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Tenth Doctor
Greenhouse Effect by spastasmagoria [Reviews - 14] Printer Chapter or Story

1. Chapter 1 by spastasmagoria [Reviews - 4] (2510 words)

"No, wait! Hi! It's me, I just…" The Doctor ran a hand through his hair, letting out a nervous breath. "Rose… I did it."

2. Chapter 2 by spastasmagoria [Reviews - 1] (3165 words)
A branch from the top of the man’s skull whipped out and slapped the Doctor on the side of his head before the blink of an eye. It took longer for the Doctor to hit the ground than for the initial assault to take place. “So sorry for the inconvenience,” the attendant muttered, dragging the Doctor away. “So very, very sorry.”

3. Chapter 3 by spastasmagoria [Reviews - 2] (2821 words)
Slowly, discretely, the Doctor brought a hand up from the table upon which he lay to the side of his head, rubbing the tiny wound on his temple. That had been more than just a blow with a whip-like branch; it had some kind of poisonous barb attached, which had been torn away from his skin, probably why they’d no longer needed him unconscious. His dear attendant was not just a willow tree. He’d either been augmented, or had been born as some strange animal-plant hybrid.

4. Chapter 4 by spastasmagoria [Reviews - 1] (3180 words)

Oh yeah. Next birthday they were staying in. The Doctor was thinking movie, hot chocolate, and early to bed. No ruined cakes, no witch-hunts, no invasion forces of alien dandelions.

5. Chapter 5 by spastasmagoria [Reviews - 1] (2747 words)
Finding a few more footholds in the increasingly steep hillside, the Doctor nodded, not commenting on her use of the word ‘we,’ but wondering what it meant. Something had just shifted in their relationship, but, as usual, he’d be damned if he could figure it out.

6. Chapter 6 by spastasmagoria [Reviews - 2] (2831 words)
“There’s no such thing as destiny,” he told her, which was only a partial truth. “If it’s going to make me angry, just don’t do it. There. Now that we’ve got that settled.”

7. Chapter 7 by spastasmagoria [Reviews - 1] (2860 words)
One day, everything would go according to plan. That would be the day he used a regeneration on dying of shock and astonishment.

8. Chapter 8 by spastasmagoria [Reviews - 2] (2848 words)
What it came down to was two things; it was really hot, and the air wasn’t what you could call…breathable.

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