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Marshmallows and Steel by betawho [Reviews - 1] Printer

She never knew which Doctor she was going to get. Sometimes he was gray haired and cranky, sometimes he was young with a pretty mouth, sometimes he was short and sexy, but all of them, each and every one, were her Sweetie.

In every incarnation, he had a spine of steel, and a soul of marshmallow. Oh, sometimes he hid it better than others. Sometimes he was more daft, or more serious.

But under it all, was always that man who would look at her with such wondering eyes. Not just wondering who she was (although that was fun.) But that gentle, loving wonder that asked how he’d gotten so lucky.

What woman could resist that? In a very large number of respects she was very different to him. He may have been a marshmallow with a spine of steel, but she was steel all the way through.

But have him look at her with those eyes, and she turned into a marshmallow.

And all she wanted was S’more.

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