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Operatic Phantasms by Lord Amagon [Reviews - 0] Printer Chapter or Story

1. Prologue by Lord Amagon [Reviews - 0] (86 words)
I wanted to clear up the idea of why The Valeyard was still grieving over the death of a girl he once met. Here, The new version of The Valeyard has decided that if she was saved, he would also never become The Doctor!

2. Chapter 1 by Lord Amagon [Reviews - 0] (1077 words)
This story is set right after "Enter The Valeyard". It is to be a sorta kinda link between the disappearance of The Phantom, and the auction at the Opera House.

3. Chapter 2 by Lord Amagon [Reviews - 0] (672 words)

4. Chapter 3 by Lord Amagon [Reviews - 0] (661 words)
The Valeyard's ring (from Identity Crisis) has part of his essence, so it can ultimately control anyone!

5. Chapter 4 by Lord Amagon [Reviews - 0] (681 words)

6. Chapter 5 by Lord Amagon [Reviews - 0] (659 words)

7. Chapter 6 by Lord Amagon [Reviews - 0] (579 words)

8. Chapter 7 by Lord Amagon [Reviews - 0] (827 words)
Though it seems these stories may be too short, I'm getting the point across. After all, I'm not selling them, so....

9. Epilogue by Lord Amagon [Reviews - 0] (318 words)
Tied up a couple of loose ends.

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