2007.03.20 - 01:51PM
11: Chapter 11

Another brill chappy!! Keep updating and good luck with Fame!!!

Author's Response: thanx

Author's Response: fame rocks i gotta go i have a scene

Author's Response: three more nights left to go

Author's Response: two more nights left

Author's Response: one more night

Author's Response: no more fame

2007.03.20 - 01:12PM
11: Chapter 11

Great chapter.

Author's Response: ta thanx

2007.03.13 - 01:48PM
: None

I don't get it, does the Doctor not like Rose anymore so he went off travelling with Martha?
Or does she stay at home with Leila while the Doctor travels through Time and Space.
Are the Doctor and Rose still an item?

Author's Response: the doctor loves her she is staying home for leila of course they are

Author's Response: plus Martha can babysit for them so they can get naked and play twister in their bedroom

2007.03.13 - 11:04AM
10: Chapter 10

I checked out this story, but each chapter is barely longer than a paragraph. All the chapters put together could be one decent-length chapter. It's irritating to have to click the next chapter after so little text. If a chapter is too be so short, there should be a story-driven reason.

You could also use a beta-reader--a person that looks over your fic before you post it. Your grammar is pretty rough, even for a 15-year old. I even saw chat speak in places. Are you writing this on a cell phone?

I'm always a sucker for this premise, but this story isn't doing it for me. I wish you good luck in your future stories.

Author's Response: i cant type very well

2007.03.13 - 07:35AM
8: chapter 8

oooh, can't wait for the next part!!!!!

Author's Response: do i really have to do more well okay then *smiles* lemme get up to date then prepare yourselves

2007.03.06 - 10:49AM
6: Chapter 6

Shortest chappy I've ever read but it's just made me want to read the next one!!! please update soon!!!!!

Author's Response: I have addded more to the chapter

2007.03.06 - 10:24AM
6: Chapter 6

short but sweet.
Can't wait for more.

Author's Response: thanx

2007.03.06 - 05:33AM
3: Chapter 3

hehe....my doctor...very clever!!

Author's Response: thanx

2007.02.05 - 10:58AM
: None

well it's cetainly got an different spin on the Rose and the Doctor have a child storyline.
I like it!

Author's Response: cool thanks lol