2014.06.08 - 01:11PM
: One Heart, One Life

I totally understand, and if you email me the ending then I'll definitely read it. :)

Hannah made it a point to flesh out the kids. For the sake of not using reviews as message boards (too late, I know) I won't go into those details here. However, I did just discover another creepy similarity that Hannah came up with: John constantly teasing Rose about being the heiress of the Powell Estate. O.o Also, I did read and enjoy Thine Own Self. It prompted me to consider the angstier side of that universe, which Hannah won't touch.

Thanks for the luck!

Author's Response: But...but ANGST!!! ;)

2014.06.08 - 11:44AM
: One Heart, One Life

So, my friend and I have been messing around with our own "Pete's World" universe and I'm really shocked to see how similar they are. Both have the Metacrisis Doctor taking the name John Noble (though I'm pretty sure I stole that from you), both of our universes have children who look like various regenerations of their father and Donna and Rose (ours are Sarah Donna, the one who looks like Rose; Richard "Rickey" Jack, the one who looks like Donna; Peter Wilfred "Wilf," Rickey's twin and the one who has Six's hair but acts like Four; and Romana Martha, the one who looks like Nine), both have John as head scientist at Torchwood, both include bedtime stories beginning with some variant of "Once upon a time there was a man called the Doctor"...the list goes on and on. The main difference, though, is that I somehow forgot that John is still part Time Lord, and so have been writing him as fully human. Whoops.

But enough comparisons. This universe is so cute. I was surprised by Rose's anger at the Doctor, but not because it didn't make sense...more because I'd just never thought of it before. John's wish for the Doctor to be as happy as he is was no surprise at all; I've got that in my John as well. I love that John named their last child Adeola. I just realized that we'll probably be meeting her again in TRD and that made me sad. /: John teaching Tony all those things about aliens was possibly the cutest part of the entire 'verse. I can only imagine how confused his teachers will be. :P (Speaking of school, in our 'verse John teaches all his kids how to write in linear and circular Gallifreyan. Their teachers are always very confused when their homework comes back in a mixture of English and Gallifreyan. Rose never weaned them from that habit, but she did at least persuade them to include a code for the language so their teachers wouldn't give them Fs.)

I do have one question. Are you ever going to finish Susan's story? It looks interesting, but I don't want to get invested in a story that will never end, you know?

Author's Response: Wow, that is scarily similar. Awesome!

Okay, first off...Susan\'s Story. That story will haunt me for the rest of my life, and it drives me nuts that it\'s unfinished. In an ideal world, I\'d love to finish it someday. But to be perfectly honest, it\'s been years since I worked on it, and my writing style has changed so much that it would be very difficult to get back into her voice, not to mention that the pacing of the story was beginning to get to me. The more time goes by, the harder it\'s going to be to go back to it, and as much as I hate to say it (believe me, my mom never lets me forget about this one), I\'ll probably not finish it. I do know how it ends, so if you wanted to read what there is of the story, I could email you the rest of the plot outline once you\'re done so that you could at least have some closure and know how it all worked out. But don\'t worry if you don\'t want to get invested...believe me, I HATE when authors do this with stories, which is why this story will forever be the one that got away. *grumble*

Back to the rest of the \'verse. Rose\'s anger with the Doctor is something that I\'ve thought a lot about (and explored even further in my independent oneshot \'Thine Own Self\'), but it really does make sense. I do love the idea of exploring the lighter side of their relationship, though...it makes a welcome change from the angst of everything else.

I actually love their kids, and even though I\'ve only ever really fleshed out Susan as a character, I\'m quite proud of all five of those kids. They\'re a handful, but they\'re the Doctor (human or no) and Rose\'s children, no question there. As for Addy...yeah, that name just felt right for some reason. We will indeed be seeing Adeola in TRD, and I\'m as sad about it as you are. Really, that story is going to be a whole new level of sad, if only because I\'m going to have to spend a LOT of time analyzing that two-parter in excruciating detail. The things we do for our art...

Anyway, I\'ve gone on long enough. Thanks for reading this series, and I\'m glad you enjoyed it!!! Good luck with graduating! :)