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Whovian, Gamer Girl, Queen of the Dork Age, and hopeless romantic with a bit of kink. What's not to love?

Oh yeeea...I am also the Creator and active member of the Facebook group "The FanFic Corner". I created it to give us writers/enjoyers of FanFic from EVERY fan base a place to come together without being put on a leash. NO JUDGING ALLOWED though constructive criticism is always appreciated. Website listed above :)


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Current Events:

- Miss Sophia Smith has won The FanFic Corner's September Prompt of the Month contest with her submission, Within the Shadows of His Heart. PLEASE join the group to get details on how to enter our regular writing contests.

-- The Holiday Prompt of the Season contest details have been posted on the TFC's community page found here: www.facebook.com/TheFanFicCorner

--- I have posted a new chapter to Turn of the Universe but I won't be regularly posting to it. I have a few other projects going on that require my attention PLUS the next 2 main chapters are critical that I get just right so I'm not going to rush them.

---- Some of the main writing projects I am working on are NOT allowed here at WhoFic. You can find those at Ao3 (Archive of Our Own).
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