Reviews For Seed Pearls

2007.08.07 - 02:53PM
13: Red Riding Hood

This is just marvelous! I love the poetry. Making a version of Eight into John's father is an inspired way to make the universes parallel each other.

I particularly love what you've done with Bad Wolf. Certainly you've put more meaning into it than we ever really got onscreen! (Perhaps RTD and crew hoped we'd all be as well-versed in fairy tales as Thomas here and do the literary analysis ourselves?) I took a college course in fairy tales where we talked about some of the old, gruesome tales, which are almost always more interesting than the sanitized versions (and often feature stronger female characters as some variants of the older tale, Little Red avoids eating Granny's flesh and escapes on her own, no woodsman needed). You might also enjoy a modern retelling by Angela Carter, "In the Company of Wolves," where Red survives through a mixture of compassion and fearless embrace of the wildness in herself and the [were]wolf...rather like our Rose.

Author's Response: Thanks! I fell for Thomas a little while writing him. The old tales are really fascinating, aren\'t they? Who knew my old Lit Crit classes would be useful for fanfic? Thanks again for the review and for the recommendation.

2007.08.06 - 12:21PM
2: The Brown-eyed Man

I'm just discovering this and loving it already! Poor Rose. I just want to give her a hug. The Doctor's narration is a bold choice, and a good one. The dog named Captain Jack made me guffaw.

2007.07.31 - 10:54AM
17: Epilogue

i dont think ive throroughly enjoyed a doctor who story or fan fic in general as much as yours. You are ingenius, the storyline is so original and and the characters are so true to their personality shown on tv. Thank you for creating such a rich, enjoyable and well written piece of writing and the commentary and the author notes made me chuckle!!!

Author's Response: Thank you for reviewing. It really means a lot to me to know people are enjoying this story and what they\'re enjoying about it.

2007.07.28 - 09:58PM
3: Doctor John Smith

ooh! That's quite chatty of Nine! I'm impressed! Well, if he doesn't have everything that is, was and could be going on in his head, I suppose he'd be less taciturn! I am loving this -- and for some reason, I don't know why I've not read it sooner!

Author's Response: Actually, I never thought Nine was particularly taciturn. He could talk when he wanted to--it\'s just that Ten tends to jabber on so much that Nine seems closed-mouth by comparison. I\'m glad you\'re enjoying the story, and I hope you continue to do so. Thank you!

2007.06.21 - 06:28PM
17: Epilogue

What a wonderful story - thank you so much for sharing it. I loved how you made John a distinct character separate from the Doctor, and yet similar enough that he felt like an old friend to the readers. The ending was lovely, too, with the start of a new era of the human race brought about by Rose and the Doctor's love for each other. Beautiful!

Author's Response: Thank you! John was a wonderful character to work with, and I enjoyed creating him, trying to keep a balance between his similarities to the Doctor and his unique qualities. I\'m glad he worked for you, and that the end did as well.

2007.05.22 - 10:16PM
17: Epilogue

I review as I read, so I'll just paste what I was thinking. :)

I love the Doctor as narrator. He's made me laugh out loud a few times now. Sporfled my tea on one of the comments. :)

Chapter 13 - Rose saying "I'm sorry" nearly made me cry...It's just so...Doctor. OMG! Grace!

Chapter 15 - Yay Mrs. Moore!

Ha! to chapter 16. I love the explanation. And holy crap new Time Lords!

I would like to say that I loved this story and, while I was expecting a Doctor/Rose ending, I rather prefer yours. :)

Author's Response: Thank you! Ten\'s narration wasn\'t originally planned, but you know how it is to try and get him to shut up--couldn\'t do it, and besides, he helped get some boring exposition out of the way fairly painlessly. Lots of fun to do. I\'m really happy with the way this story turned out, and I\'m even happier that so many people have enjoyed it. As for the ending, it was really what I saw as happy all around. Rose and John have each other and their family, and Ten gets new Time Lords to hang around with and corrupt. Thanks for your thoughts!

2007.05.17 - 08:27AM
1: Forgotten

I've never read better! Your story-telling abilities are in a word- fantastic!

Author's Response: Thank you! I\'m glad you enjoyed the story.

2007.05.10 - 07:22PM
1: Forgotten

Thank you for giving us a story that grants us closure -- an ending for the Doctor and Rose that just finally feels right. I laughed and wept with sadness and joy and grief and relief. Thank you for sharing your talent here. You've given us a wonderful gift with this work.

P.S. - I also found your 'A Life Fantastic' and enjoyed the whole story, but especially commend you on your simple solution to why/how Rose lives. An elegantly simple solution to the question that has perplexed so many other authors. Well done.

Author's Response: Thank *you* for your lovely review! I loved writing this story, and I\'m glad it seems to have struck a chord with readers as well. That tells me I did my best.

2007.04.03 - 11:03PM
17: Epilogue

Utterly beautiful. And once again, you've given me this amazing gift, hours of sheer pleasure and emotion, and I've left the return of a review to the end. I just can't help myself. Mea culpa, indeed. This is truly a masterpiece, reading like a great old novel, rich and moving and clever and balanced. Again, you've got such a talent for voices and those quiet, intense character moments. You so make me *believe* in this world, this unstable variation. It's work like this that encourages me to spend my time searching (often fruitlessly) for fanfiction instead of reading the stack of print books by the bedside.

Favorite bits? Ten's narration. Amused and wry and breaking the fourth wall. Perfect Ten. Perfect Who. And brain-teasing, as well. Each chapter opening reminds that something more is happening here, that the big picture is lurking overhead, shadowy and indistinct but completely there, ready to fall - for good or for ill. I love the entire concept of the "seed pearl" and the echoes, lingering after the Bad Wolf incident, a creation of Rose and the Doctor (and the TARDIS') desire for each other. It's a love story of epic scale, really. I love the ending -- so unexpected and yet so satisfying. The sleek blue TARDISes and their human Time Lords. The Doctor wistful and wise and wonderful. John and Rose, a portrait of domesticity that somehow Nine could never have accepted, despite his clear love for Rose. I love John, unsurprisingly (as an unabashed Ninefan) - carrying his very human and still very complete tragedy, haunted and hurt and capable of so much love. The parallels are so well-drawn, grounded in human realities, and yet familiar.

I found myself outlining the basic concept of the story to my fanfic-hating husband the other night, just to remind him that some of the "stuff" I read is remarkable. (He agreed. He's also being charmed by "Out of Joint," which I've taken to reading to him when he's working on outdoor projects. When I tell you it's the ultimate complement that he loves the story, laughs hugely, and asks for more, I definitely mean that.) I have to hope that you'll keep creating these long, plotty, character-driven stories for many years to come. Thanks.

Author's Response: Thank you! I\'ve taken to reading some particularly fine fanfic like novels, which is really what they are--not published by some house, not done for money, but for love, and honestly, with some authors, the quality is as fine or better as any mass-market in the Sci-Fi/Fantasy section of your local B&N. I\'m glad you\'re finding my stories worthy of that status. I fell in love with this story as it wrote itself in my head. John is like Nine, yet human, and with his humanity comes more human desires than the Doctor can indulge--like a home and a family with Rose. Creating him was so very enjoyable. My favorite bits to write, though, were Ten\'s bits of color commentary. He let me break out of the love story and be a little quirky and irreverent, which is something I tend to need as I write. Thank you *so* much for the lovely review, and felicitations to your husband as well! I hope to have a new chapter of \"Out of Joint\" soon.

2007.03.30 - 07:45AM
17: Epilogue

Hehe I loved how it was a lecture! Great stuff. A story you ought to be proud of.

Author's Response: Thank you for all the reviews! I\'m glad you enjoyed the story so much. Don\'t feel too sad for Ten; he may not get the girl, but he gets new Time Lords to mold in his image. That makes him happy.

2007.03.30 - 07:41AM
16: Bad Wolf

Well woven together, though i can't help feeling really sad for Ten...

2007.03.30 - 07:26AM
15: The Oncoming Storm

Wow. I can just feel his sadness and anger...

2007.03.30 - 07:14AM
12: Follow the Bad Wolf

This continues to be great...

2007.03.30 - 07:03AM
8: Yfelwulf

Oooo Daleks!

2007.03.30 - 06:54AM
6: Over the Moon

Loved the humour in this, and i think the Ten interstitials are really well done. :D