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ErtheChilde is a hobby writer and high school history teacher based in Quebec, Canada. An avid reader since childhood, she discovered fanfiction in the summer of 2001 and started writing under the pseudonym KuriQuinn in January 2002. Since then, she has penned several works (most of which are incomplete due to her pursuit of post-secondary studies in Classics, History and Education). She is currently working on her first novel, an urban fantasy, when she isnít being distracted by her favorite Science Fiction and Fantasy Series.

For news about updates and other minutae, check out @erthechilde on Twitter.


2015-01-06 - WATW has all chapters up to Six posted. I will be away until January 15 and will probably be without internet, so in that case all updates planned for this week will be posted then in a mass update. If this is going to change, I'll let you know via twitter, as my phone has tethering.

2015-01-02 - WATW Chapter Two is up, gotta get back to writing the rest of it now!

2015-01-01 - Happy New Year everyone! This year my New Years Resolution was to write more and complete more of my stories - and I've challenged myself to trying to update everyday or as near to every day as possible. So, in that vein, I've just posted the first chapter of a new TSL Timestamp called Worth A Thousand Words. Hope you enjoy it!

2014-12-30 - As of today, The Shortest Life has been completely revamped and updated. This is the last major revision that I intend to do, as I really want to get along with the story. You may have noticed that the entire Velopssi arc has been taken out and turned into its own stand-alone timestamp. I just felt it deserved more than to be stuck into two measly chapters. Other arcs within TSL have been given some extra work, but for the most part everything is the same. As usual, I remind you all that I don't have a beta for TSL and I probably won't go looking for one until I've completed that particular fic. However, now that From This Day Forward is complete, I will be looking for someone to edit my spelling, grammar, descriptions, etc. Someone who can Brit-pick would be ideal. Regular updates will continue January 1, 2015.

Series Chronology:

The Shortest Life: Prologue to Chapter Three

DW Canon: Episode: Rose - Short Story: The Beast of Babylon - Episode: The End of the World

The Shortest Life: Chapter Four

DW Canon: Episode: The Unquiet Dead

TSL Timestamps: From This Day Forward [Full]

TSL Timestamps: Kindred Spirits [Full]

DW Canon: Short Story: Doctor vs Doctor - Comic: The Forgotten - Episode: Aliens of London - Episode: World War Three

The Shortest Life: Chapter Five to Chapter Six

TSL Timestamps: Worth A Thousand Words [Full]

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