Reviews For Seed Pearls

2007.03.30 - 07:26AM
15: The Oncoming Storm

Wow. I can just feel his sadness and anger...

2007.02.21 - 12:58AM
15: The Oncoming Storm

OMG...this is a great story.

Author's Response: Thank you!

2007.02.20 - 05:11PM
15: The Oncoming Storm

The title is perfect... oh angry lover... very hard this chapter... very hard! I await the next!

Author's Response: Thanks for all the reviews! Yep, John\'s fairly pissed, all right, and not without reason. They\'ll work it out. Three times.

2007.02.20 - 02:09PM
15: The Oncoming Storm

if aidan is telling the truth and her doctor comes back for her then i feel there's going to be a bit of a scrap for rose! john aint gonna take it lying down is he?

Author's Response: John will fight for his love, yes--but Rose has to make the final choice, poor girl. Or lucky girl. I would that I had such a choice!

2007.02.20 - 10:09AM
15: The Oncoming Storm

Brilliant. Simply brilliant. One of the best stories I have read in a long time. You better update soon, or I'm gonna start acting like the big bad wolf!

Author's Response: New chapter coming soon--and it\'ll bring everything to a head! Thanks for reading!

2007.02.20 - 07:35AM
15: The Oncoming Storm

Oo, please don't torture us with too long a wait. Where did _that_ "Bad Wolf" come from? I keep coming back to the thought (perhaps wishful on my part) that the Universe has already 'fixed" the whole thing with Rose being misplaced, and she doesn't know what she's doing when she attempts to mess with it again. You did a brilliant job at showing both that Rose is just one of those people who needs to know, no matter how painful, and John's rage and sense of betrayal. I'd be just as upset as both of them if i were in either of their shoes. I usually have the experience, when I'm reading a crisis like this, that one person is a completely misguided jerk, and the other is the victim. I can see both sides and sympathize here- well done! I hope Rose gets some answers, she clearly needs them, and she needs to be able to reconcile her current life with whatever she discovers happened before. I hope the Doctor, in his Universe, can guide things along, since he seems very aware of all that happened. I look forward to seeing some of the mystery around his conversations, and perhaps behind Aiden's motives, in a future chapter. Still routing for Rose and John having a happy ending, ideally together! I have a vague idea of how an incarnation of Ten might pop up in this Universe, but it's just one of those vague ideas- based on some family history, I guess you could say. I'm so looking forward to the next chapters!

Author's Response: That\'s exactly it--Rose\'s intentions were pure, but she sure went about it the wrong way, and John has every right to be hurt and pissed as hell. They have some things to work out before they can face what\'s coming at Bad Wolf Bay. Whatever else, Rose needs to know the truth about what\'s happened to her. The next part should be posted today, and I do hope it satisfies!

2007.02.20 - 07:30AM
15: The Oncoming Storm

Outstanding piece of work. Believable, shocking at the end, powerful, heartbreaking -- talk about hitting all the points. Looking forward to the next update.

Author's Response: Thank you! It\'s never fun, writing an argument like that, but these two need to get some things straight before they can face their future. I\'m glad it rang true for you.

2007.02.20 - 06:01AM
15: The Oncoming Storm

The final words whispered by John blew me away too. Then Rose howled - goodness what next?

Just knew John wouldn't be the bloke to sit at home, knew he would spring into action to get to his woman. Loved the argument and the final outcome. Loved the thought of Rose clutching onto the tail of his duster to guide her along to their hotel room.

Author's Response: The image wasn\'t just about sex, but about who they are in their core beings. It\'s something they need to know about themselves before this all comes to a head. And no, John wouldn\'t take this (so to speak) lying down; he fights for what he loves, and he loves Rose.

2007.02.20 - 05:25AM
15: The Oncoming Storm

Wow! Amazing, and like others the beginning with Ten and what amounted to a wedding vow from Rose and the end with the Bad Wolf blew me away. Oh, and thanks for your help with the italics, it was greatly appreciated!

Author's Response: Glad I could help! I always found that scene on the alien planet to be a bit like a proposal or a wedding, and I feel certain Rose was just that serious. Even if the Doctor knew it was impossible, part of him still yearned for that forever with her. And Rose climaxing at the words \"Bad Wolf\"? Too sexy an image to pass up!

2007.02.20 - 05:13AM
15: The Oncoming Storm

"No, she meant it as seriously as any wedding vow. And I accepted that vow because I wanted her to spend her forever with me."

A metaphor I love, that's so beautiful! I can't believe how amazing you are at this story. Seriously, I actually screamed in excitement when I saw that it had been updated. You are GREAT. :)

Author's Response: Thank you! There\'ll be more coming soon, and I hope you enjoy it just as much.

2007.02.19 - 11:57PM
15: The Oncoming Storm

“Bad Wolf,” John growled into Rose’s ear.
And she howled.

As good as this chapter is - as good, as fine as this story is - with carefully drawn characters, an inventive plot, tight pacing, believable development, all done with elegantly crafted language - everything in it has, in my opinion, led naturally, organically, absolutely necessarily to these two lines. You kicked me in the teeth - beautifully, wonderfully - with those two lines. They resonated on so many levels (erotic, mythic, even musically) that I don't know if I can adequately and intelligently tell you what hit me first. Were this entire story to stop here, I would at least be able to take those two lines with me. And of course, there is more to come. Can't say more without sounding maudlin.

Author's Response: *Blush* Thank you. That image just hit me as I was considering this section. I don\'t often write love scenes--this fic effectively increases my total love scenes written by over 100% in ten years of fanficcing--I realized I needed that image, of the storm outside and the lovers inside and the words \"Bad Wolf,\" to truly join John and Rose before what they\'ll have to face in the last chapters. (No points for guessing the title of the next chapter.) It\'s John\'s secret self speaking to Rose\'s secret self. While it is supposed to be a sexy image aside from all else, I\'m glad the subtext came across as well.

2007.02.19 - 10:34PM
15: The Oncoming Storm

Ohhh! I can't wait to see what happens next! This story is so marvelous.

Author's Response: Thank you! There\'ll be more posted soon.

2007.02.19 - 09:34PM
15: The Oncoming Storm

Oh, this was a fabulous chapter! I love all the delays, and John's reaction. This is going to be so tragic, I'm half-tempted to cover my eyes and read it from between my fingers.

Author's Response: Y\'know, this was supposed to be just the first part of the next-to-last one, but I separated it out for two reasons: one, I felt like I needed to reunite our lovers quickly after all the angst of the last chapter; and two, I thought the emotional intensity might be lost in a long, plotty chapter. Whatever comes next, at least they\'ll be facing it together. Hang on for a wild ride!

2007.02.19 - 09:01PM
15: The Oncoming Storm

bounce! bounce! need more!!! and i'm loving angry John, always loved angry Nine, and his dopleganger wears it just as well.

Author's Response: He\'s very much Nine-like when he\'s particularly angry, and he certainly has reason here, no matter what Rose\'s reasons were. They\'ll work it out in bed.

2007.02.19 - 07:06PM
15: The Oncoming Storm

The suspence of this is killing me. I am really hooked to this.

Author's Response: Good! My evil plans are coming to fruition.