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1. In the Temple by Marcus S Lazarus [Reviews - 0] (1225 words)
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AN: For those who've read my 'Doctor at War' series- looking at the War Doctor taking action to alter various events in other major conflicts during the chaos of the Time War- this story is a sequel/prequel to the story 'The Counter-Virus'; 'Counter-Virus' featured the War Doctor acting to disable the majority of the Cylon fleet during the Fall of the Twelve Colonies, but this story will look at the subsequent events in Galactia after the arrival of the Eighth Doctor

AN 2: For the Colonials, this starts during the events of 'The Eye of Jupiter', just after the discovery of the Temple of Five. For the Doctor, this is set between the Eighth Doctor novels 'The Space Age' and 'The Banquo Legacy', at a time when the TARDIS had been destroyed and he was travelling in his companion Compassion, who had been unintentionally 'evolved' into a Type-102 TARDIS (To give you a better perspective, the Doctor's ship is just a Type-40); after her 'evolution' Compassion was being sought by the Time Lords to use her as 'breeding stock' for a new generation of TARDISes, the Doctor going on the run as he refused to allow his companion to become a slave. Their other companion at this time is Fitz Kriener, a sixties slacker/amateur singer who joined the Doctor after his mother and everyone else at her nursing home developed psychic powers due to alien interference and had to be killed after they went insane, with Fitz deciding to leave with the Doctor rather than face murder charges

2. Colonial First Contact by Marcus S Lazarus [Reviews - 0] (1544 words)

3. The Time Lord and the Admiral by Marcus S Lazarus [Reviews - 1] (1709 words)

4. Staying Put by Marcus S Lazarus [Reviews - 0] (1504 words)

5. First Sighting by Marcus S Lazarus [Reviews - 0] (3035 words)

6. Pondering the Anomalies by Marcus S Lazarus [Reviews - 0] (1616 words)
AN: At this point, I feel I should mention that all scenes set on the planet and/or the Baseship will be the same as they were in canon, as only those who've been directly introduced to the Doctor so far actually know anything about him so his presence hasn't impacted the ground forces beyond some of them briefly wondering who he is. Changes will occur once everyone's back on board Galactica, but right now they have more immediate priorities taking up their attention than wondering about three strangers who didn't have time to do anything before being taken into custody.

7. Cylon Analysis by Marcus S Lazarus [Reviews - 0] (1841 words)
AN: We're going to be jumping straight to the end of 'Eye of Jupiter'/beginning of 'Rapture' now, as there was no significant impact to the rest of the first episode's storyline caused by the Doctor's arrival; hope you like it

AN 2: If anyone wonders why the Doctor didn't wonder about the near-launching of the nuclear warheads after when the Cylon raiders were launched, I'm assuming that the conference room and other areas weren't alerted by the alarms as Galactica wasn't set to full alert status due to them not being in a full battle.

8. Full Disclosure by Marcus S Lazarus [Reviews - 0] (2240 words)

9. The Two Eights by Marcus S Lazarus [Reviews - 0] (1388 words)
AN: To anyone who wanted me to jump straight to Baltar's interrogation, I apologise, but I wanted to let the Doctor attend to his curiosity about a few Cylon-related details first and foremost

10. Contemplating Interrogation by Marcus S Lazarus [Reviews - 0] (3069 words)
AN: Regarding Baltar's interrogation, it's taking place around this time, as are the other events of "Taking a Break From All Your Worries", but I won't be looking at any of those storylines directly as the Doctor wouldn't have much to contribute during the interrogation, and he and his companions have other issues to assess right now that take precedent over trying to get involved in the personal lives of people they've only just met

AN 2: I make reference to Fitz's time with the Remote here, so a brief explanation for those who haven't read the novels. Basically, a few novels before the destruction of the TARDIS, Fitz was abducted by Faction Paradox and trapped in the past, where he became a member of a colony known as 'the Remote', who 'reproduced' by using remembrance tanks to recreate the deceased based on others' memories of them, with these remembrances naturally changing from the original as time went on (the main reason the otherwise sterile colony chose remembrance as a means of 'reproduction' rather than cloning that would just recreate the deceased over and over again). When the Remote arrived on Earth (and would paradoxically contribute to the events that led to Fitz being abducted in the first place), the Doctor encountered the version of Fitz that existed after two centuries of being 'remembered' back to life, and was able to restore this Fitz to basically the original version by using his and the TARDIS's own memories of Fitz. At this point, Fitz is aware of his 'true' origin but doesn't think about it much, reasoning to himself that he is basically Fitz Kriener as he and the Doctor are certain that the original Fitz died during his time with the Remote

11. Meeting of the Doctors by Marcus S Lazarus [Reviews - 0] (2148 words)

12. Compassionate Secrets Exposed by Marcus S Lazarus [Reviews - 0] (3592 words)
AN: For the record, I decided to just skip the events of 'Taking a Break From All Your Worries' as that episode was just about Lee, Dee, Kara and Sam's personal issues amid the flashbacks to life on New Caprica, so nothing happened that the Doctor and his companions would even be aware of, much less have much influence on.

Besides, I think you'll be very satisfied with the twist I've included for the events of this chapter regarding the Doctor's relationship with the Galactica senior staff…

13. Debating Doctors by Marcus S Lazarus [Reviews - 0] (2548 words)
AN: A few doubts about the main content of this chapter, but I hope you enjoy the Doctor's talk with Baltar before the concluding revelation, as I decide to use Whoniverse continuity to clear up my biggest question about an element of the BSG mythos…

14. The Guardians of the Fleet by Marcus S Lazarus [Reviews - 0] (3037 words)

15. The Destiny of Kara Thrace by Marcus S Lazarus [Reviews - 0] (2455 words)
AN: Hope this chapter works; it was surprisingly tricky to get it right, but I knew from the start that I wanted to change what Kara went through in canon…

16. Trial Preparations by Marcus S Lazarus [Reviews - 0] (2934 words)
AN: Hope this chapter works; considering that a key catalyst for events around this time was Kara being dead (or whatever happened to her), it's surprisingly harder to work out how to tweak events without causing too great a shift at this time (although I can assure you that bigger changes are planned once we get to Season Four).

17. Final Trial Assessment by Marcus S Lazarus [Reviews - 0] (1668 words)
AN: For the record, when I discuss the Doctor's past as President of Gallifrey here, classic series fans should know that I'm referring to the events of the Fifth Doctor audio 'Time in Office'; the Doctor was called back to Gallifrey to help with restructuring the political process of the High Council after they discovered that Borusa's manipulations had done so much damage to Gallifreyan politics that the system couldn't cope without him, and everyone currently in the Council wasn't capable of doing their jobs as Borusa had only promoted the weak, so the Doctor had to take on the role for a while to get Gallifrey back to normal

AN 2: I thought about making this chapter longer, but I decided that the actual trial merited a chapter all on its own, so this just deals with the last couple of details for the Doctor to confront before everything kicks off in earnest

18. The Trial of Gaius Baltar by Marcus S Lazarus [Reviews - 0] (2901 words)

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