Reviews For Seed Pearls

2007.02.09 - 11:27PM
8: Yfelwulf

Can't wait for the next update!

Author's Response: Thank you!

2007.02.09 - 10:37PM
8: Yfelwulf

I so look forward to your updates, love the story, especially the romance developing between Rose and John, but I have to say (without giving too much away) that my heart leapt into my throat at the end of this chapter, particularly after what John told Rose in the previous chapter about his family, and my first thought was "Oh (poor) John!" Definately on pins and needles for the next update...

Author's Response: Yeah, evil cliffhanger, I know. There\'ll be an update tomorrow, so you won\'t have to wait too long to know what happens. I\'m glad you\'re enjoying the story!

2007.02.09 - 06:01PM
1: Forgotten

Ah, yes, I too am a fan of the Random Narrations of Ten that you do so well. *squee* I have waited to see if you'd put it here, 'cause I don't have livejournal, and never will get one, and now I can gush about how much I like it.

Okay, that sounded wierd. >.

Author's Response: Aww, thanks! Ten\'s color commentary is such fun to write, and I\'m glad people are enjoying it as much as I\'m enjoying writing it. Hope you continue to enjoy the story!

2007.02.09 - 04:56PM
7: Sharing Secrets

This is so wonderful. The story itself is fascinating, and the Doctor's comments and interjections throughout the chapters are just the right spice.

Author's Response: Thank you! I\'m glad you\'re enjoying, as this story is a new style for me, but very enjoyable to write anyway.

2007.02.09 - 03:20PM
7: Sharing Secrets

well done i love the way you've constructed this story. love the connection between John smith and rose but at the same time i cant help hoping for the doctor (her doctor) to come and sweep her off her feet. sorry cant help it, what can i say im a huge 10thDoctor/Rose shipper!
And who's the mysterious Aidan????

Author's Response: Glad you\'re enjoying, and I hope you continue to enjoy! Thanks for the review.

2007.02.09 - 10:05AM
7: Sharing Secrets

Just read parts 1-7 and am completely hooked! I tend to find the Rose in the aftermath of Doomsday stories depressing and thus avoid them, but I like to hopeful tone of this, and that the Universe is healing itself, and Rose. I hope this thing with Dr. John works out- I'll be devestated if it doesn't! I'm so invested in the both of them, and he's so well-drawn, not just a cut-out version of Nine. I can relate to Rose's crisis and attempts to dig herself out of depression- I've been struggling with patches of minor/major depression throughout my life myself, so these parts ring really true for me; I even got a little teary in places because I've had experiences so close what to what she's been feeling, and it's very "validating" when someone (even a fictional therapist!) tells you it's not a willpower issue to be depressed. Great story! Please update soon!

Author's Response: If the depression parts are realistic, it\'s because I know depression pretty intimately myself--I\'ve been under treatment for the last five years for depression and panic disorder. One of the hardest things for me was understanding that it\'s not a character flaw or a sign that I\'m weak--it\'s a disease. So I had Jane reinforce that to Rose, because every depressive needs to know it. And while I\'m not going to give away the ending, I\'ll give you a hint: I\'m a sucker for a happy ending myself. I hope you enjoy the rest of the story.

2007.02.09 - 05:18AM
7: Sharing Secrets

You can see the connection between parrel doctor and the Doctor. Both lost their family. Good writing!!

Author's Response: Yep. It\'s a human-scale tragedy rather than the Doctor\'s epic tragedy, but they both lost their whole worlds. Thanks for the review!

2007.02.09 - 12:10AM
7: Sharing Secrets

I like that you've given John a strong history, it makes him a lot more of an alternate to the Doctor.

Author's Response: There had to be something in his past to echo the Doctor\'s, if only on a human scale. I\'m not trying to do a 1:1 correlation on everything with John and the Doctor, but a tragedy? Absolutely necessary.

2007.02.08 - 06:40PM
6: Over the Moon

Good lord, Jane's connected with alt!Nine. The mind boggles...I eagerly await your next chapter!

Author's Response: Thank you for all the reviews! I\'m very glad you\'re enjoying the story, and I certainly never mind more reviews--not stupid, me. I certainly hope the rest of the story satisfies.

2007.02.08 - 06:37PM
5: The True Story of the Big, Bad Wolf

My goodness, you've explained the Doctor's and Rose's relationship in a way that should satisfy 'shippers and non-shippers alike. Why? Because it makes such good sense. You show a flair for reading human nature (and for the sake of the story, we'll include the Doctor in the category) and translating it onto the page. You integrate it so well into his conversation!

Needless to say, the romance between "John Smith" and Rose satisfied me to a T. That's not the critic speaking, it's the 'shipper, but luckily, you also wrote it very well; you didn't linger on it too much. And you write action sequences pretty darned well, as well.

2007.02.08 - 06:28PM
4: Tea and Attraction

The more you write Rose, the more I like her (and I've always been a fan.) Bravo!

2007.02.08 - 06:26PM
3: Doctor John Smith

Now you've well and truly hooked me, since I'm a dedicated Nine lover. And I like the way you do it. In some hands it could have been awkward, obvious and mawkish, but you've easily transcended that. Your dialogue is excellent. (I suppose it's a bit silly, reviewing every chapter, but you're impressing me!)

2007.02.08 - 06:22PM
2: The Brown-eyed Man

Already your "Doctor" voice is becoming more assured (and I am certainly interested in who he's speaking to!) I like the switch from Rose's story in third person to something more like straight dialogue for the Doctor. Also, I very much am liking how you reinterpret Rose's old life, translating it to the new life - it makes perfect sense within the guidelines you've set for yourself. (I particularly liked, " Jimmy bloody Stones, thoroughbred bastard ".)

2007.02.08 - 06:16PM
1: Forgotten

You've addressed something that floated in the back of my mind after Doomsday, and done it - or perhaps more properly I should say you've begun to do it - very well. I'm heading on to the next chapter!

2007.02.08 - 12:30PM
6: Over the Moon

So just how much can the Doctor see of what's going on?

Author's Response: Wait and seeee!