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thebunnyinthetardis is relatively new to DW fiction, but not new to writing (though, prior to starting \"Harmony\" in 2011, I hadn\'t written anything in many years). I... should be working on things that I might actually get paid for, but this has been entirely too much fun. So... I\'m writing Whofic on the sly. Shhhhhhh. :) And yes, there will be more. If people want to read more, that is.

A few possible points of interest:

\"Harmony\" began as an exercise in creativity in 2011, a way to break away from many years of having not written much of anything at all. Life had gotten complicated and I\'d lost so much, including part of my identity. That part that was the writer. That part that was, in essence, who I really was. Perhaps that was the lure. The main character in \"Harmony\" fascinated me and his world was rich and, as yet, untapped. After months of mulling it all around, I finally began to write again. After 50 pages of handwritten narrative and notes, I was ready to pull out my laptop. No looking back. No regrets. No matter that it was a closed market. I was determined to make this the best thing I had ever written, I boldly introduced a great deal of original material while preserving and enhancing canon, and I was never, ever, going to stop writing again.

My sincere thanks to The Boys in the Gallifrey Basement, most especially Al Dickerson and Nic Ford, for biscuits and tea and the encouragement to finish what I had started and for painstakingly creating \"Harmony\'s\" host site and putting up with me during its assembly. And for \"my boy,\" Paul, who believed in me even when I didn\'t.

Most of all, though, I want to say thank you to \"Uncle Rusty,\" who may never know, but without whose Tale I might not have taken up my pen to write again--and that would have been very sad indeed. I initially wrote it for myself, but in the end, \"Harmony\" really is for you.

\"Winter\'s Kiss\" ties into \"Harmony,\" taking place about 24 hours before. To answer a question I have gotten a number of times, yes, I am planning to expand it. Rose\'s story needs to be told. For now it stands alone but provides the bones for the first chapter of a second novella about these characters. I hope to finish it in 2013. To answer another question I\'ve gotten a number of times, yes, I may eventually expand \"Harmony.\" At any rate there are a few minor revisions I will be making to keep it canon compliant.

\"Dust\" originally appeared as part of The Companion Chronicles Prose Series on Gallifrey Base. It also appeared in the British Doctor Who fanzine, Inferno Fiction.

\"Fimbulvinter\" and \"Silencing the Beast\" originally appeared as part of The Companion Chronicles Prose Series II: Epistles of the Enemy. \"Fimbulvinter\" has also appeared in Inferno Fiction. \"Silencing the Beast,\" was a Daily Deviation on Deviant Art.

The Companion Chronicles Prose Series was inspired by the excellent work of Big Finish audios and was edited by the very capable Nic Ford, aka Shinyford on Gallifrey Base. Were it not for Nic and Al Dickerson (to whom I dedicated my surreal tale, \"Farm Song\"), I wouldn\'t still be writing DW fiction. Nor would I be having quite so much fun. Thanks, boys. :)

\"The Forsaken\" is part of Russell William\'s (aka Randomizer\'s) on-going Reversed Polarities series on Gallifrey Base for which I\'ve served as story editor. I have had the great pleasure of working with a handful of talented writers of various ages and in various stages of development. \"The Forsaken\" reads as a stand alone (the first of a three story arc) but is actually the sixth story in this multi-author series.

The premise behind Reversed Polarities centres on the concept that the Doctor did not have to wipe Donna\'s mind at the close of Journey\'s End. It conjectures that the complex space-time event which created the DoctorDonna and the meta-crisis part-human Doctor fractured the Tenth Doctor\'s Timeline. History was in flux around him, with grave ramifications for both past and future. Wiping Donna’s mind and taking her home was one option. but what if there had been another? What if he had hesitated a moment longer? And what if, in that crucial moment, the ebb and flow of history gave him another option: returning to Gallifrey. In one potential reality, the Last Great Time War did not end with the Doctor in possession of the Moment. Gallifrey is still in the heavens. In desperation, the Doctor chooses Door Number One, Donna\'s memories are spared, and their adventures continue.

But you can\'t mess with history and not have consequences. The Doctor knows this better than anyone, even if he isn\'t precisely sure which version of history is correct. Are any of them? Are all of them? Just how far back will these ripples in history go? And who will they touch?

In addition to writing \"The Forsaken,\" I collaborated with Randomizer on a story entitled \"A Month of Sundays.\"

As of late, I\'ve been revising old work, writing new fiction, and have begun to send it out to professionally paying markets. I\'m also an Assistant Editor for The Doctor Who Project and hope to offer them my services as a writer in the near future.
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