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Hello everyone. I've been writing fan fiction for a long time and if you look at my older stuff you can really see the growth over the years. One of the things I love most about writing actively here is the feedback and dialogue that can help an author grow. Personally, I am a huge fan of story arcs and major plots that make you cheer at the end when everything fits perfectly together. You'll notice that I've written a lot of series because I love having a long time to explore the themes I select and having the characters grow.

I love Doctor Who for the brilliant mix of ideas it contains the long history of great characters and plots that I have to play around with as a fanfiction writer. As a child I watched classic who, but never connected very strongly with most of the characters.While I liked many of the ideas present in the show and I was a kid that loved campy science fiction shows, I didn't understand a lot of what was actually going on. As an adult I have been able to revisit episodes in the proper order which has helped me understand what was actually happening. I also adore the new series for focusing so much on the character of the Doctor and letting him have more dimension. Plus the support that BBC gives Doctor Who now has resulted in amazing stories and top of the line special effects which as a viewer of classic who I am grateful for.

I confess that while I did not want to become attached to a romance in Doctor Who I was sucked into Doctor/Rose and I will go down with that ship, 'I create myself' cemented it for me forever. To me Rose is a great character as she was brilliant, witty, selfish and made mistakes, but learned from them. I love characters that I can respect despite their flaws. It took me a long time to warm up to Martha because despite her intelligence she was pushing for a relationship that she couldn't have and was running from problems in her home life. After she moved on I really started to like her as a person who had rediscovered her own purpose. Donna was brilliant and I don't really think I need to say anything more about it. While I enjoy writing fluffy pieces, my passion is planning out long epic pieces so you'll see quite a few of those here. The new companions easily rank with my favorite classic companions of Sarah Jane Smith and Ace.

I enjoy the work of both R.T. Davies and Moffat on Doctor Who, both of them have produced some amazing stories and twists to add to the Doctor Who canon. Daives ability to link the Time War to events in Classic Who from Genesis of the Daleks and Remberance of the Daleks earned a lot of respect from me. Moffat's ability to turn the ordinary into something scary and amazing gave us some great episodes. That being said, I acknowledge that Davies tended to create formula series that ended with the Doctor or a companion gaining powers to make the problem go away which got a bit old. However, Moffat's ability to write great episodes has not translated well to story arcs resulting in plot holes that drive me insane and a convoluted plot to make me bang my head against the wall. Needless to say I strongly disliked the latest series because the Silence's plan made no sense when it was looked at critically. There were a lot of problems and plot holes that prevented me from taking it seriously.

I adore the Eleventh Doctor and Matt Smith does a great job with the material he has been given. I like the character of River Song and Alex Kingston is amazing for her ability to juggle the random characterization that keep being thrown at her. I hate the romantic relationship Moffat tried to build, the chemistry is off and feels forced, not to mention that Moffat himself has said that the Doctor always has feelings for Rose. River just doesn't feel like a good romantic match for the Doctor and her interest feels more like obsession. I can't help but want to introduce her to Jack because that I can see working and their flirting would be epic! Seriously imagine those two trigger happy flirts working together! Let's put River Song on Torchwood and see what happens.

My major project is The Guardians of the Universe series which follows the creation of an alternate reality rather than just dropping into it which is a bit different for Doctor Who fan fiction. This series is focused on Rose as she is the epicenter of the changes made to the time line and the being causing this change are the Black and White Guardians from classic who. I am currently working on the second story, but many more are planned and they will continue to pull in classic who elements.

My livejournal account is http://lumendea.livejournal.com/. There I have also started a commentary for the Guardians of the Universe series that you are welcome to look at and ask questions through. http://lumendea.livejournal.com/tag/guardians%20of%20the%20universe%20commentary
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