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Hello! I\'ve been a Doctor Who fan for a lot longer than I can remember - I used to watch the classics with my Dad when I was little - but only started watching the newer series\' this past December. I dove right into it, though technically I started with Tennant\'s era and then went back to Eccleston. Egged on by my good friend Rebecca (An avid Eleven fan), I got over Ten\'s regeneration and watched Eleven.

Before you say anything, I AM a Ten/Rose shipper, as well as a moderate Nine/Rose fan. I loved their friendship/sexual tension/relationship, whatever you\'d like to call it. I\'ve come to the conclusion that I just loved to see Ten happy, and of anything or anyone, Rose was able to do it. She was his salvation after the Time War. >.> Anyway, that\'s how I see it.

Favourites, in accordance with Doctor Who:

Character: Jack Harkness
New Doctor: Ten
Classic Doctor: Five
Overall Doctor: Ten
Male Companion: Jack Harkness
Female Companion: Donna Noble
Villain/Monster: The Master
Series: (New) Four
Episode(s): \"The Empty Child\"/\"The Doctor Dances\"
Quote: \"Everybody lives, Rose! Just this once, everybody lives!\"
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