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3rd January, 2013. OMG people I wrote something. It\'s been way too long. Anyway Happy New Year to everyone and thank you for continuing to stay with me despite m abscence. xxx

Edit: 25th March, 2012. Hi all. Unfortunately due to commitments in real life my writing is on hiatus for an indefinite time.

NOW ABOUT ME: Married & mum to two boys 6 & 3. We live in sunny Brisbane, Qld, Australia and love it. Really only became a fan of Doctor Who with the new series and fell in love with the show. I coud not choose between Christopher or David so either would be welcome in my bedroom. Hm guess I should check with hubby first though ha ha. After being inspired by all the wonderful authors of fan fic sites I finally put pen to paper and started creating a few of my own. I believe in happy endings so be warned when reading my stories and they usually have nothing to do with canon but its more fun that way. My story plots range from all ages through to very adult. I love Doctor/Rose smut but equally enjoy a good adventure and definitely love anythign with fantastic humour. My stories are usually posted at my live journal account first then at Teaspoon and the over at Fanfic. I do apologise for the sometimes long intervals between posting chapters of longer stories. With two young children my spare time is minimal but I do my best. It\'s no secret that Nine is my favourite Doctor. Together he and Rose are damn sexy but the Tenth Doctor and Ten2 also stole my heart. As long as Rose has any of these three versions of the Doctor then I\'m happy. I cried when Christopher Eccleston left the show and damn near howled when David Tennant left but the show must go on and I find Matt Smiths Doctor very charming but I can\'t see me shipping him in anyway although writing adventure with the Eleventh Doctor may not be out of the question.

I\'ve never had an obsession quite like this and I hope it continues for a few years to come. Thanks to everyone who takes the time to read my stories and extra thanks to those who leave me reviews. While I don\'t expect everyone to write one the ones I do get inspire and help me to be a better writer so I appreciate them very much.

Best wishes to all my readers new and old.

1st Jan, 2011 - Happy New Year all - Oh Ten we miss you so much. Miss all of RTD\'s characters including Nine, Rose, Jackie, Mickey, Jack and so many more.
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