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Author's Notes:
This shorter story is a piece of the Torchwood-4 series I began publishing, but takes place in a later part of the story. It contains spoilers of events to come in the main storyline, but I considered it could be a standalone tale as well.
I hope you'll like it. Please let me know your opinion.
Thanks! 2nd edition

The Crew Came Out To Montreux

"Wakey, wakey, Torchwood-4!" Sam shouted marching into the sleeping quarters. "You had six weeks to sleep the Woodstock hangover off! We have arrived to our new destination."

Ben's eyes sprung open. Hearing the groans of the rest of the crew at this presumably way too early hour, they wouldn't mind if he lived with his rights of the captain and threw something really heavy at Sam. But he didn't, so the early bird kept singing his song.

"The outside temperature is lord knows how much, there's a pretty strong northern wind, but apart from that we have a nice weather. Welcome to Montreux, 4th of October, 1969. Breakfast is served in the Shark's kitchen."

Sam seemed to be spinning faster than a race car's engine in his excitement. By the time the other six members of the Torchwood-4 team managed to crawl out of bed and climb from the Cellar-TARDIS to its host-ship the Hammerhead-Shark, he cooked and plated the full English breakfast for seven.

"Ah! Good morning crew!" he greeted the others, when they stepped into the kitchen. "Dig in and let's go!"

The others slowly sat down at the table, while giving Sam weird looks. Jenny knew him for quite a while and saw he could get very excited over quite a lot of things, but she never caught him this sped up.

"So, what's made Sam like this?" she whispered to Ben.

"Deep Purple."

"What? How can a color-shade cause this?"

"Sorry. I keep forgetting you're not familiar enough with Earth-stuff. Deep Purple is a rock band. Sam's favorite of the classics. You definitely heard it before. And today's gonna be a famous concert of theirs."

"I see. Now his behavior makes sense."

"Actually, I'm a bit tired of concerts by now, but I have a better idea. Sam! Can you set the chameleon circuit to camouflage the TARDIS as a sailboat?"

"A sailboat? Sure," Sam replied, then immediately got hooked on the idea. "Yes! Brilliant! In the wind the TARDIS indicated, perfect time for sailing. I'll put her right on the water in Geneva, then set sail for Montreux, right across the lake.. I'll go and make the preparation."

Sam stood up, leaving most of his breakfast on the table.

"That went easier than I expected." Ben shrugged.

Which also wasn't unexpected, but not so easy to endure, that Sam would stand behind the ship's wheels and singing all the way from Geneva to Montreux: 'Naaaa, na-naa, naaaa, na-naa, naaaa, na-naaaa, NA!'

"Oh, my goodness! What have I signed up for?" Ben moaned.

"Don't worry, we're nearly there," Frank tried to console him. "By the way, he's not that bad."

After a tuneful journey they reached Montreux and made port right in front of the Casino. When the schooner-camouflaged TARDIS was tied to the port post, Sam initiated the poll.

"So, who's in for a show of a lifetime?"

"I'm in!" Frank and Pjotr said simultaneously.

"I hope you don't mind, but I skip this one."

"It's okay Gladys. I wasn't expecting any better of you. Jenny?"

"I don't know yet. I'll go with Ben."

"And I think I also pass. I'll stick with the sailboat and take it for a ride myself too," Ben said. "Besides, I have a feeling you have a few more Deep Purple concerts in your sleeve."

"Hm... Good argument," Sam replied, then added with a grin. "I wouldn't miss Total Abandon. And what about you Pond?"

"Well," Amy cleared her throat, "first of all, only the Doctor gets to call me Pond. Second, what were you thinking? It's Deep Purple. Of course I go!"

"Nice!" Sam said with a sore voice of a metal singer. "I gonna need your phone anyway."

"My phone? For what?"

"The camera of mine is only 2006 HD, yours is 2010 HD. I want as good quality as it can get."

In a few hours Amy and Sam were both singing and headbanging. Frank was just sitting comfortably, enjoying the show and capturing it with Amy's phone.

"Where is Pjotr?" Amy asked Frank when she sat down for a bit at the end of Speed King. "I thought he was coming."

"Well, as predicted, he got too drunk, too soon."

"Oh! Not that I would be surprised."

Pjotr could barely totter when he was heading for the exit of the Casino. Luckily, helpful security guards were assisting him to get some fresh air as soon as possible. On the last meters they even granted him some extra velocity. After landing he thanked for the help, with some selected Armenian swearwords then headed off towards the lake shore. He took only two steps when his eyes caught Gladys's surprised eyes.

"Boring concert?" she asked.

"The' throw me ou' of the cas'no!" Pjotr hiccuped. "Wha' abou' you?"

"They throw me off the ship."

"Hm. What a lovely introverted pair of doves," Pjotr noted sarcastically, then he offered an arm to Gladys. "Fancy a walk in town."

"Sure!" Gladys shrugged and accepted the offer.

Meanwhile Jenny and Ben were having the time of their life. Previously Ben ordered everyone (Gladys) off the ship, and demanded not to be disturbed, not even in case of a pending Armageddon. They were having the best oysters and champagne they could get on the shore, watching the stars from aboard the gently rocking sailboat and... try to imagine the rest.

Back in the casino, as soon as concert ended, Sam grabbed the phone out of Frank's hand to check the results. He was watching the most memorable parts of the show with the childish smile on his face.

"This is priceless!" he sighed, but then he noticed the band leaving the concert hall, through the backdoor. "But even more priceless to meet the band backstage."

Sam quickly sneaked to the passage, which he found locked. No reason for panic. He swiftly grabbed the sonic screwdriver from his pocket and after a short buzzing on the lock, he was through. Seeing this, Amy and Frank rushed after him before the door could close, trying to stop Sam leaving a too deep footprint on rock-history in his euphoria. By the time they caught up with him, Sam was already shaking hands with the band members.

"Guys! This was amazing! Thank you all very much for this show! Seeing it was a privilege!"

All the members seemed to be grateful for Sam's praising, but then one of them noticed the enthusiastic fan waved something odd in his hand.

"What is that?" he asked.

"This? Nothing, just a mobile," Sam replied readily as if the band had any chance to understand what he's saying. "It's Amy's, I made a record of the whole event with it."

"Yes, it's mine!" Amy said strictly, twisted her phone from Sam's hand and turned to the band herself as well with a broad smile on her face. "Guys, we really thank you for this show!"

"Yeah, thanks a lot! But now we need to leave!" Frank said also and started to drag the other two away.

But Sam just couldn't withheld what he still wanted to say. He shouted back.

"See you in Sydney in '99!"

"Hope you get flushed away by the Great Flood, before you do any more damage to history," Frank muttered under his nose and jerked Sam away from Deep Purple and towards the exit.

The band stared after the weird trio for a few more seconds, then with a shrug they went into the opposite direction.

By the end of the concert Pjotr and Gladys almost reached the limits of Montreux by taking a comfortable stroll on the Lake Geneva shoreline. This was enough for the Armenian's head to clear up a little and as the blur decreased he slowly realized:

"We should visit Switzerland more often."

"I agree. This is a lovely town. Shame we didn't get to any places like this during our travels."

"Are you kidding me? Sam deliberately hunted for those places. You just stayed in the TARDIS too often."

And as if Pjotr would say a magic word, they glimpsed something in the corner of their eyes, right behind the last building of the town. They slowly turned around and saw the big blue police-box, hidden by the house for everyone coming from Montreux.

"What the hell?"

When Amy, Frank and Sam opened the backstage door they almost knocked over a short man in a not so short suit. This fact and the trio going ahead impolitely, not bothering to say sorry made him cast them an angry look. The fact that Sam politely closed the door behind them, which the man tried to open for quite some time by taking out every screw from the lock, he just couldn't leave without word.

"Excuse me! You could be more careful."

Sam turned back to that.

"So sorry. But don't...," he had to pause a bit, when he saw the screws on the floor, "...bother. The band must be in their hotel room by now. We could barely reach them ourselves."

"Don't worry, I don't want to meet the band. I'm heading to the cellars."

"Right. Carry on then," Sam said uncertainly and left with Frank and Amy.

They went on separate ways. But Sam just witnessed something that didn't make sense. He just couldn't let this pass. He had to go back to the weird man.

"Deep Purple just went through there, one of the greatest rock bands ever. Yet you don't want to follow them, but to get into a basement so desperately you're dismantling the door screw by screw with a screwdriver...," he noticed the other oddity, "which has no head. Okay, how can you use a screwdriver without a head?"

"It's sonic."

Sam's eyes widened hearing the word.


"It's complicated, you wouldn't understand. Now, please don't keep me up."

Sam stood there for a few moments like a proper idiot. But he couldn't withhold criticism for long, apparently annoying the man.

"So if that is a sonic screwdriver, why don't you just open the door with it?"

"Are you mad? How do you open a door with a screwdriver?"

"Like this." Sam pulled his screwdriver and with a simple click he opened the door. The small man didn't seem to believe his eyes.

"How did you do that?"

"With my sonic screwdriver. You might want to consider upgrade yours."

"Maybe I should. Wait a minute, you're not..."

"No." Sam smiled. "And I don't think you will remember me, the next time we meet. So what is down the basement?"

"I'm not sure. I only have suspicions and I really don't want to be right about it."

Amy was getting edgy. It wasn't enough for Sam to turn back and have a chat with the strange little fellow, now he seemed to be going with him, instead of going out to discover the Montreaux night.

"Come on! Where is he going now?"

"Looks like he met who shares his enthusiasm and they came up with a plan to spend more time with the band."

And after that, it became irrelevant what Sam's plan were. Frank and Amy got their share of weird as a young lad ran into the hall shouting.

"Doctor! Doctor! Where is he?"

The guy ran away cursing, that the Doctor disappeared.

"What a hell was that?" Amy exhaled.

"Erm. A fellow Scot of yours? Was he saying Doctor?"

"Was he really wearing a kilt?"

"Seemed so. I tell you what. Just in case he was saying in fact Doctor, let's follow Sam. He would definitely find him just to annoy him."

"So, which incarnation are you, Doctor?"


"Holy sh..., no wonder you won't remember me. You're so far in the past you should be black and white."

The Doctor scowled at Sam.

"Or maybe I just won't want to remember."

"Maybe. But seriously, what is in the basement?"

The Doctor took a sudden left turn. "See for yourself." He opened the door and they both tottered back of the sight they faced inside.

"Oh boy!"

"Is this what you were afraid of?"


"Right," Sam heaved. "I better get reinforcement."

Ben's and Jenny's lips were only separated by an inch, when the noise of two pairs of shoes hitting the boat's deck, shortly followed by Sam's surprised voice distracted them.

"Gladys! What are you doing here?"

"What do you mean? What are YOU doing here? I thought you're at the party."

"What are you both doing here?" Ben interrupted. "What must one do to get some privacy?"

"Oh Ben, trust me you want to be disturbed over this. You'll never guess who did we meet at the casino."

"Shut up, Sam!" Gladys interrupted angrily. "No one cares what happened at your stupid concert. Especially now that Pjotr and I found the TARDIS."

"Erm..., yes." Ben nodded slowly. "We're currently aboard."

"I don't mean the Cellar. I mean the police-box TARDIS."

"My dad?" Jenny jumped up suddenly. "Where is he?"

Sam, who listened the conversation with a crooked smile, had to intervene.

"And what would you do with the TARDIS now? We're only 40 years away from home. We can sleep that far in the stasis pods. But, as I was saying, never guess what. We ran into the Doctor at the casino."

"What are we waiting for then?" Jenny's eyes widened.

"Hold your horses Jenny. This is only the second incarnation. I think he is at least 500 years from meeting us."

"Oh," Jenny sighed disappointed.

"But this is not what I came for. I need weapons."

"What do you need weapons for?" Ben asked.

"Did you really think the Doctor would visit only for a concert? We've also found a smaller platoon of dormant cybermen in the basement of the casino."

"Dormant. I'm sure you and the Doctor can handle it. Plus, we don't even have a slingshot which could be effective against cybermen. So bye! Leave the two of us alone finally."

Gladys went into the cockpit and picked up the first gun-like thing from a shelf she could find. She threw it to Sam and headed off the ship.

"Come on Sam! Let's find the Doctor and go home."

For a moment Sam looked at the instrument in his hand worriedly, then he realized what he didn't like about it.

"Shit, that's two years from now!" he said and ran after Gladys.

"Finally!" Ben sighed.

"What's two years from now?" Jenny asked silently.

"I really don't want to know."

"Gladys, wait!" Sam quickly caught up with the girl. "Do you have any idea what this is?"

"A weapon, I presume."

"It is something ships in peril use to signal their location. Not even close to a weapon. Nonetheless, it can cause serious troubles. Like an inferno at the casino."

"So be careful with it."

Sam just shook his head. She clearly didn't understand the stakes at hand. Which got even higher when they reached the casino. Screaming people were storming through the doors.

"I guess the cybermen are not dormant any more," Sam stated the obvious.

"When was the last time the cybermen remained dormant when the Doctor was around?"

"Fair point. Let's go."

At the entrance, a young fellow was trying to lead the frightened crowd from the chaotic building. He completely seemed to keep the situation under control. Despite this, Gladys and Sam had to fight their way through the crowd and when they approached the threshold of the casino, the man tried to stop them as well.

"You mustn't go in there. The casino has been taken over..."

"...by weird metallic men," Sam said, "we know. That's why we here. There's something more important we need to discuss. What is your name?"

"It's Claude, sir."

"Shit!" Sam hissed and hurried into the building with Gladys on his side.

"What's the problem with his name?"

"You, sticking this gun in my hand and his name makes me stupid. Not even a special one, just some stupid." Sam was so furious by this time he didn't even notice that whole casino was a mess. On one side the Doctor, surrounded by Amy, Frank and Jamie with cricket bats in their hands (heaven knows where they got those from). On the other part of the room a bit dodgy looking cybermen, twelve of them. Sam didn't seem to care about that. Only the music, as usual.

"So, who the hell left Frank Zappa in the jukebox?!"

"Sam, I would rather focus on the cybermen over there!" Amy tried to direct him toward the more suppressing problem.

The Doctor actually tried to deal with the problem.

"See, told you we've got backup," he shouted triumphantly to the enemy, "and you're completely surrounded, so no one goes anywhere."

Sam noticed that he's not on the same page as the Doctor.

"Okay, couple other things are not in order. Aren't you usually say to get the hell out of here in peace?"

"Please, tell me I won't use these exact words in the future," the Doctor said with the eyes widened.

"No, you won't, but you get the point. So?"

"These are scouts."

"Oh, I see!" Sam turned back to the cybermen. "So you're ready to run home and tell your fellows we have 6.5 billion here, ready to be converted?"

"7," Amy corrected.

"3.5," the Doctor corrected further. "It's the late 60s, remember?"

"Whatever! So, you cyberlot! How come you didn't shoot us apart long ago? You just stand there and stare silently with this blank expressions on your face. What's different?"

"We are surrounded," the cyberleader replied plainly.

"And when was the last time this stopped you?"

"Scans indicate that there are two TARDISes in the area. One of them is a Type RBP-355 BattleCapsule. No cyberunit was capable of defeating a ship like that so far. Most logical move is to stand by, until reinforcement arrives."

"Right," Sam was blinking rapidly in his surprise, "your move is not to move. We have some time then to think." Then he turned to the Doctor, who seemed just as astonished. "Opinion?"

"Well, my first observance is, that these kind of speeches are my privilege."

"I've learned from the best."

"I am the best."

"Certainly, but aren't you a bit young and inexperienced to make these kind of statements?"

"Young!?" The Doctor got upset over Sam's accusation, "Let me tell you..."

"Guys!" Amy interrupted. "Cybermen! Remember?"

"Right," the Doctor regained his low temper quickly, "so the second. Battle TARDIS? RBP-355?"

"Doesn't ring any bells?"

"It does, but no one has seen a battle TARDIS since the days of Rassilon. How did you get your hands on one?"

"It just came to our crew, but leave this mystery for another time. Now, we should get to my plan to get rid of these metallic nightmares."

"You have a plan?" the Doctor asked back surprised. "What is it?"

"Slightly rewriting history." Sam raised his gun. "The omens so far all point to that."

Amy looked at Sam's weapon rather worried. She had the uneasy feeling, she knew what her crew-mate was planning.

"First point." He grabbed a light wooden chair with his other hand. "I reckon these guys are standing safe and sound behind a shield." And with that he smashed the stool over the (up until that moment suspected, but very much existing) forcefield. "But I reckon air goes through, which is quite the heat conductor." After that he looked up significantly. "And that rattan ceiling looks rather flammable."

That statement made it obvious for Amy.

"You can't," she said desperately, "that's two years from now."

"Finally!" Sam yelled with the mixture of rage and satisfaction in his voice. "Someone realizes it. Thank you Amy!"

"Two years to what?" the Doctor asked.

"The Doctor, I keep telling you! Watch more concert videos. Or simply listen to more rock music."

Sam then simply pointed the gun to the ceiling.

"No!!" the Doctor and Amy shouted simultaneously and tried to stop Sam.

They were too late. He already pulled the trigger.

The ceiling caught fire instantly and as Sam predicted it quickly spread to the cybermen's territory. But their reaction wasn't as expected.

"Alert! Heat damage imminent! Immediate retreat is required," the cyberleader chanted and the troops obeyed.

They slowly left the casino's hall and headed to their ship. Quite soon the team still standing stunned among the flames could hear the engine roar and the vehicle elevating.

"You idiot!" The Doctor grabbed the flaregun from Sam's hand. "Do you realize what have you done? We can't stop them now from alerting the others!"

"Erm..., I expected they would rather burn than risk engaging the battle TARDIS."

"Why would they?" the Time Lord yelled him off. "Surviving the attack of your ship is improbable, surviving the melting of their circuits is impossible. What do you think their logical thinking would choose?"

"I didn't think of that. Damn." Sam rubbed his temple. "I didn't think of that. I should upgrade my screwdriver. With your future neural interfaced, the point-and-think edition, I could simply activate their ship's self destruct, but with this one..."

He pulled the screwdriver from his pocket, but another surprise hit him.

"Hold on, that's not mine."

Back on the schooner Ben and Jenny finally made it to their cabin. But their joy couldn't last long. The girl just tossed the captain onto the bed with with a lazy flick of his hand, then she noticed something troubling from the corner of her eye. Ben laid lazily on the bed, waited to get jumped on, but that didn't happen. When he waited long enough, he looked up to see Jenny staring at the cabin window.

"What's the matter?"

"Something's happening out there," Jenny said and went upside.

Ben sat up disappointed. He glanced at the window and he could also see that something was not right on the lake, but that didn't really comfort him.

"Why did Sam put windows on this boat?" he murmured and went after Jenny.

Up there the situation was indeed worrying. They couldn't see a thing. The strong northern wind blew choking fog over Lake Geneva from the casinos direction along with the sound of sirens and terrified screams.

"There's smoke...khm... everywhere," Jenny coughed, "there's even...khm, khm... smoke on the water!"

"Which means..."

Ben turned towards the shore. For a few seconds, they could hear the roar of a spaceship's thrusters and see the vehicle emerging from the burning casino. Then, when the ship was mid air, it turned into a ball of flames with a thundering blast.

"...fire in the sky!" Ben concluded. "Damn it, that should have happened two years from now."

"Now comes the told-you-so part," Sam said.

He was standing on the pier in front of the boat, with the pistol in his hand risen, as if he was a superhero who just saved the world.

"Some stupid with a flare gun. That also fits. For God's sake Sam, what have you done? And where are the others?"

"Me? I just got rid of the cybermen. The others saying farewell to the Doctor and his contemporary companion Jamie. But right now, I'm trying to hunt down the Doctor, who owns this," he held up the sonic screwdriver with the green crystal in the head, then he shouted into the infernal night. "So come out, come out, wherever you are Doctor?"

"I'm here, Sam."

Sam expected this answer, but coming from two directions froze the grin off his face. Then from smoke the two Doctors stepped forth, keeping Sam in the crossfire of their slightly angry looks.

"Ah, I didn't see that coming," first he turned to the older looking, but younger Doctor, "weren't you leaving?"

"Yes, but I wanted to talk to you first," he said with frowning face.

"Where are my crewmates?"

"Jamie is showing them around in my TARDIS. They've found it interestingly old-fashioned."

"Right, what do you want to talk about?"

"About your performance tonight." He started to smile. "I've got to admit I couldn't have done it better myself. Thank you for your help."

"Oh, well, you're welcome," he said happily, then a more cheering thought took over his mind. "Wait just a minute! This must be it. Just keep watching Doctor, I intend to amaze you again." With that he turned to Time Lord's other self. "That's why I annoy you so much! It's nothing to do with me being psychopath or not. You think I stole your glory today."

"What?" Second asked surprised behind his back. "Who told you that?"

"Even I suggested improving your screwdriver, which, I recon, is your trademark these days," Sam just kept boasting, ignoring the question coming from behind.

Eleven just smirked under his nose.

"I knew I have to visit Montreux. I'm getting old and forgetful and sometimes it's worth to refresh my memory. I remembered the cybermen here, I remembered someone helping me out and pissing me off later, but I couldn't recall who that was. But now seeing it from the outside all comes together. I was indeed grateful to that someone, up until the moment when he started to glorify himself way too much. The memory faded, but the emotions stuck and came up at our first meeting. Well, second first meeting."

Sam slowly turned back to check the effect of these words on the earlier version. The second Doctor was staring right at him with crooked lips and eyebrows raised.

"You, I mean older you, have a history of lying. Can you confirm whatever he's babbling about?"

"I'm afraid so."

"Right. This means I'm screwed."

"Don't take it so hard on yourself, Sam," Eleven said comfortably, "just switch our screwdrivers back, before I leave. Which is right now. If Amy finds me here she will tie me to your TARDIS's mast."

"Is there any chance, you can give us a lift?" Ben asked from the boat.

"Sorry, Captain! The big stuff for you is just coming up. So, until the next time!"

They switched screwdrivers with Sam, then the Doctor left the shore along with himself. The crew of the Shark could still hear their slowly fading chat.

"So you are the...?"

"Latest model? Yes. The last one I'm afraid."

"Oh, sorry to hear that. That's not how I imagined my finale."

"Oi! You just... Anyway, can I visit your TARDIS? It's been ages since I've seen the round things."

Sam just watched him/them dumbly until the voices of their conversation got lost in the smoke cloud. Then he turned back to Jenny and Ben with a sour expression on his face.

"I hate predestination," he hissed.

He probably would have given a speech about its serious disadvantages, but Amy's sudden appearance shut him up.

"Where is he?"


"The Doctor! Our Doctor. I recognized his screwdriver in your hand, but I can't find him anywhere."

"I already gave it back. He's left."

"What? How could you let him leave? He finally found me and you just..."

"Amy! Shut it! Yes, he found you, but that's already in his past and still in your future. This was just a quick pop in, to check on a very old memory. And get me screwed. Let's just find the others and get out of here."

"Where to this time?" Jenny asked hoping for a cool destination.

"Set sail for Osaka, Japan. 15th of August, 1972. I want to hear the consequences of this disgraceful night."

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