Reviews For Seed Pearls

2007.02.19 - 09:40AM
14: Old Stories Made New

Oo nooo! "Very, very bad"- no likee! Sniffle- poor Jake! I can only conclude that Rose was particularly quick to trust the word of a virtual stranger with still-mysterious motives because she's wracked with guilt over Jake's death, sleep-deprived and very confused. I wish sh'd told John what was going on!

I find it more than a little suspicious that Aiden was so quick to say "Yeah, you have to leave". And doesn't John have a say in whether they stay together or not? Sigh. Great chapter, but I'm biting my nails! I'm hoping for a happy ending for both Rose and John, but hey, this isn't my story. :) I think this is the moment where one is staring down at the big drop on the roller coaster! Gulp! Still along for the ride!

Author's Response: That was the thing I was trying for--a Rose who was firing on all cylinders would have been much more suspicious, and certainly wouldn\'t have crept off in the middle of the night. Deprive her of sleep, add high levels of stress and then top it off with guilt? That\'ll work. And yeah, John should get a say, and he\'ll be entirely unhappy about what Rose did. New chapter coming soon!

2007.02.19 - 06:08AM
14: Old Stories Made New

Gah - this just gets better and better. The tension in this chapter really builds magnificently. Since you're so good at it, can I be cheeky and ask a formatting question?! How the hell do you get italics to turn off once you've turned it on? I can't seem to italicise a section of text within a normal section iyswim!

Author's Response: Thank you! Yeah, I\'m ratcheting up the tension, but I promise there\'ll be a payoff. For your question, I use HTML tags for italics. (I don\'t upload files, I paste stories into the blank they provide.) The italics tags are < i > italicized text < /i > without the spaces. That help?

2007.02.19 - 01:48AM
14: Old Stories Made New

>.< (squirms) I feel like Aiden is giving his antagonist part a run for his money. Forget Rose, he's definately antagonizing me LOL. Besides, you know I really like the concept of John and Rose together. And I'm really hoping John "rescues" Rose before she does something she regrets. (crosses fingers)

Author's Response: Aiden\'s motives are still a mystery to everyone but himself, but the effect he\'s having on Rose is not exactly a happy one, no. Plus, anyone who pulls the \"I know how difficult this must be for you\" card gets stamped with Smarmy Bastard in my book. As for John\'s reaction . . . you\'ll get that next chapter. But I\'m so glad to see people are pulling for John and Rose!

2007.02.19 - 01:45AM
1: Forgotten

Gah, this story never stops amazing me. Everytime you've done something so totally unexpected, so original, but always so right, and its always written miles above anything I could ever dream of doing. You should be proud of this story.

Author's Response: Thank you so much! This story has really gripped me, and I\'m so happy to hear that other people are finding it just as gripping. I\'m almost sad that we\'re in the final few chapters!

2007.02.19 - 01:17AM
14: Old Stories Made New

You've pushed the pace these last two chapters, and that can be a tricky thing. I think you've handled it well, though. You've worked so well all through the story to introduce plot artifacts that will crop up later, making their introduction feel very organic and necessary - Rose's discovery of the pattern in the various Torchwood occurences right at this point, for example. (I wonder if her dream of speaking with The Brown Eyed Man on the couch dovetails with the discussion the Doctor so obviously is having with someone at the beginning of each chapter? I'm still not certain with whom he is speaking, but I may be slow.) I am also still struggling to ID Aidan.

Author's Response: Thank you--it is always taking a risk when you kick a Plot into high gear, so I\'m glad it\'s working for you. The person or persons to whom Ten is speaking won\'t be known until the end, as he, she or they are part of the big payoff for the fic as a whole. As for Aiden, no reason you should be able to ID him--he\'s a completely original character. I considered making him the Master, but a) I don\'t know Old Who well enough to do him justice, and b) the Master would know better, and that\'s all I\'m saying for now. Anyway, hope you enjoy the final chapters!

2007.02.19 - 01:05AM
14: Old Stories Made New

You really know how to make a girl cry, don't you? This chapter was beautiful, and you had me crying and feeling terrible when Jake died! You're evil, you are! But in a good way.

Author's Response: Yeah, I\'m evil. I know. Just be grateful I didn\'t go with my original plan and off Mickey.

2007.02.18 - 09:22AM
13: Red Riding Hood

The graveyard scene brought tears to my eyes. Johnís father is a delight and can understand the attraction.

The story of the Wolf was frightening once you start to look into itís history
Another well crafted chapter that continues to enthrall. Canít wait for more now Iíve caught up. Adding to my favs to ensure I catch the next part.

Author's Response: Whew! Thanks for all the reviews! I\'m so glad you\'re enjoying the story this much. I\'ve truly enjoyed writing it. Think I\'ll miss it a bit when it\'s all over. The next chapter should be up soon. Hope you like it!

2007.02.18 - 09:20AM
12: Follow the Bad Wolf

I like Jane and how she has helped Rose so much. I like your OFCís and they all appear so real The Doctors comments at the beginning of each chapter are hilarious but also give us more background to the whole story as he obviously knows much more than we do. VBG.

2007.02.18 - 09:18AM
11: Truth

Oh Captain Jackís a delightful Dog. Poor Rose to suffer like this after her wonderful holiday with John. What a turn up for the books seeing the pictures of the Brown Eyed Man.

2007.02.18 - 09:16AM
10: Holiday

They danced Ė and such a lovely setting too. Another lovely chapter Thankks.

2007.02.18 - 08:25AM
9: Come With Me

Felt like boxing Johns ears but forgave him in the end LOL Oh Crazy Woman Ö wonder what is going to happen next. Canít wait for the next part VBG.

2007.02.18 - 08:15AM
8: Yfelwulf

Oh Daleks what a shocker didnít expect this turn up. Another great chapter - thanks.

2007.02.18 - 08:14AM
7: Sharing Secrets

Hillarious Scene of Rose with her housemates Awe, Poor John. Know that feeling but pleased he has picked Rose.

2007.02.18 - 08:12AM
6: Over the Moon

What a shocker for Rose re her therapist. Glad to see Mickey is on the mend.

2007.02.18 - 06:52AM
5: The True Story of the Big, Bad Wolf

For a short moment I thought the blonde Guy in hte library was going to get lucky but thank goodness fate interviened with an explosion that sent Rose running.... right into Doctor John Smith. The chapter was exciting and the kiss ... well worth the wait. Sigh.... I do miss NINE! But this alternative bloke is a great replacement. Thanks.