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I used to write (admittedly very bad) fanfic for choice book series as a preteen. I gave it up for awhile until I was inspired to start writing fanfic again for, of all things, the newest My Little Pony cartoon. After getting involved with the Doctor Who fandom through tumblr, I started writing some of that, too. I mostly just write oneshots, but maybe I\'ll try a multi-chapter story sometime soon.

Nine is my favorite Doctor (though Four is a very close second) and Donna Noble is my favorite companion. What can I say? I like sass.

The extent to which I consider seasons 6 and 7 canon varies, along with the extent to which I consider the Eighth Doctor\'s movie canon. Generally I go with the idea that all of the characters introduced therein exist, but all the shitty bits just didn\'t happen. Also, Voyage of the Damned. Never happened.

I ship the Doctor and Rose like crazy. I also appreciate Doctor/Romana and River/Clara to a large extent... but let me be honest here. If I\'m reading and/or writing fanfic, there\'s like a 99.9999% chance it\'s Doctor/Rose.

Genre-wise, I find I\'m most comfortable in my ability to write fluff or humor, so that\'s what I write a lot of, though I try to spread out to other genres too sometimes. Ironically, I find I probably most enjoy reading angst or hurt/comfort fics. I don\'t know why. Sad is happy for deep people, I guess.
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