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- 02/06/2013 - Ok, so an absolutely amazing person contacted me out of the blue and said they could scan in a copy of 'Forbidden' that they had printed so I could have a copy to work with. Omg. The copy they sent was dated 2009. Does this mean that they had kept it since then? I'm shocked and humbled all at the same time. Especially since I consider my writing and grammar in that fic awful compared to what I can do now! Thank you so much, you know who you are. And good news, I have started a full re-write, nearly 4k done so far! So Forbidden IS coming back. Bigger and better than ever before. I first wrote it nearly 6 years ago, and a lot has happened to me in those 6 years. If any of my old readers are still out there, don't worry, I'm coming back and I mean it this time!

- 25/05/2013 - I also have an AO3 account now. http://archiveofourown.org/users/Holyfrell/pseuds/Holyfrell

Feel free to follow me on there if you also have an account :)

- 23/05/2013 - One year later to the day, and no I didn't plan this... kinda creeped out... but yeah, original plan failed as Uni got tough and my mum now has cancer. But I'm finding freedom in writing once more, so expect more soon. Unfortunately, 'Forbidden' and 'Together By Darkness' were only stored on one harddrive which has since broken. I'm looking into getting it fixed, but this may be the end for those fics. I don't want to abandon the Forbidden storyline though, so hopefully once I get my act together, you'll see it reappear online. And I may even make it into a series. :D

- 23/05/2012 - Ok, so a lot of things have happened in my life this past year including Hospital stuff and University. I'm now free from University until September so I'm going to try and start writing again. I've removed 'Forbidden' again because I'm still not happy with it. It WILL come back, but I'm going to start a 3rd re-write so it'll be a little while yet- but it will be much improved. Still Jack and the 10th Doctor, but much more detailed plot wise with everything we now know from Torchwood and Doctor Who.

- 19/05/2011 - Good news! My hand is healing great! Down to a splint now, and I've started physio on my thumb joint :) Should be getting back full movement within the next couple of months. Still got a load of blood test results to come back (I had to have more tests done XD). Aside from that, I think I'm getting the writing bug back! I'm going to attempt to continue my re-write of Forbidden within the next few days, so hopefully an update will appear soon!

- 30/04/2011 - Big apologies to all my readers, I've been out of action for the past couple of months. Had my surgery on my hand (it's currently in a cast with pins drilled into my bones so I'm typing one handedly haha) but it's all healing good. I also had some other health problems including some dodgy blood test results which I'm having to deal with at the moment (lots of hospital trips), hopefully I'll be back in action soon! Don't worry, I've not abandoned you all!

- 30/01/2011 - I have started the re-write of Forbidden, so the prologue and perhaps the first 3 chapters should start to appear in the next week :)

- 17/01/2011 - Turns out, I AM indeed having surgery on my hand to repair an unstable thumb joint, but that's not until March. It's been a very busy past few months for me so I've not had chance to write. But soon I'll have a window of free time in which I can update some of my fics. I've decided to focus on re-writing 'Forbidden' so that should soon re-appear onto this account, keep checking back if you're a fan of it!

- 02/07/2010 - Some of you may remember me from my account Torchwooddoctor on here which I wiped a little while ago. I originally intended to not come back to this site, but decided after a lot of thought that I'd come back. I have more free time coming up soon (unless of course my hand surgery goes ahead), so I should be re-uploading my old fics, re-written and extended! So watch for it ;)
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