Reviews For Seed Pearls

2021.08.29 - 10:06AM
17: Epilogue

Oh gosh I found this fic on a recc list and I absolutely love it!

2015.09.25 - 06:31AM
17: Epilogue

Wow, your story pulled in in right from the start. I loved the fact it was the Doctor narrating it, well done

2014.05.04 - 08:53PM
17: Epilogue

This is an incredibly touching story. It almost hurt to have the Doctor narrating it, but as it wrapped up, I understood and appreciated it quite a bit. I adore how your mind created this idea and then went even further with Rose and John's children. So fantastic!

Also, the title is genius! Very clever.

It sucked me in from beginning to end. Amazing. Thank you for sharing.

2014.02.04 - 08:48PM
17: Epilogue

This was so perfect. >.< Really loved it, Especially the ending. Never read one that ended so amazingly. Thanks so much!

2013.07.12 - 02:15PM
17: Epilogue

Excellent! Spectacular storytelling, compelling story line, realistic characters, a plausible villain. *hands over all the awards* An instant favorite.

2013.07.12 - 01:24PM
16: Bad Wolf

I'm a DW ff addict for Rose and the doctor. I've read an embarrassingly huge number of fics and this is my absolute, ultimate, brilliant (and it must be said), fantastic favorite.

What an imagination you must have - I envy it. Thank you so much for writing this.

Also thanks for keeping her with 9 - he's my personal favorite doctor:)


2010.11.25 - 10:59PM
1: Forgotten

Beautiful, beautiful, bloody beautiful! What a wonderful story! I loved the perspective of Ten, telling it to his audience of young student Time Lords (that was a marvelous reveal, btw!)

Making this a favorite, and will re-read it many, many times!

2010.01.24 - 09:36PM
17: Epilogue

I absolutely loved this story. I had me through the full range of emotions, and at the end I was laughing and crying at the same time. I hope you continue to put out works of such caliber and I know I'll enjoy reading them.

Though one thing I do wish to say. The vanity comment our beloved 10th doctor makes about being 900 years old and allowed a little vanity about his looks imediately had me thinking of Yoda from Empire Strikes Back "When 900 years old you age, look as good you will not!" I don't know if that was your intention when writing that bit but I'm sure every star wars geek will get that.

Truly it was an amazing read. I love how in a way it seems that the Bad Wolf and the TARDIS put things in place to care for Rose in the alternate reality. It was truly Fantastic and Brilliant. The tone of all the characters felt spot on to me. I really can't think of anything to say that's even slightly negative. Though I must say that at the end, part of me keeps wishing that our dear doctor can find someone who can spend forever with him one day as well.

2009.03.03 - 05:02PM
1: Forgotten

Hi! I'm here from the CoT Reviews LJ community. First of all, congratulations on your nomination for Round Two of the Children of Time Awards.

We try to review all of the nominated stories in each round, and in today's post we've featured your story. Please feel free to stop by and look.

Your review, as promised - sorry it took so long to get posted. I did enjoy this, very much, and wasn't sure I would. But I liked how Ten commented on it, the whole way through, and I like the idea that Nine came from Eight and will give birth to Ten...which I suppose means Rose will get Eleven as a grandson!

But oh....won't Violet be annoyed, that her pupil has been whisked away from the Academy right under her nose? Ah well. :)

Congratulations again, and good luck!

2009.02.21 - 04:40AM
17: Epilogue

Just finished this all in one sitting and sat down to review. On second thought, I'm gonna digest it all a bit and come back to this...

Mmm, much easier to think with a banana on the stomach. ;) Now, where was I?

First off, I have to say that you have a wonderful writing style. Everything in this piece flowed wonderfully and I didn't guess the ending halfway through the third chapter--which is a rarity, to be sure. Had the plot been different to what it was, I am positive I would have enjoyed this immensely. Oh but that's rude, isn't it? Let me try to explain.

From the very first, something about this story disquieted me. I kept reading, because of course now I had to find out why it was so disquieting, but I don't think there was a single moment--even when I was falling for John right along with Rose--that I wasn't unsettled. It wasn't until the very end that I realized why.

I lead a certain sort of life--just what the particulars of that life are, are irrelevant--that lends itself to seeing those thousands of 'realistic', 'true to life' unhappy or bittersweet endings. When I 'take a metaphysical escapist vacation' into literature or film or other such media, I want enough reality to make these things believable, but in the end, I nearly demand a simple, clear-cut happy ending; I do this mostly because I'm weary of the bittersweet and the not-sweet-at-all.

This wonderful, terrible, maddening tale of yours strayed far too close to the real world for my comfort. It teaches several good and valuable lessons and I am most definitely a wiser person for having read it; I am quite possibly a better one.

To wrap up an embarrassingly long review--this is what I get for reading something deep in one go--I submit the following. Did I enjoy it? Honestly--and through no fault of yours--no. Am I glad that I finished it? Not really, I'll be brooding and deep-pondering these concepts for days now. Will I read it again? Probably not. I may revisit bits and pieces as food for thought, but the whole thing in its entirety is too...unsettling to do repeatedly. If I had to do it over again, would I? Yes, a hundred times over. Would I absolutely recommend this to everyone who loves the Whoniverse? Irrevocably yes. I do, in fact, plan on reccing the hell out of this. Not everything that's good for you tastes wholly pleasant.

I'm sorry if this has come off as rude or offensive in any manner; such was not my intent. I admire you very much for writing this and I adore your style of writing. I simply wished to express that in an honest and thorough manner. I look forward to more from you in the future!

Author's Response: Huh. Now, there\'s an interesting review. Not quite sure of what to make of it, but I\'m glad to have your point of view. I view the ending as being a happy one, even if there is a little sadness in the sweetness. Rose and John found love and family after both had been devastated by loss. The Doctor lost Rose, but gained something very like what he lost in the Time War. I think I understand what you\'re saying--that happiness the characters find is inextricably linked to what they lost. You can never replace what\'s lost, of course, but you can heal and fill the empty spaces. That, in fact, is probably the best summing-up of the theme of this fic.

2009.01.25 - 11:55AM
17: Epilogue

Well, wow. A story simply WELL worth reading. For some reason, I'd always put off doing so--maybe because the anticipation came to be almost as good as the story itself? Whatever my reasons, this was simply amazing. And the Doctor's narration at the beginning of each chapter (along with the epilogue) simply broke my heart. Amazing. Extraordinary. Fantastic. I'm out of words (it's a bit early in the morning for nice diction, here), and I'm still adoring this story. I've never read anything quite like it--no other author I've ever read has been so daring or so creative, and none of them have *ever* managed to pull of anything half as well as this. Thank you for writing such a wonderful fic!

2008.12.06 - 08:38PM
13: Red Riding Hood

I'm going to add yet another "well done" for how you've cast "Eight" in the role as "Thomas Smith." I also liked how you were able to work in Grace as his wife. I did a doubletake when I read her being described as "dark-haired," but then I realized that the laws of genetics had to prevail. :)

2008.11.12 - 06:56PM
17: Epilogue

Aww lovely! That was an absolutly wonderful story and a great epilogue to do it justice. I'm so glad the Doctor's happy with his little army of Time Lords, lol, and to see Rose and John together is just simply beautiful!

Great story! Loved it, thanks.

2008.11.12 - 06:39PM
16: Bad Wolf

Wow what twists! I never expected that to happen. Poor Doctor, It must have been hard for him to let Rose go again. But with thats aid it must have been hard for each of them in their own way. Rose having to let the Doctor go, John feeling threatened by the Doctor. I still dont imagine he understands everything.

With that said though, I love the out come! You've convinced me enough that Rose would have a better life with John, especially if they're to be the founders of the new Human Time Lords! lol

2008.11.12 - 05:52PM
14: Old Stories Made New

Oh poor John, that's going to crush him when he finds her gone, especially since he's already lost his wife and daughter already. And I know that he'll supposidly forget her in a week but I dont think he actually will... not if he's got the Doctor's memories anyway.

Anyway, this is a truely great story! So sad but wonderful at the same time. Poor Rose.