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I just graduated high school! Hopefully this means I\'ll have more time to write this summer.

I am still working on Another Chance. I also hope to focus on Run For Your Life after I finish Another Chance. I also have a superhero story I\'m working on that may or may not be posted.
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Bacchanalia by Kelkat9 [Reviews - 43]
It is Lady Rose Tyler's first Bacchanalia Festival, a night of excess, wine and partying. Although she had heard wild stories about the posh masquerade Bacchanalia parties and expected it to be a night filled with amazing sights, sounds and possibly wandering hands, she didn't expect to find a dark and mysterious stranger who would challenge her in exciting ways. She didn't expect such a chance encounter to elicit such strong feelings and make her question the the tidy future her family had planned for her.
Tenth Doctor - Adult - Explicit Sex, Swearing - Alternate Universe, Angst, Drama, Humor, Romance
Characters: Jack Harkness, Rose Tyler, The Doctor (10th)
Series: None
Published: 2014.04.21 - Updated: 2014.05.13 - Chapters: 5 - Completed: Yes - Word Count: 32750

Choosing Realities by ashlanielle [Reviews - 289]
Ian Smith is a broken man, consumed by guilt and refusing to allow anyone close to him. But a brief meeting with a beautiful stranger, Rose Tyler, changes his life in ways he never conceived possible. As the lines between realities blur, Ian's forced to examine everything--what was, what is, and what could be.
Tenth Doctor - Teen - None - Alternate Universe, Angst, Drama, Het, Humor, Hurt/Comfort, Romance
Characters: Donna Noble, Harriet Jones, Jack Harkness, Jackie Tyler, Jake Simmonds, Martha Jones, Mickey Smith, Other Character(s), Pete Tyler, Rose Tyler, Sally Sparrow, Sarah Jane Smith, The Doctor (10th), Wilfred Mott
Series: None
Published: 2013.10.11 - Updated: 2014.10.26 - Chapters: 28 - Completed: Yes - Word Count: 135574

The Green Fields of France by FarDareisMai [Reviews - 73]
WWI AU featuring the Ninth Doctor and Rose Tyler. The boys called her Angel because she always seemed to be there, golden and glorious, when they needed her the most. She signed her letters home as Rose Tyler. Title from an old Irish song.
Ninth Doctor - Adult - Explicit Sex - Action/Adventure, Alternate Universe, Character Study
Characters: Rose Tyler, The Doctor (9th)
Series: Thorns Have Roses
Published: 2014.05.23 - Updated: 2015.06.14 - Chapters: 12 - Completed: Yes - Word Count: 23250

The Raven and the Rose by Laurie Spitzer [Reviews - 220]
Rose Tyler is an indentured bar wench in 1800 Scotland, when she is saved from a beating by a dashing masked rogue called the Raven. He carries her away to his home, where she meets his brother, Jonathan McCrimmon, doctor and Laird. Both brothers seem equally interested in her, but who will she pick: sweet, kind Jon or the swaggering, cheeky Raven? An AU gothic romance...or is it?
Tenth Doctor - Adult - Explicit Sex, Explicit Violence, Swearing - Action/Adventure, Alternate Universe, Angst, Hurt/Comfort, Mystery
Characters: Jack Harkness, Jake Simmonds, Mickey Smith, Rose Tyler, Sarah Jane Smith, Wilfred Mott
Series: To Sleep, Perchance to Dream
Published: 2014.05.22 - Updated: 2014.06.15 - Chapters: 13 - Completed: Yes - Word Count: 44073

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