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1. Chapter 1 by secooper87 [Reviews - 1] (1546 words)
When I started writing this series, I promised myself - no rewrites. Keep writing forwards, don't write back. Then I read "Paradox," and thought... ooh, ouch. The final blow was the fact that Doctor Who changed the whole canon around, on me. So not only was it a weak story, but it didn't even work anymore. So I decided to rewrite just one... just this one. I figure I should have at least a bare minimum standard, here.

But, really. Just this one story.

Here's the rewrite. I'm calling it "Paradox: AKA 'Annoying and Obstructive'" because there's a part of me that would just love to call this story "Annoying and Obstructive", instead of "Paradox", but "Paradox" is still a good name for it, as well.

In the new version: The dialogue is punchier. The story, itself, is shorter and more to-the-point. And I added in a frame story, where I can have the unbridled joy of making fun of Doctor Who writers who can't seem to stick to a single canon, and drive us canon-compliant fanfic-writers insane.

If you have read the previous "Paradox" and are afraid you'll find this one boring... er... let's just say you won't and, by the by, there are a lot more pickles in this one.


2. Chapter 2 by secooper87 [Reviews - 0] (1481 words)

3. Chapter 3 by secooper87 [Reviews - 0] (1961 words)
So I've calculated it out, and I believe this story has 1,450% more pickles than the last one. Admittedly, most are closer to the end... but you can't argue with that amount of accumulated pickle growth!

4. Chapter 4 by secooper87 [Reviews - 0] (1844 words)
Yeah, this section is where stuff starts to get interesting to those of us who already knew the premise, going in.

I'd like to apologize for the weird chapter breaks in this story. Unfortunately, this one really doesn't break well into short chapters. This one connects directly into the next, which is a continuation of this scene, but it's just too long.

5. Chapter 5 by secooper87 [Reviews - 0] (2246 words)
I love this fight. I wrote this fight by writing in all the thoughts of the different people, for every line of dialogue. It's fascinating to read it that way. You start to get dimensions upon dimensions upon dimensions. I have fond memories of writing and editing and rewriting this fight.

6. Chapter 6 by secooper87 [Reviews - 0] (1253 words)

7. Chapter 7 by secooper87 [Reviews - 0] (1927 words)

8. Chapter 8 by secooper87 [Reviews - 0] (2008 words)

9. Chapter 9 by secooper87 [Reviews - 0] (1823 words)

10. Chapter 10 by secooper87 [Reviews - 0] (1823 words)

11. Chapter 11 by secooper87 [Reviews - 0] (1874 words)
Before you ask - no, the Doctor has not kissed Buffy, by this point of Adventures of a Line Hopper. But I could absolutely see that Faith might think he had. She's that kind of character.

12. Chapter 12 by secooper87 [Reviews - 0] (1796 words)

13. Chapter 13 by secooper87 [Reviews - 0] (1149 words)

14. Chapter 14 by secooper87 [Reviews - 0] (1436 words)
Yeah, so, from here on out... I basically just ditched the old Paradox and wrote something completely different. I got kind of annoyed at the end of the original Paradox and decided that I just didn't want to write that again. So I changed it.

If you compare the two versions, one to another (I've done this using a computer & iPhone), this is right around the point at which you throw the iPhone out the window.

15. Chapter 15 by secooper87 [Reviews - 0] (2410 words)

16. Chapter 16 by secooper87 [Reviews - 0] (1670 words)

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