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Harsh Resolutions by Lord Amagon [Reviews - 0] Printer Chapter or Story

1. Prologue by Lord Amagon [Reviews - 0] (1064 words)
This was originally a short called, Terror Calling. I decided to make this the prologue, as it might offend people, so people can just go to chapter 1 instead, where I have them enjoying themselves in New Orleans.

2. Chapter 1 by Lord Amagon [Reviews - 0] (1023 words)

3. Chapter 2 by Lord Amagon [Reviews - 0] (1303 words)
The character, Rive Starshine, makes her first appearance here, and will be in one more story in the near future! Also, we see more of this mysterious stranger. Next chapter: deja vu!

4. Chapter 3 by Lord Amagon [Reviews - 0] (1043 words)

5. Chapter 4 by Lord Amagon [Reviews - 0] (1230 words)

6. Epilogue by Lord Amagon [Reviews - 0] (612 words)
Originally, I was going to have Howard tell The Doctor he wanted to stay, but I figured The Doctor should separate himself completely, so Howard can try to live again. Of course, look what happens at the end!

This is the first time I introduce The Bounty Hunter back into my stories (with Double Jeopardy being the first time we see him and my character; maybe it will be seen and written one day, but it's not my story!).

Also, we find out what happened to you know who from Deadly Visions!

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