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I am putting this up here for my 'fans' as I'm told I have them. (Raises right hand) I promise never to pull another fic (no matter how depressed I get) off Teaspoon and an Open mind or any of the fanfiction sites I post on. And yes one of my fans is my hubby. Happy? Huh? Huh?

Important thing to know: I just started watching Doctor Who again.

Favorite new pairing: Twelve/Tegan. Yep they would work.

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Favorite Pairing: Five/Tegan, and Turlough/Nyssa.

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I also like: Borusa, K'anpo Rimpoche, everyone at UNIT, the Castilian from Arc of Infinity and the Five Doctors.

Dislikes: I was never too keen on Peri, Sarah Jane or the Sixth Doctor (liked him as Maxil more). Blatant ignoring the transduction barrier fics or serials. Well outside of using the time scoop that is.

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