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Hello to all. I know this profile's a bit bare in the story department, but I do intend to fill it with lots of goodies in the future. I write in my spare time and prefer to work on one story at a time. I have ideas for several, trust me, but lets not get carried away!

At the moment, I've completed my first fic Twist of Time. This 'verse will have at least two more parts to it at some point, so don't forget to add me to your favorites for updates. However, I have another 'verse that I'm currently working on so it may be a while before those sequels pop up.

My current beta is the lovely ten_dr_rose. We're not perfect and will miss mistakes, but we'll do our best to make each chapter an easy read. Be sure to check out her stories too. They're short but very sweet and I'm sure you'll enjoy her work. Don't forget to leave her a review!

Little about me: I'm not from the UK. I was born and raised in the USA and live in the South on the Emerald Coast; you know, the white sands, crystal blue warm waters, blistering sun, and lots of rain? Did I mention the rain? No? LOTS of rain, just to be clear. I live the boring life of eating, working, and sleeping, while I tend to my flock of assorted animals. Writing happens on the weekends ;) I hate watching TV and movies in general; Doctor Who is an exception to that... I could watch DW all day, every day.

I will always ship (any) Doctor/Rose in my stories, so count on that. I do not have a favorite Doctor, I love them all, but I do have favorite companions. Rose, Jack Harkness, and Susan are the top three favorites. I am also fond of Donna and Amy. It'll be a while before I warm up to the newest companion, Clara...we'll see!

Story Plans:

Twist of Time - Complete!

Never Forget - One-shot - Complete!

Fire Burning - New 'verse in line for production: STARTED! ;)


To those who've kept up with Twist of Time, you'll know about the ordeal with my kitties as we've struggled with a few unfortunate illnesses and even death. It's been hard, but we're pulling through and I'll never stop loving, saving, and caring for them as long as they need me. I finally put together a little something to show them off. These pics were taken after we spent hours and hours nursing everyone back to health. Some came from shelters and some were ferals pulled off the street. And some...let's just say that humans make me so sick at heart to torment a helpless kitten like they did. A few were worse off than others, but these are the survivors who have prevailed. And we've adopted them.

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