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Devourer of Souls by spastasmagoria [Reviews - 48] Printer Chapter or Story

1. Chapter 1 by spastasmagoria [Reviews - 7] (3094 words)
A second later he was knocked off of his feet, not by the apologetic tossing of the ship, but by the force of the feeling erupting in his chest and the pressure pushing outwards from the center of his mind.

2. Chapter 2 by spastasmagoria [Reviews - 6] (3249 words)
The universe was pushing on itself like an overfilled balloon, and if something wasn't done, it'd burst.

3. Chapter 3 by spastasmagoria [Reviews - 2] (2445 words)
Fantastic—and he meant that strictly in the most un-fantastic sense—they’d left clues, but they’d forgotten to leave an answer key.

4. Chapter 4 by spastasmagoria [Reviews - 3] (3172 words)
Different was sitting alone on the school yard and it was getting scans with doctors who always looked like they wanted to make a Y incision and dissect her right in the examining room. Still--the sitting alone on the playground thing was probably worse. Even the other kids who were alone wouldn’t talk to her.

5. Chapter 5 by spastasmagoria [Reviews - 3] (4102 words)
“Well… whoever he is… I hope he’s cute. And worth this whole not telling me anything bit. Because if the whole universe explodes because he looks like the Eiffel Tower, I’ll be very annoyed with you.”

6. Chapter 6 by spastasmagoria [Reviews - 2] (2406 words)
Time slowed as it passed through the air. It seemed like she’d lived three lifetimes before it hit the ground, another two before it went off.

7. Chapter 7 by spastasmagoria [Reviews - 3] (2102 words)
It wasn’t stealing, so much as borrowing. She probably wouldn’t put it back… but stealing was such a dirty word to use.

8. Chapter 8 by spastasmagoria [Reviews - 2] (2648 words)
But this girl… no, this girl was a stepping stone. First the girl, then the journey. Then the Doctor. It would make the Doctor last. Oh yes, it’d do that by using him to absorb the vortex.

9. Chapter 9 by spastasmagoria [Reviews - 1] (3043 words)

Rose cradled the girl’s face. “I want nothing more in the universe than to stay here with you. But we have to stop it. You know what it did.”

10. Chapter 10 by spastasmagoria [Reviews - 2] (2033 words)
Finding the door hinge, he popped opened the completely unlocked (really! Safety first, people!) door of the ship. “Rose…” Grinning and laughing manically, he flung open the door and stopped.

11. Chapter 11 by spastasmagoria [Reviews - 3] (2403 words)
The vortex ripped through him as it super-charged the relative-dimension pendant and disrupted the rotation of the energy mass.

12. Chapter 12 by spastasmagoria [Reviews - 14] (2967 words)
“You could have told me,” he told her gently. No anger… and at least for the moment… no regret. He just wanted her to know. She could have told him.

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