Reviews For Seed Pearls

2007.02.28 - 02:19AM
17: Epilogue

I say we make up the Fanfic awards right here, right now. *Drum rolls* And the award goes to.....YOU!!!
Not much of a surprise, really.
A wonderful, beautiful and any other descriptive-admirative-word-I-can-think -of story.
Beautiful and thanks for the story!!

Author's Response: Aww, thank you! I\'m so glad you enjoyed the ending. Thank you for reviewing!

2007.02.28 - 01:58AM
17: Epilogue

Yep, definitely Fanfic The Way It Should Be -- right down to a realistic-happy ending. Glad you took us along for the ride . . .

Author's Response: Thanks very much! I love a happy ending--but I love them even more when you have to work for them. Glad you enjoyed the story!

2007.02.28 - 01:06AM
17: Epilogue

Brillant. That's the only word to sum it up. You've given everyone a happy ending, made it bittersweet and hopeful at the same time. And this epilogue is the topping on the cake. If medals were given for fanfic you would take the gold.

Author's Response: \"Bittersweet and hopeful\" is what I was going for. They\'ve all suffered terrible losses, but that loss doesn\'t have to define them. Nothing can replace what they\'ve all lost--but that doesn\'t mean they can\'t be happy and fulfilled again. Thank you!

2007.02.25 - 05:02AM
16: Bad Wolf

I loved this story. I am on tenterhooks for the epilogue now!

Author's Response: Thanks so much for all the reviews! I\'ve been enjoying a good many of your stories, so I\'m very happy to know that you\'re enjoying my little romance here. The epilogue\'s forthcoming. Believe it or not, I had a little trouble getting Ten talking at first, but now he\'s rattling along nicely. Lovely to hear from you!

2007.02.25 - 04:38AM
13: Red Riding Hood

OK, I am quite speechless after that chapter. Poetry, history and actual thinking about elements of the show, rather than just the shocking comedy smut that some of us pour out. I'd say well done, if that didn't always come across as faintly patronising.

Author's Response: Aww, but shocking comedy smut can be fun, too!

2007.02.25 - 04:21AM
10: Holiday

How have I managed to miss everything you've written before I wonder? I'm going to go and put that right as soon as I've finished the rest of this tender, suspensefilled and totally addictive story.

2007.02.25 - 04:10AM
9: Come With Me

This story is absolutely top quality. Your characterisation is perfect, I love the way you are developing the relationship, and the teasing with Ten's commentary at the beginning of each chapter is the best plot device I have read in a very very long time. Just - wow!

2007.02.25 - 04:02AM
6: Over the Moon

Just wanted to say how much I am enjoying this story so far. Brilliantly written and a really really excellent idea. Thanks!

2007.02.22 - 04:24AM
1: Forgotten

This story was awesome. It had everything: intrigue, romance, angst, fluff, sex, danger (just a little), plot twists, humor. I did not see that ending coming, but it's just so brilliant how everything ties together. It's the "everyone lives" of Doomsday fixits, but without the banal "and then they done sex" BS ending, and the goodness goes to both universes. It's more like "everyone lives *well*." You're brilliant at Buffy, and you're brilliant at Doctor Who. I loved the character contrast between Nine and Ten. I have to agree with Rose that Ten's alternate universe incarnation being her son is a bit... weird, but it makes so much sense. After all, she sort of brought him into the world in her original universe.

I'd have to agree with another reviewer: this is satisfying on many levels, well worth the read and highly recommended.

Author's Response: Thanks so much! That\'s what I wanted--for everyone to not just live, but to have something to live *for*. For Rose and John, that\'s each other and the family they\'ll have. For Ten, that\'s the young Time Lords. I\'m glad it was satisfying for you.

2007.02.21 - 11:32PM
16: Bad Wolf

This is such a well written story. Still, i'm partial to Ten and although Rose stayed with John, he's ultimately not the Doctor (kind of). Sigh. Anyway, look forward to the rest. Human time lords. Didn't see that one coming.

Author's Response: It wouldn\'t have made sense for the story, or where Rose is in her life, for Rose to have gone with the Doctor. No, John\'s not the Doctor, but he doesn\'t have to be--he\'s the man who loves her, and whom she loves. That\'s enough for them both.

2007.02.21 - 07:30PM
16: Bad Wolf

This story not only made it to my favorites list, I think it is the story for which I have, recently, most eagerly awaited updates. I am both delighted with the elegant way you completed the tale, and disappointed that I have only an epilogue to which to look forward. Eminently satisfying on an emotional, critical, and intellectual level. Bravo, and thank you!

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I\'ve rather enjoyed writing it; it\'s been a very satisfying experiment. The epilogue should be up soon, and I hope you enjoy that as much as the rest of the story. Thanks for being such a good reviewer!

2007.02.21 - 03:08PM
16: Bad Wolf

Wow. Now THAT is a Doomsday fixit. I did try to write a story where Rose got a husband, but this makes my attempt look rather bad. The Doctor's still travelling like he should be, and yet in a way he's with Rose. Great!

And I love the idea that she'll have a child that looks like Ten!

Author's Response: Thank you! I don\'t like the idea of Rose having to give up her family to be with the Doctor--miserable choice to have to make--so this is my best solution. Plus the Doctor now gets new Time Lords to mold in his own image, God help the universe!

2007.02.21 - 02:27PM
16: Bad Wolf

oh dear *sob*
even though i was still rooting for ten till the last moment it was still a great story and i really enjoyed it.
i'm really glad he got his chance to say the words though he's been wanting to say for ages. fantastic! =)

Author's Response: Thank you! I\'m glad you enjoyed it--and the Doctor deserved to be able to say those words after everything.

2007.02.21 - 01:30PM
16: Bad Wolf

Brilliant! But why not back with the Doctor. I would anyday.Nice chapter, Camt wait of more!!

Author's Response: Sweetie, do you really think I\'d have spent all that time establishing John and Rose if I\'d planned to send her off with the Doctor at the end? It wouldn\'t make emotional sense for the story or for Rose at this point. Glad you enjoyed it anyway, though.

2007.02.21 - 12:59PM
16: Bad Wolf

Great, great wrapping up to the story. Even though John said he didn't believe in fate, it seems fate had more to do with them being together than seperated. The two parts that really got to me though, for rather personal reasons, was when they looked at each other and John asked if she was pregnant and said they could move the wedding up a couple of months. Then the Doctor asking if they could name their daughter Susan. Those two moments just really touched me, thanks. Can't wait to see the epilogue, but will be a little bummed that the story's over.

Author's Response: Yeah, the universe really wanted them together, so I suppose you could call it fate, but we\'ll not tell John that. John wants to be a father again; that\'s why I almost felt he\'d be disappointed to hear Rose wasn\'t pregnant. But it\'ll happen soon enough, I\'m sure. As for Ten, he now has Time Lords to interact with again, so he gets a gift out of all of this, too. Thank you!