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2019.02.15 - 04:26PM
1: Supernova

Great bunch of stories. Love Rose and 9 together. Well done.

2013.03.31 - 10:30AM
1: Supernova

This was reced to me and I'm so glad it was! Wow! The imagery is so wonderful and the lovemaking so very hot! I'll have to check out some of your other works when I have more time.

Author's Response: Blimey! I honestly never expected people to still be reading this...I\'ve actually had to read it back to myself it was that long ago and admittedly I\'m rather embarrassed of my then 17 year old self. :s I made myself blush. Eek! But thankyou. My past self and I are glad to be of service. ;)

2009.12.06 - 11:27PM
1: Supernova

THis is still being enjoyed two years later. A very powerful love story backed up with such gorgeous imagery.

Author's Response: I\'m honestly amazed that this is still being read after all this time. Thankyou very much :) x

2007.10.31 - 11:54PM
1: Supernova

Just reread was actually the very first story I ever read here on Teaspoon. I didn't have an account at the time, so I didn't leave a review.

I'll correct that now.

Wonderful! I love Nine...he's my first, and favorite...and what you've done here is fantastic! Dare I hope for a sequel?

Author's Response: :0 I\'m seriously honoured. *hugs* I did start on a sequel. It got to one chapter, but then college kicked in and it all went to pot. It was the chapter floating around called \"Omnipotence\" I\'ll finish it one day, though my best bet is this Christmas holiday if I have no coursework left, or summer 2008 :\'( DAMN work! DAMN DAMN DAMN IT! At least summer will be nice because then I\'ll just have University to look forward to. :) But thankyou sooo much. Omnipotence can be your teaser if you want, for what\'s to come. thankyou again! xxxxxxx

2007.06.25 - 01:28AM
1: Supernova

That was great, hehe! I really enjoyed it! :-D

Author's Response: :D I\'m glad. Thankyou for the positive vibes ^_^ *licks vibes* lol

2007.06.14 - 10:30AM
1: Supernova

This was a "fantastic" story. I was particularly impressed with the nuclear fusion imagery. I took two semesters of Astronomy at college, and scientific accuracy always makes me happy. Please, please, please keep it up.

Author's Response: God, I wish I could have studied Astronomy. It\'s just a hobby for me. All the fun knowledge without the damn pressure and exams at the end. ;) And I\'m absolutely elated that you approve! xxx

2007.02.17 - 10:38AM
1: Supernova

Extra-terrestrial break dancing...Genius :D

Loved this series, you have a wonderful lyrical style. :)

Author's Response: :D Squee ^_^ Thankyou so much! I also made a book cover to go with it, if you\'re interested:

2007.02.15 - 06:03PM
1: Supernova

I know I read this when you first posted it but I forgot to leave a review - silly me. This was beautiful and I adore Nine and this was sheer bliss for me. Nice one! Wonder if they created something wonderful like a new star?

Author's Response: aaaah.. you\'ll have to wait and see. There\'s a sequel planned, I\'ll tell you that much. ;) Thanks for remembering me ^_^ <3 to you.

2007.02.05 - 01:15PM
1: Supernova

Oh my gosh!! See this? :o This is me with my mouth still gaping open in awe!! I just happened to stumble upon this while trying to get my weekly nine/rose fix…(even though I should be studying). How on earth is it possible that I have previously missed your stories?!? You’re one of the few authors who can make a story sexy without having to resort to vulgarities. You write with elegance and class. If this is considered smut, well then….bring on the smut!! Very, very well written. If this is any indication of the stories you will be writing in the future, then I’m putting you on my list of favorite authors. Well done!!

Author's Response: Ok. I\'m officially blushing like an embarrassed tomato. Thankyou so much ^_^ That\'s put my mind to rest. I\'m glad someone on the lack of \"vulgarities\". I don\'t really see the Doctor and Rose as that sort of pair...they\'re beautiful, and that should reflect in everything they do. Thankyou so much. And of course, there\'s gonna be a sequel stroy/series. I couldn\'t leave it here. <3

2007.02.05 - 09:02AM
1: Supernova

I've been waiting sooo long for the last part of this. It's beautifully written. Well done.

Also: It was the growl that did it... Yeah, I can imagine it was *grins* Thanks again!

Author's Response: ehehe ^_^ Thankyouuuu This chapter was the most difficult to write, possibly cos it\'s the first smut I\'ve ever written, and I\'ve had to do it with little sisters roaming and reading over my shoulder. o.O

2007.02.05 - 01:22AM
1: Supernova

Interesting, but I couldn't help but think...have you ever heard the song "A Reconsideration of Anatomical Docking Maneuvers In A Zero-Gravity Environment?"

Author's Response: No, I haven\'t, but I\'m intruiged...