Reviews For Seed Pearls

2007.02.20 - 05:04PM
14: Old Stories Made New

egads! the tension mounts! You are the Master ( in a good way not the pointy bearded way ) Thanks for such quality writing!

2007.02.20 - 04:05PM
13: Red Riding Hood

I never really thought the eighth Doctor was much to look at... far prefer the ninth. But then there's no accounting for taste. The accent got me first ;) Cheers for writing such touching and loving scenes. Thank you!

2007.02.20 - 02:46PM
12: Follow the Bad Wolf

Love how our narrator popped his head in to comment on his delectability-- he's great so are you. Sadly I am nearly caught up in the story... More more! Please :)

2007.02.20 - 02:25PM
11: Truth

Ah! I was right this Aiden is someone... still don't now who... but important! Cheers for a wild ride.

2007.02.20 - 02:16PM
10: Holiday

My stomach is doing little flips and my heart little leaps for them... perfectly done. Thanks for such a great read... such quality!

2007.02.20 - 02:09PM
15: The Oncoming Storm

if aidan is telling the truth and her doctor comes back for her then i feel there's going to be a bit of a scrap for rose! john aint gonna take it lying down is he?

Author's Response: John will fight for his love, yes--but Rose has to make the final choice, poor girl. Or lucky girl. I would that I had such a choice!

2007.02.20 - 01:32PM
9: Come With Me

Huh- I'm wondering who this Aiden is then... hmm! Trouble I suspect.
Great chapter. Thanks!

2007.02.20 - 01:08PM
8: Yfelwulf

You totally rock! Cybermen *and* Daleks! Don't hold back now :) Absolutely great writing... they are holding out on the physical relationship? Noooooo!!! Ah well whatever works!

Author's Response: Loads of new reviews! I\'m glad you\'re enjoying the story so much. Yes, they\'re waiting a bit before getting what the kids these days call \"jiggy\"; personally, I think more people could stand to have a little more restraint, but then, I\'m very old-fashioned. Anyway, hope you keep enjoying the story!

2007.02.20 - 01:00PM
7: Sharing Secrets

Full disclosure... I love it. Yum, warm artichoke crab dip.... yum! Hungry. The doctor would need some tragedy in his past to make him parallel. Excellent!

2007.02.20 - 12:51PM
6: Over the Moon

Hee hee! "I have a date with the Destroyer on Saturday.
I nearly wet myself! That was such a cute play on his alter ego's title. This is the best romance I've read in ages.

2007.02.20 - 12:37PM
5: The True Story of the Big, Bad Wolf

Wow, another excellent chapter... you really know how to keep that excitement level up. Cybermen will do it every time.

2007.02.20 - 12:14PM
4: Tea and Attraction

Fun narrative voice! Though oddly enough I put David Tennant's natural accent in instead of the tenth Doctor's. Odd that. I am so glad Rose thinks Owen is a jerk too. This is absolutely wonderful- the not-ninth Doctor doctor!

2007.02.20 - 12:06PM
3: Doctor John Smith

Love the Douglass Adams detail... perfect! Of course the runner couldn't be the "brown-eyed man" I could hear his northern accent... lovely!

2007.02.20 - 12:02PM
2: The Brown-eyed Man

It is funny... Capt'n Jack... hee hee. Great tone you have here, very realistic too.

2007.02.20 - 11:03AM
1: Forgotten

I so hate it when my memory does that... I lost a lot of the time I was in Grad school. It was unpleasant but I didn't think my brain would actually go and edit it out... very strange feeling. I know what is happening to Rose is different-- the wound in time is nibbling at her. Great start!

Author's Response: Yeah, realizing you\'ve forgotten something very important is a *bummer*! And for Rose, it means forgetting the man she loved as well as everything else. Thanks for the review, and I hope you enjoy the rest of the story!