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1. Chapter 1: Something She's Not by SelenaTerna [Reviews - 3] (1211 words)
Hello lovelies, this is part 1 of a Tumblr drabble prompt gone rogue. The prompt from Liz was 'Ten x Rose, value me.' It's set post GITF/AOS, just after they've dropped off Mickey and is in three parts. The first chapter isn't very happy, nor is the second but the third chapter resolves it all. Please let me know if you like. Liz, I hope you like this (or at least don't hate it!). Please send any comments or questions to me at countessselena.tumblr.com.

2. Chapter 2: What are You Worth? by SelenaTerna [Reviews - 0] (1903 words)
Here is ch2 of the 'drabble' (HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA drabble? WHAT IS THAT?). It was meant to be the last chapter but the Doctor took more time at the ball than I thought he would, so ch3 is forthcoming and will have some much-needed conversation between him and our Rose. I hope you like!

3. Chapter 3: More than You Know by SelenaTerna [Reviews - 1] (5441 words)
The Doctor and Rose have a long overdue conversation.
Ok, so here we have the last chapter of this fic and...it's gone a bit mental-OK, a lot mental- and is huge. There was just so much to say! I hope people like this and thank you all for reading! As always, feel free to drop by countessselena.tumblr.com with questions or feedback!

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