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I am 18 years old and I live in Surry, England. Currently I am in the lower 6th of a bording school near to where I live.
I have been a fan Of Doctor Who ever since I can remember although I don\'t think I ever saw an episode of it until the ninth Doctor came along. I know this sounds strange but I have a memory of being very small with a gree, cone-shaped washing basket over my head, armed with an emply kitchin paper roll, running round the house shouting \'EXTIRMINATE!!\', pretending to be a Darlek. If thats not being a fan, I don\'t know what is.

I love reviews and I will always reply. Good or bad feedback is welcome but flames will be used to feed my pet dragon. He\'s called Firestorm. :-D

12/3/07 - I\'ve kinda got writers block atm and am trying to compleate another story (not DW or TW unfortunally) And I have coursework deadlines comeing up so posts may be few and far between.

20/3/07 - I have nearly finished the next chapter for \'Fear\'. Please tell me what you think of it. Also it is the end of term in two days (yay!!) so I have more time for writing (yay again!!). So hopefully more updates coming soon.

18/5/07 - I\'m just starting my AS exams so I will have very little time to write ;-( I\'ll post some more updates when I can.

18/8/07 - My computer is broken so no updates for a while. It also means that I won\'t be able to read any of your amazing stories. ;-(

4/12/07 - Computer probablens finally fixed, but A-levels are making it really hard to write. Trying to finish all WIP\'s before starting new ones, but the plot bunnies are refusing to let me revise in peace. A Jack only story is partly written, but I don\'t know weither to post it or not.

18/6/08 - Woa, long time no post! My A-levels are nearly over, yay!! Only my 3 hour chemistry exam tomorow morning and then I\'m free to write all the fanfic that I can!! I\'m aiming to finish all my wip\'s (over 8 I think) by the end of summer so I can go to Uni with a free mind.
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