"Sarah Jane Smith Stories" by Sigyn [Reviews - 1]
Just collecting all my stories into series for easy perusal of all my many fans -- namely myself, probably. These are my Sarah Jane Smith stories. A touch of romance, a lot of honesty, a little timey-wimey and some great dialogue.

Characters: None

"Time Lord Sexuality" by Sigyn [Reviews - 0]
Another collection of stories, just because of the number of comments I've gotten on the concept of the Doctor's inhuman sexuality. For those who only want hotness, here's this series for easy perusal. Just about all these stories are in other series, too.

Characters: The Doctor (1st), The Doctor (2nd), The Doctor (6th), The Doctor (9th), The Doctor (10th), The Doctor (11th)

A Life of Their Own by lilahkat [Reviews - 0]
Life on Bannerman Road has never been boring. Not with Sarah Jane Smith living there. Can you imagine what happens when the the duplicate human 10th Doctor comes to live with her as well and starts making a life of his own? What started out as a one off story has turned into a series, a virtual series for Sarah Jane Adventures.

Characters: None

A Noble Friend by Scifinut [Reviews - 0]
Connected stories exploring Donna's life before and after she was the Doctor's companion.

Characters: None

A Tuneless Note by Kathy DaCat [Reviews - 0]
My collection of songs about different eps and people!

Characters: None

All About the Journey by wildforce71 [Reviews - 0]
Luke Smith fights aliens. Dawn Summers fight demons. Together, they save worlds.

Characters: Sarah Jane Smith, Luke Smith, Clyde Langer, Mr. Smith, Sky

Another Time, Another Place by hhertzof [Reviews - 0]
Nine and Sarah's adventures during and after the Time War

Characters: None

Audios post-"Dreamland" by Amilyn [Reviews - 0]
Sarah and Josh are trapped in the Dauntless above do they get back to Earth, what does Mandragora have to do with it, how do they defeat Mandragora, and what transpires between then and the beginning of SJA?

Characters: None

Damnatio Memoriae by mary_pseud [Reviews - 1]
The Tenth Doctor, the last Time Lord, made a bargain with the alien Sast. They would send their agents to long-ago Skaro, to help the Fourth Doctor when he tried to blot the Daleks out before they were created. But he did not realise that the Sast were one aspect of the powerful Reflectionists. The consequences of his bargain would transform worlds, and change the Universe forever. Even now, the Reflectionists plot with Davros and the Daleks, while their agents move into place on Earth... The major stories in the overall arc, in order, are "A Roll of the Dice" (10th Doctor & Sarah Jane AU), "Reflections on Skaro", "Dawn of the Daleks" (4th Doctor, Harry & Sarah Jane AU), "Hive of the Daleks" (4th Doctor & Leela AU), "Enmity of the Daleks" (4th Doctor & Romana II AU) and "Exodus of the Daleks" (5th Doctor, Turlough & Tegan AU). Ratings of individual stories vary from All Ages to Adult.

Characters: Jamie McCrimmon, The Doctor (4th), Leela, Harry Sullivan, K-9, Romana II, Tegan Jovanka, The Master (Ainley), Rose Tyler, Jack Harkness, Davros, Kamelion, The Daleks, The Doctor (2nd), The Doctor (5th), Victoria Waterfield, Turlough, Sarah Jane Smith, Martha Jones, Other Character(s), The Doctor (10th), Mickey Smith, Donna Noble, Jackie Tyler, The TARDIS, The Doctor (Duplicate 10th)

Farewell,Sarah Jane by Vilinye [Reviews - 0]
A collection for stories about the death of Sarah Jane Smith.

Characters: None

Game Theory by Versaphile [Reviews - 4]
AU branching off from LOTTL. The Doctor loses the game, but the Master has a new one for them to play.

Characters: The Doctor (10th), Jack Harkness, Sarah Jane Smith, Other Character(s), Martha Jones, Donna Noble, The Master (Simm)

Gita Saves the World by dbskyler [Reviews - 0]
A collection of fics by multiple authors in which Gita Chandra saves the world.

Characters: The Doctor (6th), Sarah Jane Smith, Gita Chandra

Halted verse by Alexannah [Reviews - 0]
A runaway TARDIS. An empty flat. An unwanted guest and a bedroom full of timey-wimey things. The Doctor has come to stay ...

Characters: Rose Tyler, The Doctor (10th), Sylvia Noble, Maria Jackson, Donna Noble, Alan Jackson, Jenny, Wilfred Mott

Herald and Knight by MinervaFan [Reviews - 0]
Just a few stories featuring Josh Townsend and Sarah Jane Smith from the Big Finish Audiobooks. Shippy, but hopefully still entertaining.

Characters: None

Lily Luna Potter, In The TARDIS, With The Doctor (It's A THING!) by Arkytior [Reviews - 0]
All of my crazy, mixed up crossover fics that include the Doctor and Lily Luna Potter (Harry Potter's daughter). These are not all in the same Alternate Universes.

Characters: None