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1. Rose by avoria [Reviews - 12] (3234 words)
Feedback would be very much appreciated, if you'd be kind enough to take the time. This is the first time I have done something like this, and it would be useful to know what's good and what's bad, so I can remember them for the later chapters. It's a little different from other things I'm writing right now, so what you think is doubly important. Thank you!

2. The End of the World by avoria [Reviews - 8] (4564 words)
Must have sat fiddling with this for a good long time getting it right.

3. The Unquiet Dead by avoria [Reviews - 3] (3091 words)
She's only been with him three days and already he's getting confused about how he feels. Gwyneth is dead, but maybe he can make up for it. In some abstract way. When you wish upon a star...

4. Aliens of London by avoria [Reviews - 2] (1646 words)
Yup, I even managed to put in a little piece here, despite it being a run-on two parter. Isn't it fun to see inside people's heads? :)

5. World War Three by avoria [Reviews - 4] (3172 words)
Analysing when they fall for each other is one of the hardest things I think I've ever done. I'm not even sure if I've cracked it right. Hmm...

6. Dalek by avoria [Reviews - 4] (2576 words)

7. The Long Game by avoria [Reviews - 3] (2638 words)
My least favourite episode turned into not a bad post episode fic. But we never did find out what happened to Adam...

8. Father's Day by avoria [Reviews - 2] (3859 words)
Well, it had to happen some time. Have you ever heard of a little place called Woman Wept...? Seemed to slot in here rather nicely - let's see what you all think. (FYI, for those of you looking for the-Doctor-snogs-Rose-on-weepy-planet fics, you might want to look elsewhere :-))

9. Interlude: Something You Once Said by avoria [Reviews - 2] (1101 words)
A little piece to slot in between "Father's Day" and "The Empy Child". It's a possibility. And sometimes, Nine's passing comments really aren't so passing...

10. The Empty Child by avoria [Reviews - 0] (1119 words)
Ok. So it took a while. A LONG while. I'm so very sorry :(

11. The Doctor Dances by avoria [Reviews - 2] (3790 words)
Hmm... I've never noticed how many of the titles start with 'The' before. Oh well, the episodes are just as good. I hope this does it justice.

12. Boom Town by avoria [Reviews - 2] (3741 words)
WARNING: This chapter has one excerpt of strong language. Just letting you know.

13. Interlude - Caution to the Wind by avoria [Reviews - 1] (1338 words)
The recording of an image we're all too familiar with...

14. Bad Wolf by avoria [Reviews - 0] (1296 words)
So, the penultimate to the last episode. Let's see how it shapes up... Comments would be love :)

15. The Parting of the Ways by avoria [Reviews - 5] (3690 words)
Well, here it is folks. The last of season one. I re-read this a few times and wondered if it was quite right, but there's really not much I could do to change it. And, seeing as I wrote it after watching POTW and reading through the transcripts (as well as the shooting scripts), I must have written it how I felt was the best way. So, without much further ado, here it is - and rest safe in the knowledge that I'll be back in a little while with excerpts from season 2 (which, may I add, has a slightly changed writing style in that it's less about the angst and more about what's actually going on). For now, however, here's what you've all been waiting for...

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