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16/07/17 OMG = am very excited for the new Doctor...

I am extremely grateful to the people who take the time to read and review anything that I submit. In return, I will ALWAYS respond to any given review... it seems, at the very least, only polite to me. If you have bothered... so should I.

Doctors in my order of preference:

Twelfth ( only since 2017 series )

Now, I didn't say what the preference was... did I?

I don't include Ten2, War Doctor or Peter Cushing's incarnation. Just cos I don't have to...

The 3rd Doctor was my first, but the 9th made me fall in love.


Rose ( does it need saying? )
Captain Jack... I mean, it's CAPTAIN JACK!!!
Donna ( didn't like the idea of Catherine Tate, but Donna... )
Bill ( shocker... but she has an essence of 1st series Rose )
Amy & Rory... cos they are just lovely... especially Stupidface
Martha... had a bad start ( through not fault of her own... RTD, I'm lookin' at you ), but finally found her way.

I have only included 'NewWho' cos I don't really remember the 'assistants' from before. Although, I did think that Ace was... well, ace! And of course, Sarah Jane Smith... there should always be a Smith in Who.

The Sea Devils scared the be-jesus out of me when I was a little kid. Steven Moffat has had pretty much the same effect, I feel that he really let Capaldi down with his first couple of series. This last one, even though we are only 3 episodes in, is an absolute joy & Bill has become a firm favourite.

Right, episodes next:

A Good Man Goes to War
Father's Day
Turn Left
The Christmas Invasion
Partners In Crime
Boom Town
The Eleventh Hour

I have stopped at 10, or else this will be the longest list.

I have been here for a while now, was prompted by Journey's End... needed more Rose and the Doctor. My lovely sister, frin tennant, is here too! It has been a place that has become a welcome haven from everything else.

I have a load of unfinished tales, and I have every intention of completing them. Although... 'intention' is rather a marvelous word!
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