and the doctor and Rose - a symbiotic relationship like no other! Love this - thank you!

Author's Response: Having suffered from depression myself for such a long time and reaching a crisis point in the last year, I needed to vent and this seemed the best way of doing it. I had no idea it would strike such a chord with so many. If you need some \'official\' support for many of the claims I make in this story, I recommend \"Depressive Illness-Curse of the Strong\" by Tim Cantopher. Informative, well written and really good for those who are feeling guilty for not being able to keep going. Anyway, thank you for taking the time to review. It still means a helluva lot to me!

2009.04.08 - 05:55PM
9: Chapter 9

No review could explain just how excellent this story is. It's gonna be added to my faves and so are you. You are an amazing writer and could go far. And the emotions in this were perfectly balanced, with the right amount of fun, seriousness and love. Well done, and I hope to hear more from you soon!

GallifreyGirl01 X X X X X X X X

Author's Response: Many thanks for this, it is very much appreciated. Unfortunately it will be a while before I can write again as I am presently in a second bout of what I put Rose through the first time. Kinda puts a damper on any creativity. Be assured I do want to continue writing in this universe so once my chemical levels are back where they should be (no Time Lord helping me out, just my ordinary doctor!) I\'ll see what I can do to oblige. I should also say that the reviews for this story really helped my recovery last time and I cannot thank people enough for their kind (and very flattering) comments. Hope you enjoy the rest of my work to date.

2009.01.04 - 11:13PM
9: Chapter 9

Right it's 5am you've kept me up all night with your fab writing! grrr! Can I just say BEAUTIFUL! Wow! Loved it! Very psychoanalytical and introspective - blah but words - but I do that to so I really appreciated and was mpressed by your understanding of the characters! Keep writing and thanks for posting!

Author's Response: Well, I hope that late night didn\'t cause trouble Monday morning, but I\'m delighted it proved a proverbial \'page turner\' Thank you for taking the time to review. Much appreciated.

2008.08.15 - 10:58PM
9: Chapter 9

Daleks? Cybermen? Feh! Bureaucrats? THOSE are scary! Especially since I can actually see that happening!

Great story, and great premise. I've had jobs like that, 1% actual job and 99% make-work and red tape, and I can totally sympathise with Rose's frustration. Thank you for writing such an excellent story. :)

Author's Response: My pleasure. It was the only way I could cope with my life at the time and it seems to have touched a lot of people. Maybe they should think of dealing with this type again in the show (I\'m sure in 40 years it\'s been done before). Right down Moffatt\'s street I would think as it\'s taking the everyday and making it scary. Thanks for taking the time to let me know. Sorry it took an age to reply but I had a bit of trouble!

2007.11.23 - 12:28AM
9: Chapter 9

Yeah! A great reunion fic. I love Martha in this story. The characterization of everyone is spot on. Thanks for the story!

Author's Response: Well, Martha isn\'t quite as she\'s portrayed in the series, but she\'s how I would have liked her to be. With any luck, in the new series she\'ll be more like this. Again, thank you for taking the time to review. I was a bit slow responding this time around due to computer problems, but I\'m back now (more or less!) and to find three new reviews warmed my heart. Cheers!

2007.10.18 - 08:44PM
1: Chapter 1

I do believe this is one of the first stories on this site that really stood out to me. The whole thing was wonderfully written, though the angst almost killed me. This one line in particular I almost cried out when I read: “Please, Rose. Keep me in one piece. Come with me.”
Also, this is the first story I read with a sex scene in it. I was a little nervous about reading it...something about imaging characters from a tv show having sex was just very hard for me to grasp. You did a wonderful job of it though and I have gone back and reread this fic a half a dozen times at least now.

Author's Response: Thank you very much. Glad I got it right and it affected you. I like it when I get caught up in a story and feel for the characters. I, too, felt sorry for the Doctor as well as Rose throughout this one. It was tough to write. Cheers for taking the time to review.