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*cue dramatic entrance*

Ah. Yes. Perfect. ^.^ (Sorry; I couldn't resist! Well, I probably could have...but why bother?)

Just some chick. Don't mind me. :) I'm nice.

Me: Thirty-something native California Girl with way too much time on my hands and loads of imagination.

My best friend is the lovely and exceptionally talented PhoenixDragon, who persuaded me to start writing Whofic. And twisted my arm until I agreed to start posting here, lol--that woman can talk me into anything, and has done so quite frequently! According to her, I "know just enough to be dangerous", which I interpret as meaning that I'm clever enough to get myself (and my characters) into a jam...but not necessarily clever enough to find a way out. ;-D

Also good friends with the fantastic Inkfire. Go read these girls, if you haven't already--they are absolutely brilliant! I've recced both of these beauties over on Calufrax, and for damn good reason!

My First Doctor: Fifth. (I stumbled across 'Terminus' late one night in 2000.)

Favorite Doctor: Eleventh. (This goes for Modern Era and in general.) He's what you'll see the most of here, though I've begun to branch out. For the longest time, I had a bit of a crush on Ten. Then, one day, I discovered to my surprise that Eleven had secretly stolen my heart away, and had no intention of returning it. Luckily for him, I'm not keen to argue the matter. ;-) (Besides, let's face facts: Matt Smith is hot!)

Favorite Classic Era Doctor: Second. Fifth comes very close behind.

Favorite Companion: None. I can't decide! But you'll see mostly Clara here; I find her very easy to write.

Favorite Episodes: 'Nightmare in Silver', 'The Doctor's Wife', 'The Unicorn and the Wasp', 'Mummy on the Orient Express', 'The Day of the Doctor', 'Castrovalva', 'The Five Doctors', 'The Keeper of Traken'.

Favorite Villain: Mr. Clever. (I did mention Matt being hot, right? Well, he's even hotter playing Evil!) I'm also fond of the Master. Ainley's my absolute favorite. I wonder if I enjoy writing the Master anywhere near as much as he enjoyed playing him? Because writing this character brings me a joy that ought to be illegal!

Seriously, what's not to love?! I love every version I've seen so far...but Ainley wins!

Canon Ships: Eleven/River. Ten/Rose. Amy/Rory.

Non-Canon Ships: Mr. Clever/Clara. DarkEleven/Clara. *grins sheepishly*

Okay, remember how I said slash wasn't a Thing with me? Yyyyeeaahhh...apparently, that's changed. PhoenixDragon can be very...persuasive. So I am officially owning up to shipping Doctor/Master now. Specifically, Eleventh/Ainley (don't ask me why; it just works--I probably just love the impossibility of it; the fact that we will never see it happen makes it all the more intriguing). So I will write for them--but only PhoenixDragon and Inkfire can request it of me, or else I'll write it if the mood strikes. I'm still adjusting to being into this ship, as it is a new one for me.

I will probably also eventually persuade myself into Twelve/Missy, just because I'm infinitely more used to writing het.

I now--also due to PhoenixDragon's influence--ship Eleven/Rory.

Favorite Fanfic Genres: At this rate, evidently Darkfic.

I will happily take requests, particularly with regard to anything meme-based. Leave a request in the comments; if it complies with what I am willing to write, then it will be done. I do have limits, however...

What I WON'T Write (So Don't Ask): Sex (het, slash, or femslash); it just makes me uncomfortable. The most I will do is strongly hint that it's going on behind the scenes. Fix-its. Crossovers. Human AUs. Crackfic. Anything featuring character-bashing (which I consider immature; if you dislike a character, then just don't write them). Clara/Danny--or, indeed, anything featuring Danny. (See what I mean about disliking characters? Don't like? Don't write. It's that simple.)

I have been passionate about history and the sciences (astronomy in particular) since I was a little girl. So any story to feature one, the other, or both will be as accurate as I can make it. My love for this show and for writing/reading stories based on it has taught me the value--and even the fun--of research. I do not claim to be an expert, but you can bet that I'll do my best to be correct and accurate with regard to scientific principles or historical eras.

Most of what I've seen is Modern Era, but be patient. I'm slowly working on Classic, at long last. And adoring it!

Favorites and Reviews are like chocolate chip cookies to me...I can't get enough!

Enjoy my writing; I look forward to reading yours.

Warning: I have received two separate requests to place my stories on websites and translated into Russian. I do not want this done! Please do not request it, either in comments or in private messages; my answer will always be NO.

These requests are scaring me deeply. I feel as though I'm being threatened. I do not appreciate this.

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You are in my heart
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