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Tenth Doctor
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Author's Notes:
Ah the good old Disclaimer. So. Basically, I don’t own a thing. Not the Doctor, not the TARDIS…and certainly not Mickey and Jake. Nope. Not mine. Not at all. Set Post The Age Of Steel, and implies slight Jake/Ricky, but only if you look at it that way.

Tin Dog

He’d wanted to stay. Now and then he asks himself why, but always he comes up with a blank. To Mickey a whole new universe seemed far more precious to him than his own, more precious than travelling the stars as the `tin dog` in an old blue police box. Because that’s what he was, wasn’t it? To the Doctor anyway. A Tin dog. The human version of K-9, though unlike the old retro companion of the Doctor he really wasn’t welcomed at all.

So the question is, why did he choose to stay here? To stay in an odd parallel universe perhaps wasn’t the best decision to make after all that had happened. But, was it the fact that his Gran was still alive? Was it the guilt of Ricky dying right in front of his eyes? Or was it the allure of being a whole new Mickey…not a tin dog or unwanted companion…

Jake hasn’t said much since the TARDIS left, other than expressing his wonderment in the only way the boy knew how. Mickey knows what it’s like to see that, saw it a few times in the past, each with a different Doctor…one with hearts of steel (as he has two after all) and the other…the newer…who evidently wears his heart on his sleeve. If the encounter with Reinette was anything to go by.

He’d had his fun, hadn’t he? He’d had his little adventure on the 51st century space station, just a window or door away from Madam De Pompadour herself. It’d been fun whilst it lasted, but it hadn’t taken Mickey long to discover what his place was in the TARDIS. Not the Doctors companion. Mickey was Rose’s companion, and it appeared from the beginning that he wasn’t a welcome one.

Well excuse him for not being a Time Lord. Yeesh.

“So…Paris it is then.” Jake murmurs, before he turns to Mickey with a faint smirk on his lips. It’s odd how Jake’s taken to him really, since Ricky was dead…but perhaps the ordeal on the zeppelin had proven Mickey’s worth. Mickey nods, exhales deeply, and quite suddenly doesn’t know what to do. Rose was his world, until she traded him in for a snarky Doctor with two hearts and the universe on his shoulders. But ah well. All this contemplation…takes no longer than a few seconds…and he’s ready. “Paris.” He nods in agreement, before buckling himself up in the blue van, momentarily looking back on the short few days in which everything had so suddenly changed forever.

The silence in the van is deafening, before Mickey feels that it’s about to make his ears burst. “Look…Jake…I’m sorry about Ricky…” And that’s only how far he manages to get before Jake shakes his head, the wry smirk on his lips pained. Again there is silence.

“Ricky… Ricky died doing what he did best…does best…whatever.” The words can’t seem to get out and Jake shakes his head again. Ricky was gone, but Mickey is here, and he’s not so much of an idiot than what Jake originally thought. In an odd way they were opposites, Ricky being the muscles…and Mickey being the brains.

“You’ve got balls, I’ll grant ya that.” The chuckle is slight, turning the key in the ignition even though the van itself doesn’t yet begin to move. “Besides. We’ve got work to do. The Cybus factories are still out there, and so are the Cybermen.” Jake wont admit to Mickey just the extent of his relationship with Ricky, but seeing his face…and knowing that it wasn’t him…it just hurt is all. Jake keeps his eyes on the road, not chancing a look in case the façade fails and then…well…then Mickey will know, wont he?

“Right. You’re right. We should get going.” The nervousness is still present in Mickey’s voice, yet it seems dampened down from before. He’s found his purpose, and it’s ridding the world of Cybus’ influence. And he’ll do it independently…with Jake of course… Jake, who is far too quiet right now. Mickey isn’t an Idiot, despite what the Doctor would frequently say of him.

`Mickey the Idiot`. That’s him. But he isn’t stupid. He knows pain when he see’s it, can see it in someone’s eyes. Saw it on Rose’s face when she saw her dad still alive here. Saw it in Jake’s eyes when he said that Ricky was dead. He still see’s that pain in Jake’s eyes, though it’s plain that he’s trying to hide it.

“Hey…you alright?” The words feel alien on his lips, and Jake nods with a slight snort, eyes briefly glancing to Mickey, before returning to the road. “Course I am. But like I said. We’ve got work to do.”

Nodding in agreement Mickey shifts in his seat, though his back is straighter…and there’s more confidence there. Tin dog? Pfft. Who said anything about being a tin dog?
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