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Hello - if you are viewing this page, its probably because I have left you a review or you just read one of my fics. I'm a US fan whose first Doctor was #4. Loved Doctor #4! I fell in love all over again when new Who was introduced. I am Doctor/Rose shipper but enjoy writing various DW characters. I write various ratings, Doctors and everything from AU to bits in between to Pete's World and some canon compliant stories.

There is another story on this site that the first few chapters appear to be a mirror image of one of my fics in my Dark!Ten Series. I do not know this author and this story has nothing to do with my series. It was weird to have people tell me about it and then read it. It looks like the writer took hers in a different direction after the first few chapters which is a relief. I'm happy when people write more Dark Ten/Dimension Hopping Rose. Seriously, go write! Be original, tell your story - I know tons of people who love that genre.

I really hate to have to say this but after this happening to me and another author, I kind of feel that I have to. I spent a lot of time creating the Dark!Ten verse; and I'm still adding stories to this verse so it feels a little funny when someone says, there's another story that sounds just like mine. I hope that makes sense. I really respect the authors on this site and we all share genres or tropes and that's a wonderful thing and certain things will be similar but words and plot points should be varied, creative and different. It's more fun to read different stories even if they have similar ideas and characters. So, here's hoping for lots of new authors and fun stories being posted.

Thanks for reading and I hope you have enjoyed my work.
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