Reviews For Seed Pearls

2007.02.20 - 01:00PM
7: Sharing Secrets

Full disclosure... I love it. Yum, warm artichoke crab dip.... yum! Hungry. The doctor would need some tragedy in his past to make him parallel. Excellent!

2007.02.18 - 08:14AM
7: Sharing Secrets

Hillarious Scene of Rose with her housemates Awe, Poor John. Know that feeling but pleased he has picked Rose.

2007.02.11 - 05:40AM
7: Sharing Secrets

He is so sweet. Why can't there be real guys like that out there? I suppose I just haven't found the one yet...must keep looking.

2007.02.09 - 04:56PM
7: Sharing Secrets

This is so wonderful. The story itself is fascinating, and the Doctor's comments and interjections throughout the chapters are just the right spice.

Author's Response: Thank you! I\'m glad you\'re enjoying, as this story is a new style for me, but very enjoyable to write anyway.

2007.02.09 - 03:20PM
7: Sharing Secrets

well done i love the way you've constructed this story. love the connection between John smith and rose but at the same time i cant help hoping for the doctor (her doctor) to come and sweep her off her feet. sorry cant help it, what can i say im a huge 10thDoctor/Rose shipper!
And who's the mysterious Aidan????

Author's Response: Glad you\'re enjoying, and I hope you continue to enjoy! Thanks for the review.

2007.02.09 - 10:05AM
7: Sharing Secrets

Just read parts 1-7 and am completely hooked! I tend to find the Rose in the aftermath of Doomsday stories depressing and thus avoid them, but I like to hopeful tone of this, and that the Universe is healing itself, and Rose. I hope this thing with Dr. John works out- I'll be devestated if it doesn't! I'm so invested in the both of them, and he's so well-drawn, not just a cut-out version of Nine. I can relate to Rose's crisis and attempts to dig herself out of depression- I've been struggling with patches of minor/major depression throughout my life myself, so these parts ring really true for me; I even got a little teary in places because I've had experiences so close what to what she's been feeling, and it's very "validating" when someone (even a fictional therapist!) tells you it's not a willpower issue to be depressed. Great story! Please update soon!

Author's Response: If the depression parts are realistic, it\'s because I know depression pretty intimately myself--I\'ve been under treatment for the last five years for depression and panic disorder. One of the hardest things for me was understanding that it\'s not a character flaw or a sign that I\'m weak--it\'s a disease. So I had Jane reinforce that to Rose, because every depressive needs to know it. And while I\'m not going to give away the ending, I\'ll give you a hint: I\'m a sucker for a happy ending myself. I hope you enjoy the rest of the story.

2007.02.09 - 05:18AM
7: Sharing Secrets

You can see the connection between parrel doctor and the Doctor. Both lost their family. Good writing!!

Author's Response: Yep. It\'s a human-scale tragedy rather than the Doctor\'s epic tragedy, but they both lost their whole worlds. Thanks for the review!

2007.02.09 - 12:10AM
7: Sharing Secrets

I like that you've given John a strong history, it makes him a lot more of an alternate to the Doctor.

Author's Response: There had to be something in his past to echo the Doctor\'s, if only on a human scale. I\'m not trying to do a 1:1 correlation on everything with John and the Doctor, but a tragedy? Absolutely necessary.