Reviews For Seed Pearls

2007.02.28 - 07:28AM
17: Epilogue

Yay! I was hoping you'd update soon, and I logged on this morning to see you had! I'm sorry to see this story end, but it's a lovely conclusion. I loved seeing the Doctor's new and fulfilling life, although it's clearly tinged with some yearning for what could have been with Rose. Yet, he seems peaceful about it, as do John and Rose. They're clearly happy, and yet they're not going to forget their past losses. I love that you emphasized that, particularly in the last scene with John, Rose and Susan. I can picture that there have been moments, and will continue to be moments, that are extremely painful for him, not only with the children, when they remind him of Emily, but milestones, like Emily's and Paula's birthdays, and the year Emily might have gone off to University and so forth.

I was glad we got the family Christmas scene at the end and got to see everyone in action there. I loved Jackie monopolizing the granddaughter right away and the bit about John suddenly being her favorite person once he got Rose pregnant! :) I bet that was a hilarious turning point! And, as expected, it was lovely to see Thomas briefly. I can see where John got his old-fashioned manners; Thomas is so courtly here.

I hope you have more stories to tell. This was delightful and satisfying fro beginning to end. I love Ten, and I can see from some other reviews that some of the die-hard Ten/Rose shippers were disappointed, but I think you came up with a logical and satisfying way to assure at least some resolution and happiness for Ten and Rose, each in their way. I look forward to reading any future stories from you. You're welcome on the "lovely reviews" :) as you called them in a previous reply. As long as my comments are welcome, it seems the least i can do when you've put so much work into the story itself. Brava!

Author's Response: As always, thanks for the lovely and insightful review. John, Rose and the Doctor will always have wounds in their pasts, but that doesn\'t mean they can\'t heal. To try to replace Paula and Emily, or the Doctor, or Rose for any of them would be foolish--there are no replacements. But there is moving on and honoring lost loved ones by loving again. Can you imagine Jackie as a mother-in-law? Or as the mother of the bride? Scary! Yet lovable all the same. When planning out the Christmas Eve scene, I realized Thomas would want to be there for Susan\'s first Christmas, and Mickey would definitely be there, which meant his Gram would come along as well. Just a big, extended, wacky family--bit like mine. Thank you again for reviewing, and I hope you enjoy my other stories as well.

2007.02.28 - 04:03AM
17: Epilogue

Amazing. You know you brought tears to my eyes. I loved it. Great work. I hope you write another soon.

Author's Response: Thank you! I\'m glad to have touched you.

2007.02.28 - 02:31AM
17: Epilogue

Love the way you twist the narration so we find out the Doctor's been talking to a class of Rose and John's descendants. Nice shift. Great story and well told. Thanks

Author's Response: Believe it or not, I didn\'t originally plan the class. At first, he was talking to a companion, then he was talking to a couple of young Time Lords, and from there, it snowballed into a class. But it worked. Ten as a teacher--fun! Thanks for reviewing!

2007.02.28 - 02:19AM
17: Epilogue

I say we make up the Fanfic awards right here, right now. *Drum rolls* And the award goes to.....YOU!!!
Not much of a surprise, really.
A wonderful, beautiful and any other descriptive-admirative-word-I-can-think -of story.
Beautiful and thanks for the story!!

Author's Response: Aww, thank you! I\'m so glad you enjoyed the ending. Thank you for reviewing!

2007.02.28 - 01:58AM
17: Epilogue

Yep, definitely Fanfic The Way It Should Be -- right down to a realistic-happy ending. Glad you took us along for the ride . . .

Author's Response: Thanks very much! I love a happy ending--but I love them even more when you have to work for them. Glad you enjoyed the story!

2007.02.28 - 01:06AM
17: Epilogue

Brillant. That's the only word to sum it up. You've given everyone a happy ending, made it bittersweet and hopeful at the same time. And this epilogue is the topping on the cake. If medals were given for fanfic you would take the gold.

Author's Response: \"Bittersweet and hopeful\" is what I was going for. They\'ve all suffered terrible losses, but that loss doesn\'t have to define them. Nothing can replace what they\'ve all lost--but that doesn\'t mean they can\'t be happy and fulfilled again. Thank you!