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1. Day 1: Day and Night by LN29 [Reviews - 6] (1924 words)
Well, here we go again...

This started out as a simple one-shot follow-up to my collection of dream stories (this one's for you, jolly_rogette...told you he wouldn't be forgotten!), which then grew into a series of vignettes that I'd planned to make one story out of, which then grew longer and longer until I realized I had way more ideas than I had room for. Then I realized December was coming up, and the rest is history.

Like last year, I'll try to do one story a day until Christmas. (Also, like last year, I can't promise they'll all be very long or very polished or very profound). This time, they'll all involve 10.5 and Rose, and they're also all going to revolve around the same themes as the story that inspired them. Namely, nighttime and dreams.

What have I gotten myself into?

2. Day 2: A Sea of Troubles by LN29 [Reviews - 3] (1992 words)
Slightly later than I'd hoped (though still with a few minutes to go till midnight, so technically still on the right day!)

Being mostly-human hasn't fixed John's stubbornness, not at all. Nor has it done a thing to cure his nightmares. Poor man.

3. Day 3: To Take Arms by LN29 [Reviews - 6] (2832 words)
One trap I've always had to work to avoid was making all the damage be on John's side, to have Rose constantly being the one with the answers (or at least a hand to hold if there are no answers to give) and helping him when he needs it. There's no denying that John is going to have a boatload of issues that need working out, and that Rose can (mostly) help him through them, but Rose is only human, and she's a damaged human at that. And their relationship is not just a one-way thing...it can't be, not if it's going to survive. There's got to be give and take on both sides.

So, anyway, this is my attempt at exploring the less glamorous side of being stuck on Earth and working with Torchwood instead of whirling around the universe in the TARDIS. And also giving John a chance to be the stable one.

4. Day 4: In Heaven and Earth by LN29 [Reviews - 3] (2324 words)
Look, fluff!!! :D

I feel like I should mention that these are not in any particular order, nor are they all meant to be one story building to a particular conclusion. These are just windows into the life these two are attempting to build for themselves, and while I think there will be a gradual shift into these two growing more comfortable in their own skin and with their relationship, they're just glimpses all jumbled together in whatever order they happen to come out of my head in. So basically, unless there's a specific time referenced, or an event from a past story is referenced in another one, there's no set chronological order to these.

5. Day 5: Fretted With Golden Fire by LN29 [Reviews - 4] (2599 words)
Look, angst!!! :(

This seemed appropriate, given Gallifrey's return in the series finale tonight. I pulled the descriptions from a whole bunch of sources...mostly the TV show, but also some of the EU novels. Also, Rose observing that the Doctor never says 'Gallifrey' out loud is a reference to the fact that the new series didn't call the Doctor's planet by name until 'The Runaway Bride.'

(Has it occurred to anyone else that the human Doctor will never know that Gallifrey was saved as a result of the events of the 50th anniversary? In case we needed to be MORE depressed.)

6. Day 6: Words, Words, Words by LN29 [Reviews - 6] (1297 words)
A bit of silliness that came from some strange, sleep-deprived corner of my brain. I wanted to see if I could tell a story solely through text messages (it took Rose several months to get John accustomed to texting, but once he got the hang of it, he took to it like a duck to water.) I hope the format makes sense. It certainly amused me, writing it.

7. Day 7: The Beaten Way of Friendship by LN29 [Reviews - 3] (3781 words)
Mood whiplash!!! Ask and ye shall receive: parallel universe angst.

Also, longer than I expected. But I wanted to do this idea justice. I mean, logically, the main universe can't be the only universe in an infinite number of universes to have a Doctor. There had to have been others. And if one of those ran into Rose as she was traveling...

8. Day 8: Thine Evermore by LN29 [Reviews - 2] (2087 words)
Was planning another angsty one, but this strange little thing emerged instead. I really have to stop writing these in the middle of the night. It makes the characters do weird things.

I'm starting to love Jake, though. (A deleted scene from Age of Steel explains that Rickey and Jake were a couple...leading to Mickey's hilarious response of 'okay, definitely not replacing him then.' Hence there being no reason for John to be jealous.)

9. Day 9: To Tell My Story by LN29 [Reviews - 3] (3311 words)
This one is a bit late (blame work...I wasn't employed full-time when I did this last year, and I do have to sleep sometimes) but it's long, to make up for it. I'll make sure the next one doesn't take as long, to get us back on track.

10. Day 10: Set It Right by LN29 [Reviews - 5] (2925 words)
So much for getting fully back on track today. I really will, though, just as soon as I can.

I loved writing this one, though! Just loved it.

11. Day 11: His Choice by LN29 [Reviews - 4] (2832 words)
"If you love something, set it free.

If it comes back, it's yours.

If it doesn't, it never was."

12. Day 12: The Shadow of a Dream by LN29 [Reviews - 3] (2163 words)
Two in one day to get us back on track, at last. (Usually I try to get Day 2 written on the 2nd and posted by the 3rd, Day 3 written on the 3rd and posted by the 4th, etc.) So Day 13 will hopefully be up as usual tomorrow, and so forth.

In the meantime, let's tackle Rose's dreams, shall we?

13. Day 13: Frighted by False Fire by LN29 [Reviews - 3] (3863 words)
This idea has existed in the back of my head in one form or another for years, but I never expected it to pop up now, nor did I expect it to take the form that it did. I ended up getting halfway through and then having to rewrite the whole thing basically from scratch, and it ended up a bit longer than the average story in this collection, but it was fun to write John in a more epic context. Rose saved him on day three. Now he returns the favor.

14. Day 14: A Noble Heart by LN29 [Reviews - 3] (2410 words)
I actually really liked how the S9 finale addressed the whole memory-erasure thing and what the real implications of it would be. I understand that maybe there was no other way to save Donna's life, but as Clara put it:

"Tomorrow is promised to no one, Doctor, but I insist upon my past. I am entitled to that. It's mine."

It was a bit different, of course, what with Donna actively dying right in front of the Doctor, but still...I really liked the sentiment and was glad they addressed it at some point. And as for poor Donna, she might not have her past anymore. But there is someone else who keeps a part of her alive, in more than just a figurative sense. A metacrisis goes two ways, after all. And a door once opened can be stepped through in either direction.

15. Day 15: The Wandering Stars by LN29 [Reviews - 2] (2453 words)
I know I'm behind, but I finally have a little time off of work, so over the next few days, I'll try to get us back to something resembling a normal schedule. There WILL be 25 stories in this collection by Christmas, though, I am bound and determined.

Anyway, figured we could use a little fluff here. (The Jovians are from a Fifth Doctor audio I read about online, fyi.)

(Side note: I love how, in Journey's End, it was Jackie, of all people, who treated the human Doctor exactly the same as the Time Lord one, chatting with him and giving him news and even teasing him, even while Rose was still struggling with whether he was or wasn't the Doctor. And while I hold the opinion that John is not the Doctor, and that expecting him to be would only cause the poor man more damage in the long run, in that moment when he must have felt very alone and very uncertain about his future and what was going to happen to him, it must have helped to have someone look at him and not find him lacking. Even if that someone was Jackie Tyler.)

16. Day 16: To Be or Not to Be by LN29 [Reviews - 2] (2617 words)
If you haven't figured out where the titles are coming from by now, this one should be a dead giveaway...

17. Day 17: Be All My Sins Remembered by LN29 [Reviews - 4] (4193 words)
Rose has questions, but not exactly for John.

John has answers, but not necessarily what Rose might hope for.

And the Doctor continues to haunt them both.

18. Day 18: One Word More by LN29 [Reviews - 3] (2961 words)
Some fun today, largely stemming from how much fun I had writing the text message story on Day 6. This is a little different, but I was already thinking about John and Rose taking a vacation, and then I started thinking about how everyone would get by without them, and then...well, then this happened.

(And yes, once again, the lab techs get up to no good when John's back is turned. Which is saying something, considering what the man gets up to when he's IN the lab. But he should really know better than to leave the humans alone with the colorful chemicals and shiny things by now.)

19. Day 19: King of Infinite Space by LN29 [Reviews - 2] (4306 words)
I have ZERO idea where this came from. I came up with the idea at work today, and somehow it just grew into this vaguely trippy thing. But the trippiness is, for the most part, intentional.

Poor John. I really am quite rough on him. (Then again, an alternate version of the whole 'John in jeopardy' idea involved him being shot, so I guess he got off lucky here.)

20. Day 20: The Beauty of the World by LN29 [Reviews - 2] (2004 words)
We have no snow here, haven't had any all winter, and it's looking like it's definitely not going to be a white Christmas. So I channeled my snow feelings into this fluffy little creation.

And there really IS nothing quite like being outside at night during a snowfall. Truly magical.

21. Day 21: Be Merry by LN29 [Reviews - 3] (3284 words)
Okay, new plan: since I worked pretty much all Christmas Eve and I'll be working tomorrow and I figured I should spend what time I did have off with family rather than holed up in my room writing, I'm moving the deadline to Dec. 31st. There will still be 25, it'll just take me a few extra days.

On the plus side, however, this means I get to write a Christmas story while still ending the final story in this collection the way I've planned. Four more to go, after this. Thank you for your patience and views and reviews, and I hope your Christmas was wonderful!

22. Day 22: The Undiscovered Country by LN29 [Reviews - 1] (2281 words)
River Song said it better than I ever can:

"When you run with the Doctor, it feels like it'll never end. But however hard you try you can't run forever. Everybody knows that everybody dies, and nobody knows it like the Doctor. But I do think that all the skies of all the worlds might just turn dark if he ever, for one moment, accepts it."

Poor John, however, is going to HAVE to accept it at some point. And that's bound to be terrifying for him, especially on one of his bad nights.

23. Day 23: Seek It Out by LN29 [Reviews - 4] (3475 words)
Ugh...this one was TROUBLESOME. I knew where I wanted it to go, but it took it's sweet time getting there. I think we arrived in the end, however, and I do think it's completely unrealistic to think that everyone would just be okay with the whole alien thing, especially if they knew anything about who John really was, considering the amount of influence he has. The mindset that created the original Torchwood in both universes still exists, and the human race is a rather paranoid bunch when it wants to be.

Also, I like writing John in Doctorish moments. He's still got all those memories, everything the Doctor saw and felt and did, and for all his differences, there are some things that will never change.

24. Day 24: But Never Doubt I Love by LN29 [Reviews - 1] (3680 words)
In order to appreciate how far these two have come, we have to go back to the beginning.

25. Day 25: The Rest Is Silence by LN29 [Reviews - 7] (4079 words)
Two in one day to wrap this up before 2015 comes to an end!

The last time we saw them on the show, it was on this beach. It's only fitting, therefore, that we end it here.

Thanks for coming on this journey with Rose and John and me, and thanks for your patience even as it took slightly longer than expected. Still...25 in 31 days isn't too shabby, and at least now I can finally SLEEP. I hope you liked these as much as I do, and I hope you have a simply fantastic new year. Happy 2016!!!

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