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Countess of Confusion, Duchess of Disorder by johne [Reviews - 0] Printer Chapter or Story

1. Introductions by johne [Reviews - 0] (1328 words)
Written for the unconventionalcourtship romance-novel ficathon, based on the summary of 'Darian Hunter: Duke of Desire' by Carole Mortimer.

The Players:
[Lucie Miller], Duchess of Wolfingham: legendary siren and notorious spinster ladette
[Clarissa Pink], Countess of Carlisle: society's scandalous widow and secret agent of the Crown Clara Oswald
The Stage:
A notoriously debauched house party
The Scene:
Forced to pose as lovers, Lucie and Clarissa must work together to stop an assassination plot
The Twist:
As the shocking and oh-so-sensual games play out around them, the romantic ruse becomes all too real. And the tantalizing temptation to indulge their every desire becomes overwhelming…

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