Reviews For Seed Pearls

2007.02.11 - 03:04AM
1: Forgotten

Heheheh. Like the description of John's dad and the rest of his family tree -- we know exactly what the last, oh, 8 generations of Smiths looked like, don't we? Clever way of retroengineering the Doc into a new universe. Interested to see where this goes!

Author's Response: Yep! His dad\'s a handsome guy, loves poetry, great hair . . . I couldn\'t resist. Thanks for the review!

2007.02.11 - 02:39AM
1: Forgotten

Awww, having simply adored the wonderfully dark and damaged ninth (thanks to CE), have to say I am absolutely enjoying your 'love finds a way' story! Can't wait for the next chapter! Fabulous title too!

Author's Response: I loved Nine, too. Not that I don\'t love Ten, but I can *do* stuff with Mr. \"I\'ve Got Damage.\" Glad you\'re enjoying!

2007.02.11 - 01:30AM
9: Come With Me

I have to say, I am *not* happy about this blonde. I have a very bad feeling about him. But the writing? The plot? Top flight. Waiting on the next one...

Author's Response: Keep your eye on the cheesy blond bloke--he\'s got a secret or two to tell. Thanks!

2007.02.11 - 12:53AM
9: Come With Me

I gotta say, I adore you. I'm supposed to be reading about stress-strain tensors and/or numerical integration of ordinary differential equations, BUT INSTEAD I READ EVERY CHAPTER OF THIS STORY. I normally avoid post-Doomsday fics because nobody who writes them seems to "get it" -- but you weave in all these things from canon and allude to the old series while still fulfilling my little shipper heart, and it's just fantastic. So. Definitely loving it. :) Well done.

Author's Response: Meh, who needs differential equations anyhow? Surely not as important as a little Nine/Rose \'shipperiness! I\'ve found a few real post-\"Doomsday\" gems, especially at LJ, but I also tend to go into most post-DD stories with a certain amount of trepidation, since some of them hit my pet peeves *hard*. I\'m glad this one\'s working for you, and I hope it continues to satisfy!

2007.02.10 - 10:04PM
9: Come With Me

the "cheesy blonde bloke"! gah! i KNEW that kid was up to no good! oh my gosh, this story is making me paranoid, lol. i bet he had something to do with the ball!

the interaction between john and rose is just... omg. i love nine so much. this story is soso addictive.

Author's Response: Aiden? Yeah, keep your eye on him. Glad you\'re enjoying the story!

2007.02.10 - 09:34PM
9: Come With Me

Your story is keeping me on the edge of my seat. The Doctor's narration, between comments he makes and his very presence, make me wonder what's going to happen with this world, with her, and with him. I'm tingling with anticipation.

Author's Response: Thank you! I do aim to rivet.

2007.02.10 - 08:11AM
8: Yfelwulf

Like a previous poster, i immediately thought of John at the end, as I assume Rose is likely injured or at least in danger. Poor John, indeed! On one level, it would be nice if they didn't have to worry about the constant danger and stress of her job, the stress and long hours of his job, or the paparazzi constantly dogging them, but then they wouldn't be themselves, would they? It seems that all will be part of both their lives, and if they stay together in the future, will continue to be what their lives are like. I continue to really enjoy this story and look forward to future updates, especially after this cliffhanger! Thank you for your thoughtful and candid reply to my previous review/response. Not all authors reply, and very few take the time to address each reviewer with such attention, although that's far less true here than at other fiction sites I've been to. cheers!

Author's Response: Yeah, Rose and John, especially, have some adjusting to do--but then, everyone who falls in love does. Thank you for reviewing! As for my reply to your last, I believe that getting these things out in the open and discussing them is the only way to dispel the myths about depression. Thank *you* for being candid.

2007.02.10 - 07:39AM
8: Yfelwulf

great!! oh my god its a dalek *runs about the room in an excited manner* lol. cant wait for an update!
thinking back aidan did sound like he looked a little like the 10th doctor???? *laughs evilly*

Author's Response: Nah, Aiden\'s blond. He\'d look more like the Fifth Doctor. Update soon!

2007.02.10 - 06:09AM
8: Yfelwulf

Loved it!! More, MORE!! what going to happen!!(appart from the world exploding)

Author's Response: More coming soon! Glad you loved it!

2007.02.10 - 04:45AM
5: The True Story of the Big, Bad Wolf

Awwww!!!! Is all I can say. And that. And that. And that. And that...oh this could go one forever.
Great story so far!!

Author's Response: I\'m glad you\'re enjoying the story. Stick around--much more to come!

2007.02.10 - 04:31AM
4: Tea and Attraction

He's a doctor, he's a professor and he looks just like Nine. What more could she want? Of course that feeling of loss it gone!

2007.02.10 - 04:24AM
3: Doctor John Smith

The 'other' Doctor was a nice twist. I hope they get together. It was a nice little intoduction: short and sweet.

2007.02.10 - 04:19AM
2: The Brown-eyed Man

Yes! Yes it is something you should bring up with your therapist!
This is almost heartbreaking! Scratch that, it is heartbreaking! She can't remember him....and she dreams about him...
And by the way I love the little in puts by the Doctor, it makes it so muhc more intriguing!

2007.02.10 - 04:09AM
1: Forgotten

Noooo! I can't believe that I haven't read this yet! It will take me a while to catch up, but rest assured I'll read it.
This must be so terrible for Rose, I can't even fathom the idea of her losing her memories of him, it makes me so sad!!

2007.02.10 - 12:16AM
8: Yfelwulf

I have been delighted with this story, which is now favorited, as are you. The way you have smoothly directed our Rose towards the almost unimaginable - the recovery of memories that effectively never were - without making it seem like a fait accompli, is fantastic. When you brought the Dalek in, I actually squeaked. And each chapter's beginning conversation draws closer and closer to some summation; one which I can't decide to long for, or fear.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! I\'m glad to be favorited. This story\'s wandered so far from the straightforward romance I originally intended it to be, but then, that\'s how most good stories go. As for Ten, you could say that his audience is the purpose for this entire story, and I\'ll leave you with that enigmatic statement.