Reviews For Seed Pearls

2007.02.18 - 06:37AM
4: Tea and Attraction

Reviewing now for each chapter after I read LOL I chuckled as the Doctors mouth ran away with him and then cheekily told us to shut up VBG Brilliant. The scene in the cafe' was a delight and the Prof's announcement that he was having coffee with a Blonde half his age was priceless.

2007.02.18 - 06:26AM
3: Doctor John Smith

I liked the scene you described of the man running along the beach and how the Dog yipped a hello. I was grinning wide from ear to ear at his description and if I wasn't hooked before (like I was) I'd be hooked now that's for sure. Dogs are good judges of character my last Guide Dog did nearly teh same thing you described when I met my late hubby.

Loved this part of your story. VBG Thanks.

2007.02.18 - 06:21AM
2: The Brown-eyed Man

Liked very much how you incorporated the Doctors narration into this and how Rose interacts with her therapist. Building up to be a very interesting plotline. Thanks.

2007.02.18 - 06:18AM
1: Forgotten

I found this by accident looking for NINE fic after I'd been on holiday. Loving the opening chapter and got hooked by your writing style. Fantastic!

2007.02.15 - 12:59PM
13: Red Riding Hood

yeh we all love paul mcgann!! lol
once again wonderful chapter and cant wait for an update!
u bring a smile to my face =)

Author's Response: Thanks! Update soon.

2007.02.15 - 08:20AM
13: Red Riding Hood

Beautiful chapter! Thomas is even lovelier than I expected! I remember Eight- and developed a bit of a crush on Paul McGann after seeing him in "Horatio Hornblower" as Lt. Bush- yummy! Dashing Naval officers, and the dark blue uniform set off his eyes so well! Lots of poignant and lovely moments here, great exchange of poetry. The graveyard scene was so beautiful and so sad. I can only assume that Thomas goes there regularly (perhaps daily) to visit. The pain must be nearly unbearable, but it says something of the strength of his character that he faces his loss so unflinchingly. We can see that strength in John, too, who can also speak fondly of Paula and Emily although it clearly was a major trauma to lose them. I look forward to seeing what she tells John, and how he reacts- it could look a little odd that she went to see his dad without him, but if she's honest, as Thomas urged her to be, he ought to take it well. I look forward to future installments eagerly.

Author's Response: Paul McGann certainly is lovely, isn\'t he? While writing this, I envisioned that Thomas regularly visits the graves--perhaps not daily, but he never goes long between visits, bringing him flowers from his own garden. It\'s his way of honoring their lives. Painful as it was to lose them, he\'d prefer that to never having known them--a point that Rose will appreciate ere long.

2007.02.15 - 07:59AM
13: Red Riding Hood

Oh wow! Great chapter, love Thomas. I've always wondered about the origin of 'who's afraid of the big bad wolf?' seeing as the wolf always seemed to have more to fear than anyone... guess now I know!

Author's Response: I rather fell in love with Thomas myself, but then, I am a LitGeek. I understand, btw, that the version Thomas told Rose isn\'t even the worst of the Red Riding Hood tales. People were twisted back then!

2007.02.15 - 03:21AM
1: Forgotten

Oh, wow. The use of that oft-repeated, "I'm so sorry" line, your draws from poetry and folktales, and Neil Gaiman too, weave a whole different set of color into this story. I'm really loving this, as well as rediscovering some of the poetry you include in your stories. Really looking forward to the next update. Should be doing work right now...

Author's Response: How must it be, looking at the graves of the wife and child the man you love lost? But I think it was necessary for Rose to confront those memories. I found the Red Riding Hood tale in Neil Gaiman\'s work; part of the appeal of his writing, for me, is the way he weaves in old folktales. People actually used to tell that story! Yeek!

2007.02.15 - 02:03AM
13: Red Riding Hood

I loved all the quotes and the nice sort of flowing of this chapter. There was no real action, it was just a discussion between two people but you made it so interesting. Well done. :)

Author's Response: Thank you. This was meant to be a kind of quiet, melancholy interlude before things go completely haywire for the final chapters. I\'m glad people enjoyed it.

2007.02.15 - 01:29AM
13: Red Riding Hood

COOL! Loved that "still got it" reference -- subtle! And while I only know Eight from the movie, you got him very well. :) Good job quoting Neil Gaiman, too. There's a man who knows fairy tales . . .

Author's Response: I\'m glad I got Eight even partially correct; all I really know about him is a) he\'s very literate, and b) Paul McGann = YUMMEH! And yeah, Gaiman knows his fairy tales. He knows them all the way back to their twisted origins. A lot of them were truly horrifying before they were sanitized for modern audiences.

2007.02.14 - 02:48PM
12: Follow the Bad Wolf

Having read your reply to my last review, I can now safely say I have a rather unpleasant image in my head! :P

This shall probably sound horridly random, but one of the things I love about reading this story is (and I'm like a magnet for these things) that I've yet to see a spelling error. They do annoy me sometimes, despite my inevitably being guilty of it myself. So, much love goes out to you for it! :D

And - 'delectable'. Well, that's one way of putting it, I suppose...

Author's Response: Oops. ;-) I\'m a former English teacher and an editor; spelling errors drive me nuts. Which is probably my cue to make one. Ten is delectable. Just ask him; he\'ll tell you.

2007.02.14 - 01:20PM
12: Follow the Bad Wolf

the story is slowly unravelling, keep going. will ten and rose ever meet again??? fantastic!!

Author's Response: Wait and see!

2007.02.14 - 10:38AM
12: Follow the Bad Wolf

This is an amazingly complex and beautiful story. Still loving it very much.

Author's Response: Thanks so much! I hope the rest doesn\'t disappoint.

2007.02.14 - 09:47AM
12: Follow the Bad Wolf

loved the little bits of humor here, like the Doctor drawing attention (with some delight, I imagine) to the "delectable" description, and Rose's observation that Dr. Henry is straight out of Central Casting for "eccentric genius"- hee! Loved his chart with the birthday people likely to bring cake, too. I look forward to the meeting with the other Dr. Smith. I hope Rose is going to fill John in on at least some of the weirdness, especially as she's going to have to talk to his dad! I'm hoping they don't have too much "pain" to endure. Gulp!

Author's Response: I could just picture Ten\'s delighted grin as he chewed on that word, rocking back and forth on his trainers. So adorable! Dr. Henry is how I like to do bit characters--strange and quirky, with an option to be used in future fics. Hope you enjoy Rose\'s meeting with Thomas Smith!

2007.02.14 - 09:28AM
11: Truth

Uh oh. I'm of course wondering what the mysterious Aidan's motivation is on all this. I think of this as a case of the Truth not setting you free; it will never be the same for Rose to know the whole life she's been living is, on one level at least, false. I would hope she'd realize that the Universe is trying to tell her something if it's providing this life for her. I hope she doesn't go back, but maybe she can find enough answers to put her at ease and at peace. Loved the bit about Jackie stopping just shy of asking about the sex and Rose and Pete being relieved! That seems perfectly in character for all of them! Jackie always seems on the verge of blurting out her uncensored thoughts; sometimes that honesty is refreshing, and sometimes you want to cringe! :)

Author's Response: Yeah, Rose has to decide if she trusts Aiden, and even if she doesn\'t, if he\'s telling at least a partial truth. Then she has to decide what to do about it, which cannot be easy. And Jackie\'s a delight any way you look at it. Thanks!