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Tenth Doctor
Extract (Artificial Vanilla is Cheaper) by livii [Reviews - 15] Printer

He's nine hundred years old and she's so easy, so easy to break.

* * *

When he thinks of Reinette in the (days, weeks, months, no more, he tells himself) afterwards, he remembers Rose went and sat with her, and he twitches as he thinks of them together, both with their soft and hard edges, warm mouths.

They leave Mickey behind one afternoon and he takes her to the wardrobe room, where she dresses him in a tuxedo, and he puts her in the most convoluted contraption he can find, all corsets and billowy skirts and brocade. By the time he finishes she's undone his bowtie and he couldn't get at her for sex even if he wanted to.

He puts her up on one of the ledges and climbs under her skirts, and licks her while she squeals and kicks her legs about in a most unladylike fashion. He hates it and loves it at the same time. He writes Reinette's name inside her with his tongue and she comes before he can get in the first 't'.

When they're at the Tylers' house and he's in a tuxedo once again, she wiggles her tongue at him from across the room and he almost drops his tray as he realizes what she's spelling out. She smiles, her face open, and he knows she thinks it's all a game.

* * *

Sometimes she surprises him. For all his experience he can be painfully naive, flailing about in human emotions that don't fit, cursing this tiny planet and the complications and rituals that he can't (doesn't want to) understand.

"Wear his coat," she commands, and on the tip of his tongue are a thousand explanations about how it's his coat too, but her lips are wet and she's touching him and he can't see what harm it will do.

He fucks her hard, and she closes her eyes and only comes when he calls her fantastic.

* * *

"Blow something up," he whispers, putting the explosives in her hand.

She's streaked with dirt and her hair's slightly singed, but she emerges triumphant. He pushes her down on her knees right there in the dirt, bits of metal and unidentified organic material everywhere, and he takes her from behind, pulling her hair back with one hand while the other twists her breasts restlessly.

He flips her over to finish up, and she's looking at him with hopeful eyes and he thinks gone, gone, gone.

* * *

One time she emerges from the wardrobe room wearing a very familiar hat, fussing over how to get it to stay on her head, and he ends up fucking her right against the wall, hitching her legs up around his waist as he slides into her. She starts talking, and the impression is ruined, so he takes off his tie and gags her gently, whispering "quiet, quiet" and puts a hand over her eyes. She squirms and sighs but doesn't speak, and they both come so hard that they're shaking.

He helps her pin the hat on properly afterwards, but she says it makes her head itchy and ends up leaving it behind on an alien planet.

* * *

On the very worst days, nothing else works but having her suck his cock, preferably on her knees in the console room, the grating cutting into her skin, her hair trailing over his thighs as she works, and he can't see her face.

This has happened more times than he'd like to admit.

* * *

On the very best days, he takes her to green fields on planets with four suns, all blazing away merrily, and they experiment for hours, trying tricks he's learned of or heard of in worlds unnameable and she wiggles and mews appreciatively, a most willing student.

This has only ever happened once.

* * *

On the in-between days (statistically the highest number by far) he doesn't think about sex at all, and after a while, she doesn't either. It turns into a comfortable détente.

* * *

"Pretend you're Mickey", she says afterwards, and he starts shouting, until she hits him.

He throws her down on the bed and rips off her skirt, pushing himself inside her without any care for whether she's ready for it. She cries out, she's surprised and worried, but he continues on, pinning her with his arms and his hips as he says "like this, like this, like this?"

He can't come and he pulls out of her quickly, rolling onto his side next to her. She's crying, a little bit. He kisses her, her mouth, her face, her breasts, and then carefully coaxes an orgasm out of her, with gentle fingers and an insistent tongue.

"I don't know how to pretend," he says, by way of apology.

"It's all you ever do," she says, and gets up and leaves, taking her dignity with her.

He locks himself in the Cloister Room for three days after that, and when he comes out he's kind and considerate and doting, but they can't look each other in the eye.

* * *

She leaves him one day, as they all do, eventually, and she kisses him goodbye right there on her mother's doorstep, Jackie wailing away in the background.

She tells him she loved him very much, and he smiles broadly.

He walks back to the TARDIS, turning his collar up against the cold, and knows that when he falls again, he'll want her to try out Rose's accent and never really, truly, give in.
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