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Author's Notes:
Doctor Who belongs to the BBC. The mole, presumably, belongs to David Tennant. The Zanzabanians belong to Gonzo the Great and the Jim Henson Company and/or Disney. The rest of the insanity belongs entirely to me.

The Mole

The wood panel door of the Tardis flew open as Rose and the Doctor dashed inside at full tilt. It was immediately closed again with the very certain assumption that whatever was chasing them would want to get in. The out-of-breath pair slumped down against the door fanning their flushed faces.

“Well… that was… close,” exclaimed Rose between gasps.

“Nah,” denied the Doctor, “those warriors and their swords… were miles… away.”

Both proceeded to break down into giggles.

“So someplace new then?” asked the Doctor as the two managed to pull themselves up. “Somewhere preferably without multi-armed Zanzabanian short women and their exploding wigs of death.”

Rose raised her eyebrows. “Those were women? How could you tell?”

“Oh, I have my ways.” He leaned over the console preparing to set in some new coordinates. “It has to do with a certain…” Luckily, his explanation, which very well might have riled his female companion, was interrupted by an anxious exclamation from said companion.

“Doctor, you’re bleeding!”

Startled by Rose’s distressed tone, the Doctor immediately began patting himself down searching fruitlessly for the aforementioned blood.

“Your back,” explained Rose.

He pulled off his coat and sure enough there was a large slash through the upper part stained with his blood. “My coat!” He scowled. “I guess those women were a little closer than we thought.”

Rose rolled her eyes as she tried to get a good look at the cut on his back, which wasn’t easy as the Doctor waved his coat around. “Just throw it in that handy dandy washing/drying/repairing machine of yours.”

“Aw, but it’ll never quite be the same.”

“Live with it. Now come on.” Grabbing a hold of the Doctor’s arm, Rose proceeded to drag him deeper into the interior of the Tardis. “We’re going to the Medbay.”

Once in the ship’s small medical facility, Rose ordered him up on a bed while she searched through the equipment which was becoming more and more familiar to her. The Doctor removed his suit jacket and shirt gazing disdainfully at the identical slashes in them, but abstained from commenting when he saw the look on Rose’s face.

“The cut doesn’t look too deep, but it still needs disinfecting and sealing. We don’t want you bleeding all over the Tardis. Now sit still.”

“Yes, ma’am,” condescended the Doctor as he tried to stop his usual constant motion.

“Good boy.” Rose smirked. “And when we’re done you can have a lolly.”

The Doctor grinned as his companion moved around behind him to start her work. Rose, meanwhile, frowned as she got a good look at his back.

“You know you do have a mole,” she commented. “A whopping big one, right between your shoulder blades.”

Puzzled by the strange comment he had received instead of the stinging pain he’d been expecting, the Doctor tried to gaze over his shoulder at what Rose was doing. “Well, I told you, didn’t I?”

Rose pushed the Doctor’s head back round the other way. “It’s really big though. Don’t you think you should have it looked at?”

“Looked at?” Frowning, the Doctor tried to get a glance at his back again.

Undeterred, Rose turned the Doctor’s head round again. “It might be cancerous. Shireen’s Mum had one and she had to have it removed.”

“Remove my mole!” exclaimed the Doctor follow by “Ow!” as Rose finally started cleaning the cut.

She rolled her eyes at the Doctor’s tendency to ignore giant gapping wounds yet protest at a little sting. “You wouldn’t miss it. Besides,” she added as she finished disinfecting the wound, “it’s really ugly.”

“Ugly?!” protested the Doctor.

“Yeah.” Rose turned on the regenerator and began sweeping it back and forth over the opening in his skin watching it slowly close. “It’s all misshapen and I think there are hairs growing out of it.”

“Let me see.” Getting up, the Doctor dashed out of the room.

Sighing, Rose turned off the regenerator. The wound was almost closed anyway. If the Doctor wanted to suffer a little over the next couple of days, that was fine with her. Grabbing his forgotten shirt, she went after him. She found him in one of the many bathrooms trying to use a little handheld mirror to get a glimpse of his mole.

“It’s not ugly,” he insisted. “I think it’s quite distinguishing.”

“You still should have it removed. What if…”

“The chance of a Time Lord getting cancer is literally billions to one. And it’s not like the mole is going to become sentient, go evil and try to take over the Tardis, now is it?”

“With our luck, it just might.”

The Doctor gave her a look. “Moles are good. And they can come in very useful.”

Rose raised an eyebrow at him.

“Come on. I’ll show you.” And the Doctor once more dashed out of the room with Rose following. They ended up back in the console room and the time lord at once began inputting coordinates. Rose didn’t know whether to laugh or sigh at the strange sight of the Doctor manipulating the Tardis controls in his usual haphazard manner, but with a bare chest. She glanced at the shirt she still held in her hands. Not that he didn’t have a good looking chest mind you.

The time rotor soon stopped and the Doctor gestured to the door. “After you.”

Rose stepped uncertainly out the door only to be greeted by a large group of rather scruffy people in long robes who were yelling wordlessly and brandishing spears. “Ah,Doctor,” she stuttered as she backed into him. “I think I prefer the multi-armed warrior women.”

“Nothing to worry about. Watch this.” The Doctor opened his arms wide then proceeded to turn his back to the crowd. The yelling stopped as all at once the people fell to their knees and began genuflecting in his direction. A chant began, growing louder until Rose could clearly hear what they were saying.

“The mole! The mole!”

The Doctor smiled widely. “See. What did I tell you? Moles are good.”

The shirt landed right across his grinning features.

The End

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