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I\'ve been a fan of Doctor Who for over 30 years, which is both remarkable and difficult for an American, considering that DVDs are few and far between, and TV is even more woeful as we do not get to see the Christmas specials until sometime in June. But, the Doctor likes a challenge and so do I, so I get what I can - DVD, book, fanfic - to supply my addiction. LOL.

List Of My Stories
1. A Timely Education
2. The Three R’s – Readin’, ‘Ritin’, & Recall, Continuing Education
3. Travel Daze
4. Choices (Part 1): An Unexpected Homecoming
5. Choices (Part 2): A Rift Between Friends
6. Best Laid Plans
7. The Contract (Part 1)
8. The Contract (Part 2)
9. The Game Goes On
10. Misdirected Eclipse
11. Black As Crystal
12. Amnesia Is A Cold Two Years In Hell
13. What Do You Want For Christmas
14. Twinkle, Twinkle, Morning Star
15. Wholesale Clearance
16. The Measure Of A Man
17. Itching A Deadly Scratch
18. Please Mister Postman
19. Three Tears For Torchwood
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Stories by goldenheart [19] Favorite Stories and Series [8] Favorite Authors [10]
Don't Blink by rosewarren [Reviews - 177]
What if Rose stayed with the Doctor through Doomsday? What if she was the one who ended up stuck in 1969 with him?
Tenth Doctor - Teen - None - Action/Adventure
Characters: Rose Tyler, The Doctor (10th)
Series: None
Published: 2009.04.04 - Updated: 2015.02.17 - Chapters: 47 - Completed: No - Word Count: 152283

Independence Day by die flow [Reviews - 27]
The Doctor and Rose Tyler grow a TARDIS and a family in the Alternate Universe.
Tenth Doctor - Adult - None - Action/Adventure, Alternate Universe, Drama, Het, Romance
Characters: Jack Harkness, Jackie Tyler, Pete Tyler, Rose Tyler, The Doctor (Duplicate 10th)
Series: AU Chronicles
Published: 2010.01.03 - Updated: 2010.11.27 - Chapters: 41 - Completed: Yes - Word Count: 62108

No Difference by frin tennant [Reviews - 95]
It really is the same man she's been left with, but now he's more because he's less.
Tenth Doctor - Adult - Explicit Sex - Alternate Universe, Drama, Het, Humor, Romance
Characters: Jackie Tyler, Rose Tyler, The Doctor (Duplicate 10th)
Series: None
Published: 2008.08.06 - Updated: 2010.12.31 - Chapters: 15 - Completed: No - Word Count: 18559

Rude and not Ginger by frin tennant [Reviews - 409]
Adjusting to a human body is very hard.
Tenth Doctor - Adult - Explicit Sex - Alternate Universe, Fluff, Het, Humor
Characters: Jackie Tyler, Jake Simmonds, Pete Tyler, Rose Tyler, The Doctor (Duplicate 10th)
Series: None
Published: 2008.10.12 - Updated: 2010.12.09 - Chapters: 46 - Completed: Yes - Word Count: 57211

Sweet Punishment by emeraldeyeddaughter [Reviews - 20]
Rose is in serious trouble. The Doctor must save her or lose her forever. Justice must be served but punishment can be sweet depending on who is carrying it out. Warning: M rating story contains mild references to sexual assault
Ninth Doctor - Adult - Explicit Sex - Action/Adventure, Angst, Drama, Het, Hurt/Comfort, Romance
Characters: Jack Harkness, Other Character(s), Rose Tyler, The Doctor (9th), The TARDIS
Series: None
Published: 2009.10.19 - Updated: 2010.08.18 - Chapters: 3 - Completed: No - Word Count: 6831

The Perfect Storm by teleen [Reviews - 237]
How might the life of Captain Jack Harkness have been different had he decided to care on that cold night in 1965? Very dark - please read and heed the WARNINGS!
Ninth Doctor, Tenth Doctor, Torchwood - Adult - BDSM, Explicit Sex, Explicit Violence, Non-Con, Swearing - Alternate Universe, Angst, Drama, Het, Horror, Hurt/Comfort, Mixed, Slash
Characters: Ianto Jones, Jack Harkness, Jack Harkness, Jack Harkness, Jackie Tyler, Jackie Tyler, Other Character(s), Other Character(s), Other Character(s), Owen Harper, Rhiannon Davies, Rose Tyler, Rose Tyler, The Doctor (10th), The Doctor (9th), Toshiko Sato
Series: None
Published: 2010.03.25 - Updated: 2010.11.16 - Chapters: 69 - Completed: Yes - Word Count: 334140

The Pitter-Patter Of Tiny Converse by XxTARDISGirlxX [Reviews - 232]
‘Right, Rose,’ said the Doctor quickly, ‘from what I can gather, in around five seconds time, I’m gonna be about two feet high, with a snotty nose and a squeaky, whining voice. Don’t panic, just make sure you pick me up and run, alright?’ ~ The Doctor is turned into a two year old. As we've all come to expect, mayhem ensues!
Tenth Doctor - All Ages - Swearing - Drama, Fluff, General, Humor, Hurt/Comfort
Characters: Jack Harkness, Jackie Tyler, Mickey Smith, Rose Tyler, The Doctor (10th), The TARDIS, Torchwood
Series: His Love Will Conquer All
Published: 2009.06.29 - Updated: 2010.10.23 - Chapters: 21 - Completed: Yes - Word Count: 83880

To Dream a Life by wildwinterwitch [Reviews - 44]
John Smith is a teacher who dreams of a life travelling time and space with an elusive beautiful woman called Rose. He's content with the stories he writes, and he's falling in love with the school's Matron. Rose Tyler is a traveller who dreams of a life with the Last of the Time Lords, whom she happens to love. Rose finds a way back to him across the Void only to find the love of her life changed into John Smith, hiding from the Family who are after his blood.
Tenth Doctor - Adult - Explicit Sex - Alternate Universe, Angst, Het, Hurt/Comfort
Characters: Donna Noble, Joan Redfern, Rose Tyler, The Doctor (10th)
Series: None
Published: 2010.05.07 - Updated: 2010.08.13 - Chapters: 15 - Completed: Yes - Word Count: 53585

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