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ErtheChilde is a hobby writer and high school history teacher based in Quebec, Canada. An avid reader since childhood, she discovered fanfiction in the summer of 2001 and started writing under the pseudonym KuriQuinn in January 2002. Since then, she has penned several works (most of which are incomplete due to her pursuit of post-secondary studies in Classics, History and Education). She is currently working on her first novel, an urban fantasy, when she isnít being distracted by her favorite Science Fiction and Fantasy Series. Which happens pretty much on a daily basis lately.

For news about updates and other minutae, check out @erthechilde on Twitter. Or if you just want to chat with me about random crap, I\'m in the midst of getting my tumblr and pinterest set up, so feel free to follow me there if you feel like it.

For the full TSL Chronology, check out my lj page: http://erthechilde.livejournal.com/21870.html (PS: I\'m in the middle of updating all the links on there, so at the moment it\'s basically just the chronology. Eventually all links will lead to the proper chapters though ;).

Nov 1 2015 Update: Hey guys! So sorry for the lack of updates lately. Just about the time I started getting my shit together to have regular updates, I also got called back for a job. Result being, I now actually make money which is great but I have like ZERO time to write or update. It takes at least an hour for me to edit/format/update my stories before I post, and I've literally been doing nothing but work related stuff since the beginning of October now. For those of you who don't know, I am a teacher, and I cater to kids with learning disabilities...which means that a job that usually means 2-3 hours of work for just 1 hour of classroom time is at least another hour because of all the adaptations/modifications I have to do. So if I teach just 5 hours a week, that's 20 hours of prep. This is on top of tutoring, supervision, communicating with parents, dealing with student problems, fellow teachers, administrators, after school events, seminars, shopping for supplies, crappy transit in my city, daily errands, etc. Oh, and Report Cards are coming up soon, so that's more stuff that needs doing. By the time I get home every day, my brain is fried and I have very little patience for writing, despite the fact I've been positively brimming with ideas. I'm actually getting stroppy with people because I haven't had time to write, and so I really hope I can get back to things as soon as possible. Sadly, this won't happen until I have a reserve of lessons planned in advance, which is what I've been slaving over the past months. I bet you guys can guess how successful I've been...I really, really, REALLY hope I can get back to updates soon, because this constant working on boring crap is driving me mental and I feel bad not giving you guys more to read. So, bear with me and I'm sorry for yet anotehr hiatus, but there is a reason for it and I am working on getting back into the swing of things. Even if I don't get everything done that I wanted to have done by the end of the year, I really hope to finish at least SOME of the fics I've started. Thanks for reading/following, EC
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