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Hello - My name is Blue Stone Shining Wolf
While not on any official certificate, it is not just a pseudonym. And while it is not a fan-based name, you can read any fan symbolism into it that you want to--I certainly do! You may shorten that however you want in addressing me, though I like it best when the "Wolf" part is in there.

I have been writing stories since I can remember. I favored original stories, but had a friend who loved to write about Star Trek and other shows. Years later when the Harry Potter books were coming out, I found out that fanfiction was a real thing done by many. Though I still write original stories, I have discovered that fanfiction is a rewarding hobby.

I adore Nine. He was my first and favorite Doctor and I wish we got to see more of him. (But I love Ten also, so I have to imagine ways that is possible without meddling with Ten's storylines.) Therefore I have three book-length stories in process about the Ninth Doctor that all compliment each other.

I also have a TenToo Story in the works.


Rule Number One
The Doctor Lies

No wait--wrong list! Let's try that again.

Rule Number One
The television series is what I consider canon. It is the basis of my fanfictions.

•I follow the television episodes even when I hate them. (Moffat, I am talking to you.) I use TARDIS Data Core as an added reference since I have not experienced Doctor Who in any other media form (yet). The wiki helps me smooth out canon plot holes. (Hello, Moffat!)
•Sci-fi adventure is my dominant genre with all other genres supporting that goal. This means danger, adventure, and ridiculous-yet-still-awesome monsters before romance. I love fanfictions that diverge from this, but that is not my particular aim.
•Any "shipping" follows the series. So if you hate Nine/Rose or Ten/Rose, I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. This pair was endorsed by show runners and even Eccleston himself. However, unrequited shipping might be explored.
•Any romantic plot development follows the TV show. This is up to interpretation, of course, but my premise is that we get to see the major milestones on screen. My scenes would be added events, development within the minds of the characters, and possibly some angst.
•I pick and choose from other media forms (novels, etc.) at my discretion. (I will say I am not a fan of looming and there is NO WAY in my mind that the Tardis makes the sound "Vworp.")
•Some fanon I accept, some I reject. I have my own ideas on Time Lord sleep, for example.
•Bottom Line - you should be able to fit my stories within the known Whoniverse without too much mind-bending.

Rule Number Two
There are always exceptions to Rule Number One

•Alternate Universes are part of Doctor Who canon. (Hello again Moffat - used this one much?) This includes parallel universes (And hello to you, too, Davies.)
•All bets are off in alternate universes, but they all start from the cannon universe. Characters should stay true to who they are and be able to fit back in their proper places in the episodes - whether they ultimately do or not.
•Pete's World is a blank slate since the characters are stuck there, but they start where Davies left them. This includes the chunk of Tardis he says counts. I mostly follow the head canon as laid out by Who-ligan as my basis. This is also where there will be more gratuitous fluff.
•Challenges, drabble, etc. may be more fluff-based or AU

Rule Number Three
Maturity Ratings are based on the TV Show

•Most story content should be K, but might be marked "Teen" just to be safe. My version of teen is likely more mild than what is allowed.
•Captain Jack will continue to flirt, date, and "dance," but unless I write a Torchwood story, we will not see his "dancing." (And even in a Torchwood story I would tone it WAY down.)
•Any same-sex pairings are based on the show, not random fan ideas.

Rule Number Four
I am an American, therefore I write using American grammar, wording, and spelling. (Usually.) Vocabulary will vary.

•I research British culture and history thoroughly before writing, but I will undoubtedly get some things wrong. Still, I try my best.
•I am an anglophile and have absorbed a lot of British word usage without trying to. So some words will naturally be more British than American.
•British words used in narration will be those that are fairly well known or deciphered by Americans ( Ex: flat, lift, trainers, chemist, football, etc.)
•American vocabulary will be used in narration if the British term is more obscure. If I use a more obscure British word, I will explain it.
•Some words just look better to me spelled the British way and I do so even when Doctor Who is not involved. (Theatre, parlour, and grey are some of the ones I spell "wrong.") I try to be as authentic in dialogue as possible.
•I have reference material and websites I go to for this.

Rule Number Five
All my Whoniverse stories will fit within the same personal fiction universe unless otherwise stated, and the stories will likely reference each other (without spoilers).

I am trying to come up with a catch-all title for my personal Whoniverse and would love suggestions. PM me with ideas. :)

Rule Number Six
I can break any rule I want at any time I want. "Good men[/women] don't need rules!"

I hope you enjoy my stories. I enjoy writing them for you. I love reviews and will always try to respond back and read some of your stories as well. Ta-ra!
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